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  1. WarxOfx23th

    Interesting picture on the RU-Server

    Hmm, now we know what has what weakness.
  2. WarxOfx23th

    Awarding Program for WoWS Players

    Didn't see any of them yet, must be very rare so far. I doubt I will be going for them.
  3. WarxOfx23th

    F 832 - HNLMS Abraham van der Hulst

    Shade1982, on 20 November 2013 - 02:19 PM, said: Damn, the guy in the middle has big nose if it was red he could've been a clown. OT: Nice info, did it do anything special for the Chilian navy? (Not sure if I wrote it good :hiding: )
  4. WarxOfx23th

    The Ottoman Fleet Before Steam

    Nice piece, will come back with questions if I have some.
  5. WarxOfx23th

    Repair Ship Akashi

    Interresting, it also did alot for the Japanese navy I see. For me it looks like a small ship next to the big ship on the first picture, I nearly wanted to ask how the crew of 769 lived there.
  6. WarxOfx23th

    A link to the Imperial Japanese Navy Page

    Nice links, went through a few and they are a good read, will read more later.
  7. WarxOfx23th

    1 st kanoniers ship in PMW 1920-21

    Well, his grammar is not too good but it's readable.
  8. Nice post, well, was it dismanteled or is it a museum like some other ships now? Getting confused by what's being posted here.
  9. WarxOfx23th

    Battle of Port Arthur

    Great article, always wanted to know more about the war between Japan and Russia, one new ideology entered the fight.
  10. Did this sub manage to sink a few U-Boats during the war?
  11. WarxOfx23th

    French Navy History WWII

    Looks nice, I wonder if they will be 'paper' armoured ships in WoWs just like their tank counterparts are. :trollface: If one of those ships will be like the ELC AMX, I'll get it for sure.
  12. Looks pretty futuristic, interresting.
  13. WarxOfx23th


    Holy... I wonder if it still has some impact on the nature today.
  14. WarxOfx23th

    ORP Bałtyk ex D’Entrecasteaux

    We went more Polish battleship stories like these, it's actually interresting how strong they were as the underdog in WW2.
  15. WarxOfx23th

    Russian battleship Poltava (1911)

    Looks interresting, I wonder what tier this ship could be.