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  1. Smegger213

    General Submarines related discussions

    One can only hope. Unfortunately we all know Wargaming do not give one hoot about their own player base.
  2. Smegger213

    General Submarines related discussions

    Oh look, a survey popped up in my client today asking about the last 2 updates. Guess what I told them about Submarines? Yes, you guessed right. I told them that Submarines have totally ruined this game. There were also questions about how fun and engaging it was to play against Subs in a DD, BB and Cruiser. Guess what I said? Yes I told them it was NO FUN at all in any DD, BB or Crusier. I also told Wargaming that they had now made Ship Camo's totally useless, after the economic rework. Funny that eh.
  3. Smegger213

    5 vs. 5 Brawl With Tier V Ships

    Enjoyed the tier 5 brawls. But why is the matchmaking more garbage than the normal matchmaker? I have had many games with 2 DD's on one team and 2 Cruisers on the other, with 2 BB's filling the rest of the teams. How hard can it be to put 1 DD & 1 Cruiser on each team. Instead of cruisers on one team and destroyers on the other.
  4. Smegger213

    General Submarines related discussions

    Can you please just stop coming out and suggesting we all go play a Submarine for 20 battles. I can see your warped logic 10 miles away. Get players to play Submarines, then Wargaming will see even more players playing that class, and think all is OK. Then they will do nothing about it. We are not falling for your game. Why can't you just accept that lots of players do not want anything to do with Submarines? You keep saying that the argument has been going around for about 5 pages of this thread already. But you continue to come back at other players in this forum, to try to justify that Submarines are fine and dandy. Isn't it time to cool it, and lay off this thread for awhile. I for one would be glad, to just stick to posting actual reasons why players either like or hate Submarines. It's no good arguing with each other for pages at a time.
  5. Smegger213

    General Submarines related discussions

    No thanks. I would rather crawl on my belly across broken glass with my flies undone, than EVER play a Submarine. Or a CV for that matter. I have no interest in either class.
  6. Smegger213

    What Kind off mm is this

    Wargaming will just tell you that you should have done "SIMPLE MANOEUVRES" lol Yes the matchmaker has been trash for the years, mate.
  7. Smegger213

    General Submarines related discussions

    Is that the best thing you can come up with? Some Japanese Anime crap. I guess I was right. All you want to do is cruise underwater in you stupid Submarine. Then pop up at close range and prey on a ship that cannot fight back at you. That is the only reason you love Submarines.
  8. Smegger213

    General Submarines related discussions

    Totally agree with you there. Submarine loving players can bang on all day, saying that forum polls are not 100% accurate. But the fact of the matter is that EVERY poll on the forums has had the majority of votes either for Subs in their own game mode. Or to remove Subs altogether. Now, you can bang on all day and say that these polls are not indicative of the views of the majority of the player base. But you will never be able to prove that is the case. Only Wargaming can produce evidence of the main player bases views. They have conducted in game surveys on more than 1 occasion regarding Submarines. But Wargaming will NEVER PUBLISH THEIR DATA. Now why would that be? Its not just polls either. You only have to look at the response to official Youtube videos on Subs. You only have to look at the conversation in Streams from the likes of Flamu and others. All these sources show an huge negativity towards Submarines. But they would have us believe that the so called Silent Majority loves Submarines. Well, only Wargaming can come up with the data to prove that. They may produce some graphs in the future to say what percentage of players are playing Subs. But if they do that, they will have to wait a few months to get more accurate data. Obviously more players are trying Subs out at the moment. But I expect that to die down after a couple of months.
  9. Smegger213

    General Submarines related discussions

    Well, we all know that all ships with rear dropped depth charges are a joke, even the ones on a Destroyer. You have to attempt to chase down the sub to drop your water bombs on him. Meanwhile 9 times out of 10, you are exposing yourself to enemy fire while trying to charge down that Sub. Makes you wonder why lots of players hate Submarines.
  10. If you look at your stats, you will see 4 submarines listed as "OLD". These will be the Submarines you played during the testing phase. I had a quick look. You played: 4 battles in tier 6 U-69 13 battles in tier 6 Cachalot 16 battles in tier 8 Salmon 6 battles in tier 10 Balao Now that is a very small number of battles to be complaining about accumulated XP disappearing. You should have know that they were only in the game at that point for testing. Its the same with me playing the game as an Alpha Tester. I played the game in the Closed Alpha, but when it got officially released, all my progress was reset. We all knew this would happen.
  11. Smegger213

    General Submarines related discussions

    So, I assume that Sunleader wants some ships to have no defence against Submarines. Now, you are showing your true colours. You want to ride around underwater in your Submarine. Then pop up at short range and torp a ship that has NO defence against you. You wonder why so many players say they hate Submarines.
  12. Smegger213

    General Submarines related discussions

    Yet, you feel the need to again post a massive answer. This time its 41 sentences long, not counting the numbered bullet points. The longer your answers, then the less chance players will bother to read them. Oh and you should know that you cannot start a sentence with "And".
  13. Smegger213

    General Submarines related discussions

    You are the one that came out with the insulting attack, not me.
  14. Smegger213

    General Submarines related discussions

    So what. I have explained before that my main game used to be WoT. That is why I only have 2k battles. Oh, I didn't know that it was a requirement to have thousands of battles to actually know something about the game. Now who's the laughable one? Not everybody has the time or patience to play for over 16k battles like you. Plus I am not even playing with this account now. I do have 2.
  15. Smegger213

    General Submarines related discussions

    Polls are not biased towards haters. Or is it only haters that come to the forums? I would disagree. Oh and your "last 10 years" comment is invalid. The game has only been in business for 7 years. Oh and NO, the silent majority have not been asking for Submarines for years. For a start, that is a contradicting sentence. IE, how can a silent majority ask for anything? They are silent. I have been playing this game on and off since the Closed Alpha, and in all that time. I have not seen or heard of masses of players asking for Submarines.