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  1. bigdoguk

    Ship's Log: Economic Bonuses

    Oh well I have beer.
  2. bigdoguk

    New twitch prime package when?

    I need ma free suff twitch
  3. Looks like the way wg has done it is to use our dubs if we forget to remove them when they run out.
  4. I liked the nice pictures
  5. bigdoguk

    Super Containers

    Wg keeps giving me premium time and useless flags.
  6. bigdoguk

    New Bonus codes

    Thanks :)
  7. bigdoguk

    PSA : New Amazon Prime loot

    Looking forward to somit I don't need yet again
  8. But they must have the most kills, no teamwork needed.
  9. No but my ping was all over the place.
  10. bigdoguk


    I like it as the guns are great and can hit hard.
  11. bigdoguk

    Lighthouse Auction - Musashi this weekend

    I'm glad I did it the hard way when it first came out.
  12. bigdoguk

    How can i refund Azure Lane Captains?

    They do scream a lot that's a special skill
  13. bigdoguk

    L.Tarigo - Captain Disappeared!

    Popped out for a pizza and beer maybe,a guy past my widow at 2am singin just one corneto. :)
  14. bigdoguk

    How did i get this container?

  15. I'll have a ham on lettuce footlong.