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  1. XeRoX8275

    General Feedback

    This Wargaming.net account already exists they speak me I have already account and not let me to put my address and name in new account because they speak me this >>> This Wargaming.net account already exists when I go log on test server they speak me >> ERROR CONNECTION SERVER...INCORRECT EMAIL OR PASS but I put correct email and pass, WTF is that?
  2. XeRoX8275

    General Feedback

    please help me why I cant play in servere test? I instal public server tes and after I put my email address and pass and they speak me SERVER ERROR CONNECTION...INCORRECT EMAIL OR ADRESS, and I put correct email and pass, PLS HELP ME and don't delete my post (
  3. XeRoX8275

    Account Progression Experiment

    I instal PUBLIC TEST and I cant log on my account, WHY? how I can log on PUBLIC TEST? I log with my email address and password on my warship game and work it but when i log to PUBLIC TEST, not working, tell me where I can log for join PUBLIC TEST, thx and have a nice day
  4. sal, vreau si eu clan, sunt un player bun si pot da proba XeRoX8275 este numele din joc