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    Romania players only

    Salut.Numele buruic in joc si nave tot ce tine pana la tier 7 incusiv in afara de linia sovietica.
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    Welcome to the Closed Beta Feedback section!

    More powerfull dive bombers maybe??Historically they were the workhorse of the carriers,1-2 bombs enough to put a ship out of action.They are to weak in the game compared to torpedo bombers which of course they are the most powerfull damage dealers,but a critical chance for the dive bombers to actually put the enemy ship out of action for a decent period of time even if the 'R' key is used by the attacked ship would be lovely.Not to mention that you can now choose more carefully what your carrier loadout will be more torpedo bombers more damage more sinks,or more dive bombers decent damage but more out of action enemy ships easy prey for your team.Thx
  3. Sink the Bismarck, The Battle of River Plate,The Bounty,Midway,Tora Tora Tora