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  1. Kotli1

    Missions Problem

    I got 3 of those air kill missions with only 2 Tier 3 ship in roster. BTW getting Destroyer is not that hard to do since you can unlock one in tier 2 and you need to play with the cruiser that unlocks it to unlock the tier 3 cruiser than unlock the first BS. Only way to really kill air early game is the tier 4 carrier. I guess a way round the problem will be to allow missions to be abandoned triggering the completed mission timer without giving a reward.
  2. Kotli1

    Aircraft Carriers balancing

    Why are higher tier fighters so much better than lower ones? IE I just seen 1 tier V fighter squad wipe out 2 tier IV fighter squads without losing a single fighter. Basically this mean 1 Carrier can lock down 2 other carriers basically removing them from the game for all intent and purpose.
  3. Pick your targets carefully take note of the distance (closer is better) and how easy it is for them to turn. Ideally you want to be targeting battleships and carriers due to slow turn speed of these ships or people who are distracted IE firing on something else (less chance that they will respond soon enough to dodge).
  4. Kotli1

    1920x1080 resolution?

    Thank you that scroll bar is next to invisible.
  5. Kotli1

    1920x1080 resolution?

    Where the 1920x1080 resolution for this game? There's the normal resolutions up to 1600x900 but then it has a weird 1903x988. Is there anyway to tell the game to use 1920x1080?