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  1. Just tried it once more as I do a fresh install of the game when a new patch comes out still not working.
  2. Tryed it still no go.
  3. Still no luck.
  4. cant get it for some reason. Captain, there are no available bonuses at the moment. Keep an eye out for upcoming events, which will be announced on the Portal!
  5. Eh ?
  6. Yes it works fine I'm on it and had zero problems.
  7. Cant get on yet once more gg wg.
  8. Yep it will start as soon as you get it.
  9. Still down just tried.
  10. I was in a match that this happened,never seen it before.
  11. Never mind that I had a game where both teams could not move at all,never had that before.
  12. Got her in port never played her
  13. Still got them,just had to log out mid battle was I got cut off 4 times in the battle.
  14. Was in game looking at what ships the enemy had and could not get back into battle so ill no dought get bot reports. Also everyime I get into battle I havr to make my mini map bigger as its at its smallest.
  15. Was in a game looked at what ships the enemy had and I couldn't get back into battle so my ships sitting there doing nothing,also every time I get in game I have to make my mini map bigger,this patch sucks.