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  1. Akanaut

    connect issues

  2. Akanaut

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I want to join the raffle, too. Here are my choices: #1 Kidd (if available), if not then Atago #2 Perth (If available), if not then De Grasse #3 Doubloons #4 Doubloons #5 Doubloons #6 Doubloons #7 Doubloons #8 Marblehead
  3. Akanaut

    Bug Reports

    The latest version is You may update your game client to gain access to the test server.
  4. Akanaut

    General Feedback

    Have you already installed the latest update? A new update has been published this morning.
  5. Akanaut

    Update 0.6.12 Feedback - Bugs

    Server shut down? EDIT: OK, now it's running - after a short break
  6. Akanaut

    Warships.Today - new statistics website [beta]

    Website seems to be functional (again). Stats are up-to-date
  7. Akanaut

    Warships.Today - new statistics website [beta]

    Does anybody have problems with the website? I cannot see my personal stats Edit: Problem confirmed on Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/71e2ey/is_nawarshipstodaycom_down/)