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  1. bigdoguk

    Code for a Pumpkin Container

    Cheers buddy thanks for posting this :)
  2. bigdoguk

    The Pumpkin harvest has gone rotten this year.

    I'll never buy another prem crate again as long as I play this game,God know what war gaming is playing at.
  3. I just got one in a normal crate.
  4. bigdoguk

    Alexander Ovechkin mission ready to be activated

    After the royal navy container's and the lack of the dd missions I'll not be buying anymore premium containers ever. To the op thanks for the heads up on this mission.:)
  5. All working great my end once again many thanks mate.
  6. bigdoguk

    Karma and enemy spite reporting

    These days I've found that salty players try and use the karma against you if you don't do as they say,I don't care for it and never will and it should be removed.
  7. bigdoguk

    Thanks WG

    I love mine its a great little fun ship gratz and enjoy bud :)
  8. bigdoguk

    PSA Compensation for clan patch issue

    Aye just seen this and got it thanks :)
  9. Great work as always aslain,is there a mod to remove the ARP ships so we cant see them? Thanks.
  10. bigdoguk

    I have 750k free xp, dont know what to do with it

    Are both of them going to be free xp and not coal?.
  11. bigdoguk

    Marblehead and Tachibana Lima in premium shop now

    Thanks for the heads up bought both :)
  12. Thanks aslain all working great again keep up the great work mate :)
  13. OK mate I'll try that :) Thanks