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  1. Had it 4 days now. 1/ 5000XP 2/ 5000XP Lost 9 games in row gave up 3/ 24 Hour Prem wasnt going to play today but I'm glad I did,got a sc with a Perth in it and 10 point cap :)
  2. Had the same problem for a while,tryed motherboard Bios updates along with so many nvidia drivers but I still had the problem,fixed it with windows 10 build 1607.
  3. So if you buy this and do the missions what do you get gold or credits.
  4. Glad the op whent well m8 :) Could you get a mod to see torps better in the water scince the last few patched I'm having trouble seeing them in the water.
  5. Got the email saying I have the flag but I can't see it.
  6. My question is what if you don't have the ships that the camo's for,will it be there until you have them.
  7. Once again I would like to thank your for all the hard work you have done on this and all modpacks ive installed :)
  8. It's the game the last few patches have been really bad for fps drops,I've even installed win 10 again to see if that fixed it,sadly it didn't ,also tryed many nvidia driver and still the same. Im running a Ryzen 1600@3.8ghz with a EVGA 1070 FTW,SSD and 16gb of ram so I guess we will have to wait and hope WG can fix it.
  9. Don't you get credits not gold?
  10. Just tried it once more as I do a fresh install of the game when a new patch comes out still not working.
  11. Tryed it still no go.
  12. Still no luck.
  13. cant get it for some reason. Captain, there are no available bonuses at the moment. Keep an eye out for upcoming events, which will be announced on the Portal!
  14. Eh ?