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  1. Knutorius

    0.9.10 - still problems with firing torpedos

    yeah. I just quit a game in my skane cause I couldnt fire any torpedos at all right at the beginning of the match. And I honestly have no interest in wasting my time filing any bug reports and sending in replays for an issue that probably can be easily recreated in testing. I'm not part of your staff.
  2. I again encountered a situation in the Zara where my torpedo launchers where refusing to work. Another player commented on the issue being the auto lock of the guns, but releasing it didn't solve the problem. Eventually it started working again after 15+ seconds. I wonder if the tubes were actually loaded or if it was a display error. edit: oh, yeah. and sometimes the torpedos just fire in a completely different direction than I am aiming. It seems like the server isn't catching up to the command input
  3. Knutorius

    0.9.10 BUG: Torpedos not launching

    Hm..good to know! thanks!
  4. Was playing the Zara. Torps were loaded and the launchers aiming at the target.. I tried many times but was unable to fire the torps. finally the game decided to allow for the launchers to work again. I noticed glitches in torpedo firing before, where you would have to press several times before it would work or was allowed to function properly . this one was exceptionally long and a complete failing of the mechanism..
  5. Knutorius

    Players still able to exploit borders

    the most simple solution would be to just automatically turn the ship around, just like they do with planes. Forcing you to go parallel to the border or do a 180° I think it even was part of earlier versions of the game.. also, it seems some people haven't really understood the issue here..trying to justify a broken mechanic.
  6. When switching to the "fjords" port from that new fancy halloween port my game crashes immediately
  7. Knutorius

    1000 karma

    good boy!
  8. Knutorius

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    No, its just that the staff needs to sort the forum a bit. It's more estheticly pleasing and this way it doesn't look like there is too much of an opinion.. win - win
  9. Knutorius

    Why are quick messages set to S%*#@!?

    Every time I tap the quick messages button without choosing a specific message the system automatically sends S%*#@! why?
  10. Knutorius

    Why WoWS is not fun anymore

    hm..my coffee tastes kinda salty this morning WG:
  11. I agree with IGL. One of the many things that need to be fixed and yet are still in the game despite being blatantly obvious. #carrierlivesmatter
  12. Knutorius

    Suggestions thread

    I would like to see some kind of banking system in the game. With veteran players having accumulated hundreds of millions of credits it would be a nice idea to create some kind of exchange possibilty for players. Rich players could lend the credits with an interest, or exchange the money for some ingame goodies, like camos or signals. Let's start moving the rotting piles of cash and distribute it amongst the needy. Maybe real estate could be purchased in the ports, with customizable houses. Various forms of investments should be possible for players perform in order to enhance their game experience. Alternatively I could see a stock market being a good idea to give players something fun to play around with.
  13. Knutorius

    Continous chat bans

    I managed to secure another 10 day chatban for god whatever reason! I don't bother anymore, I'll just stop playing. I think Tazarak has formulated it well by saying: Its a punishing system. They let the players police themselves and do the work for them. This way you get punished everytime you disobey the rules to learn from that. And because its a player's request its moraly right, because you have been democratized, or simply overruled. If the player base would be cool with what you are saying there would be no request. You gotta remember that each of those chatbans are triggered by some people through the report system who felt emotionally hurt which then gets "checked" by some highly motivated staff at the Wargaming Center for Morals And Justice (WCMJ). Sarcasm and cynism, critisim, even self defense is not their specialty. They are concentrating on "bad words". Like bots do. Or filters.. Its still broken guys. Try it! If you dare..
  14. Knutorius

    New commander skill tree incomming!

    It smelled fishy when I first heard of it. Usually its safe to assume that WG are either trying to make profit directly or indirectly or are trying to find a way to create "more content" aka playing time, which usually means doing the same, but different. If they allow generous free resets for a while this would be fine. Does anyone think they will do that? Also you gotta keep in mind, that many decisions are potential long shots. Other than us, the "developers" know what's coming up and how changes are affecting each other. So they know something we don't know.