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  1. Smegger213

    Warships Premium Account - Discussion Thread

    Of course it penalises me. People with a WoW Premium account get 15% extra XP than me that just has a Wargaming Premium account. You are giving people that just play WoW an advantage. How is that FAIR?
  2. Smegger213

    Warships Premium Account - Discussion Thread

    I want to know why gold is shared by both WoT and WoWP. IE if u buy gold in WoWP, u can use it in WoT. But doubloons on WoW are not shared.
  3. Smegger213

    Warships Premium Account - Discussion Thread

    Seems to me that this move penalises players that play other Wargaming games. I play WoT and WoW. I normally buy my premium time on WoT. But now you want me to get separate WoW premium time, just to get 15% more XP. This is clearly unfair to players with just Wargaming premium time.
  4. Went out and bought 6 Black Friday Containers. Got 1250 Doubloons, a bunch of Shadow Lurker Camo's, some Type 59 Camo's and The Massachusetts B with a 10 point captain. Hurray. Don't make up for the disappointment of the 10 missions for Tirpitz I cannot complete.
  5. I bought the Black Tirpitz. I dont have the regular Tirpitz, so now I have 10 defunct missions for doubloons that I will never get. Thanks Wargaming, you money grabbing gits.
  6. £56.46 for a tier 9 premium ship. No thanks Wargaming. Robbing gits. I see the same greedy mentality has creeped in from WoT.
  7. I have exactly the same problem. I put a ticket in this morning, but I not had a reply from wargaming yet. I will try some of the other methods mentioned here to solve the issue.