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  1. This thread is (rightly) critical of WG so only a matter of time before it is locked, deleted, whatever. Anybody who can't see this "beta" badge for the meaningless excuse that it is is terribly naïve. If they are happy to take our money then its a released game, end of.
  2. DecLennon

    WoWS mods. Should they be allowed?

    The negativity is why xvm gets a bad name, but it is plain to see, to me at least, that the problem was never with xvm but rather the morons that cannot interpret data. I'm talking about people who equate 46% chance to win with 0% ("omg noob team back to garage"). Stupid people are stupid regardless of what information is available to them and those guys usually find something to be toxic about in chat with or without it.
  3. DecLennon

    huge problem with fps

    Any more details about this fps drop? All the time? Only when stuff gets busy? How low?
  4. DecLennon

    WTF have they done to BBs accuracy?

    Kawachi and Myogi are totally pointless at the moment. I'm not sure how it compares to CBT because with those short grinds I hardly played them. Now though, you are lucky to hit enemies at all and you can forget picking out citadels entirely - and I'm talking about ~8km range. No matter how good you are, you are reduced to the effectiveness of a bot essentially. I mean, the aiming may as well be "do you want to shoot North, East, South or West?" and RNG does the rest... I have the Kongo again now and I have to say it really is the most pleasant battleship I've played in either nation because you have some actual control with getting citadel hits.
  5. DecLennon

    Which line are you starting with in OBT?

    Just cruisers. BB are pure frustration, especially when CV singles you out for death at beginning of game rush and spams you to hell. I may go to the Kongo though as it's though only one I like. Probably because it's more like a cruiser.
  6. DecLennon

    Strange tier progression.

    All in all I like the game a lot and although they are very different and thus hard to compare I would definitely say I prefer it to WoT. There are a few things though that I think were better about that game though, chief among which is the very odd progression through the tiers. In WoT as you progressed through the tiers I think the balance and margin of improvement with each vehicle was pretty spot on. I rarely felt short changed when getting a new tank. They were sometimes weaker in their tier than the previous tank, but not literally weaker. For this reason I find it very strange playing WoWs and finding that I just cannot see the point of many ships. I'm thinking mainly about tier 8 and 9 cruisers. We all know about the Cleveland, and yeah it was hard to adjust to Pensacola, but I did very well with it. Then I got New Orleans. I looked and I looked, and its just the same ship. 4.3rpm vs 4.0rpm, negated by loss of one gun. Marginal increase in AA, both so great it isn't noticeable anyway. Havn't got Baltimore yet and I am unlikely to before the wipe, but it seems a little better but only a little. Then with the IJN, where things get really confusing. The Myoko was my favourite ship in the line so far. 10 x 203mm w/ 5.0rpm. Then, with the Mogami if you upgrade the guns (which I chose not to) you get 10 x 203mm w/ 4.0rpm. That's not worse 'in its tier', its just straight up worse. And what's more, you get less range too! And I stopped grinding it the second I saw the Ibuki. Lo and behold, 10 x 203mm w/ 4.0rpm. Same as tier 8, WORSE than tier 7. Is this a bug in stats? What the hell am I missing here or does a tier 9 literally have a worse armament than a tier 7. I'm new to this game and I'm not pretending to be an expert, but from where I'm sitting it seems like it would be genuinely better to play Myoko with tier 9 mm than play Ibuki. Coming from a former WoT player, it seems to me like it would be pretty easy to balance. RoF increase being the first port of call. I have no problem with 6 inch guns but surely RoF should go up not down? Or, hp should reflect the increase in tier. Look at WoT where tier 7 has 1100-1400 hp and tier 9 has 1600-1900. In WoWs Myoko has 39200 hp and Ibuki has 39000!! Again, not a decrease 'relative to tier' but a literal decrease. So what am I missing here? Is this a temporary thing that they will sort out, or is it deliberate to make you convert xp for those tier 10s?