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  1. Sounds like you have gone through oodles and oodles of dreadful conquests. So much annoyance, and far more experience, just to finally get yourself a tier 4 or 7. Well, cheer up, there is no reason to be that desperate. You will prevail and find some other game that suits your needs better. Just make sure to keep up that frustration and refine the whining about stuff you might have read once or twice in the chat and one day you will be able to cry so loud, that someone will grant you that bully feeling you've been dreaming of for so long...
  2. fix für Chatproblem mit Kasperky

    Sparfuchs... ^^ Danke an den Threader/Bastler! 5222! Funzt endlich wie es soll...
  3. Selbes Problem... Soeben gelöst! http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/9158-fix-fuer-chatproblem-mit-kasperky/