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  1. MAC_II

    Cheating or not...?

    Hi everyone... This may be a stupid question, but i would like to know your opinion... is that possible a tier IV Langley Carrier, have on the air 6 planes squads all at same time in the air (3 fighters squads and 3 torpedo bombers squads)...? Is that legal or was he cheating...? I have the tier IV Hosho, upgraded and the max squads i can have in the air at same time is 3 (1 squad of fighters and 2 of torp bombers)... so how can he have 6 squads at same time in the air...? and how and what is needed to report someone if suspected cheater...?
  2. MAC_II

    Overpowered Torpedos

    LoooL... I see so many DD's capitains worried with all complaints about torpedos, i cant really blame them, its the only way they know how to play and win something is using DD's only.... LoooL Next step, they will going to cry about BB's if WG do something about this.... LooooL
  3. MAC_II

    Overpowered Torpedos

    LooooooL..... this is far the best answer to some "Great WoB DDs captains".... High 5...