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    What happened to DD's?

    Yeah TBH I'm quite happy to get shot at and draw some fire provided i can dodge it. I understand that DD's are the highest priority target in the game as they have such high burst damage. I have the spotted warning of course...who doesn't? the biggest threat to DD's after all is being spotted by aircraft and other DD's. I just don't understand why we have to have the maneuvering nerfed as well as torps and smoke...
  2. murlock_darkhart

    What happened to DD's?

    Seems like its just the Minikaze..... T6 IJN DD is fine :/
  3. murlock_darkhart

    What happened to DD's?

    OK so I just got the latest patch after a few days away and took out my Minikaze Tier 5 IJN Destroyer and it seems like they have nerfed the turning. full rudder shift time is under 3 seconds and when I turn it takes at least 3 seconds to even begin to change course. then after rudder has centered it takes around 2-3 seconds to start to straighten out again. Now I get that they were nerfed in 0.4.0 with the smoke gens and torp nerfs but come on WG! the only thing we had left was the ability to dodge incoming fire from enemy cruisers and BB's. Now it seems that has beeen removed as well. Is this some kind of plan to make DD's completely unplayable so the BB players stop whining that we sink them? We have to close to suicidal ranges as it is just to get torps away and thats the IJN DD's. It must be even worse for the USN DD players! So come on WG whats the plan for DD's for the future? Nerf them so badly nobody plays them? or make them so pointless that they are only good as spotting ships and never get close enough to fire torps at all? or perhaps they just want them to die within the first few minutes of the game? Anyway at the moment they are pointless without the ability to dodge incoming fire. What say the rest of you DD players? TBH the opinion of BB and cruiser players aren't that important as they will always complain we are OP anyway. 90% of them sail in a straight line making themselves easy targets so that isn't because we are OP, it's because they are playing poorly.