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  1. WeeFilly

    Public Test 0.6.11 - Clan Base

    Or Hamburg. ;)
  2. WeeFilly

    Public Test 0.6.11 - Clan Base

    Ok, so, the clan base looks pretty neat and all, and even the rewards seem ok. However, I'm a bit surprised to find the "headquartes" look exactly the same as the Hamburg town hall. It's a bit strange considering the developer is Russian, no? Especially since the town hall never really were naval headquartes. But see for yourself. Here the in-game "headquarters": And here the original town hall: It is almost exactly the same. Also notice the building behind the actual town hall is pictured in-game as well, which is in fact the stock exchange. Cf. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamburg_Rathaus Pretty funny and a bit awkward, isn't it.
  3. WeeFilly

    [UKE] United Kingdom Elite

    Oh, I think you joined the wrong clan there! Or I have, for my clan is full of gits.
  4. WeeFilly

    German Battleships

    I would just like to point out that the spelling of the final two German battleships is incorrect. There is no capitalised "ß" in the German alphabet; instead, "SS" is used. (So it has to be "FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE" and "GROSSER KURFÜRST" respectively.) Cheers, WeeFilly