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  1. bigdoguk

    Friday Stream Code

    Thanks worked.
  2. bigdoguk

    What are your favourite scenario ships?

    Belfast, fuso, warspite, arozona, Fiji, lazo.
  3. Seems like any new bbs they get a crazy long reload this puts me off even getting them like the British heavy cruisers.
  4. Bought 6 got 3 ships and lunar camouflage for the loyang.
  5. bigdoguk

    Wujing - should I care?

    Got her yesterday and I like it so far as the guns hit hard.
  6. bigdoguk

    Flint or Pommern for Co-op?

    Flint is now only a Co op ship if you really want her the firing range nerf in random 's would put you in radar range so the smoke would be useless.
  7. If there is no range improvement I'll have my coal back wg for the flint.
  8. bigdoguk

    Prime loot for January

    Thinking the same.
  9. bigdoguk

    Really slow update?

    Mine was quite quick as I get the pc to use as much as possible to get it done and I'm on 200meg.
  10. bigdoguk

    Steel choices...

    Im going to grab the somers before she leaves as it may not come back.
  11. bigdoguk

    Snow flakes done

    Had to grind 3mill free xp to get the smalland,alaska and now got the steel to get the somers,God I'm burnt out.
  12. Keep getting flags and camos I have a lot of,steel would of been nice.
  13. Have a good one all except the ones on my blacklist
  14. bigdoguk

    Holiday Lottery 2020 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery bigdoguk thanks
  15. bigdoguk

    Share your Santa Loot Here!

    All I want is the bloody benham wg