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  1. 20% off coupon - can be used for what???

    thanks mate :)
  2. 20% off coupon - can be used for what???

    How do you use it?
  3. Weirdo Wednesday?

    5hrs to win 6 games for indy mission,I've lost all hope with this game now every day is the weekend.
  4. Thanks mate I don't use Facebook :)
  5. Ooopsie

    Haha that fat [edited] :)
  6. Same here mate I've started to get flags and modules that I don't need.
  7. potato patch

    Today I had the worse day I've ever had played 20 lost 17 won 3 no matter what I tryed my teams just whent full donkey rushed forward and died,this keeps up the game will die.
  8. Atlanta is totally OP and I love it

    I got my Atlanta free in a sc :)
  9. Running as smooth as butter here.
  10. Supercontainer Incidence

    All i keeps getting are flags and camos.
  11. 4K resolution UI scaling request.

    I hope they do sort it out as I'm going to upgrade my monitor with a 34" wide.
  12. 0 FPS Random but 60+ Co-Op?

    Could be your card driver?
  13. Chat is now lower and it covers the ship compass.
  14. 0 FPS Random but 60+ Co-Op?

    No problem here had a few games in co op.
  15. PSA: Duca degli Abruzzi in shop

    Wow what a turd:)