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  1. British Cruisers are CRAP!

    I like them smoke up and shoot nothing hard about that.
  2. They approve modpacks then ban you whats next,you install the game you get banned how sad.
  3. Bonus Code on German facebook

    Worked for me thanks for the heads up mate
  4. Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Nice one bud merry xmas to you and your family :)
  5. Have a good xmas Aslain m8 thanks for all the hard work you have done on these mods :)
  6. 2 Free santa boxes

    Screen just goes blank and theres nothing there.
  7. I hate the way wg has forced us to use the game centre, I sorted it by putting a shortcut to the game on my task bar.
  8. Halloween event

    Its very hard when you get cvs going into the mist and bbs running away.
  9. Transylvania Operations - no thanks

    Was good last year I farmed the camo but it looks like you cant repeat this in the new one.
  10. Had a perth and 10 point cap in a SC a few days back,well chuffed.
  11. Had it 4 days now. 1/ 5000XP 2/ 5000XP Lost 9 games in row gave up 3/ 24 Hour Prem wasnt going to play today but I'm glad I did,got a sc with a Perth in it and 10 point cap :)
  12. Game unplayable please help

    Had the same problem for a while,tryed motherboard Bios updates along with so many nvidia drivers but I still had the problem,fixed it with windows 10 build 1607.
  13. OR Marathon revealed

    So if you buy this and do the missions what do you get gold or credits.