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  1. Queen_Killer

    Developer Bulletin 0.7.11 - Discussion Thread

    In general I think that this AP change is good. It reduce massive "citadel" like hits from BBs to DDs. Also having pens without damage was annoying, so also good change from my POV. One think that can be a bit controversial is that now yolo torping in DD will be much easier, as before if you go directly to BB in DD, you risk full pen, but are small target. Now with this reduction yolo torping means that you get one or two pens, which do not hurts much and BB is torpedo to dead. And one think I really dislike is exceptions. Khaba is already bad, it is basically light cruiser that just breaking MM as it is count as DD and with this change it will be even more emphasized. And same for harugume, it is quite big nerf compared to other DDs, e.g. why daring or german dds which are also big does not have this exception. Also exceptions confuse people and how is planned to visualize this exception so people who do not read such news knows about it or who join game later?
  2. Queen_Killer

    Developer Bulletin 0.7.11 - Discussion Thread

    If I get what is written in article they talk about limiting pen max damage. So overpen should be same and for penetration max damage for kron is 900 and for yamato 1480 if I count correctly.
  3. Queen_Killer

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Halloween operation does not count as operation for missions. 2. Reproduction steps Play halloween mission. E.g. its stars and badges does not count to british mission for it. 3. Result Mission for stars cannot be done without whole squad for different operation. 4. Expected result It will be properly counted in missions as any other operation. 5. Technical details happens 18.10. around 11:15 CEST.
  4. Queen_Killer

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Hi, great idea. I'd like to join as well. 1: Roma if available, otherwise kutuzov 2: warspite Doubloons for rest
  5. Queen_Killer


    Same issue as @Europizza
  6. Queen_Killer

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Balance changes

    BB fest is now complete disaster, two groups of BBs shotting themself on 22km and result is the battle ends and only 4 dead ships on each side. The most boring game ever.
  7. Queen_Killer

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Carrier control improvement

    I am newbie in CV and before this update can only grind Langley and now I am at Bogue and it after update it is complete disaster. 1. fighters are now just about who already research better fighters, with bogue fighter deck with the basic fighters I lost against default bogue deck with the strongest fighter in 2 versus 1 fight and then later with reserver squasdron lost even when I trap their fighter squadron above wyoming. So no skill, no fun, no challenge. just BS. 2. dive bombers are now completely useless and pure RNG without skill. Even when I fly from good direction ( along ship ) I cannot hit DD, for cruisers 1 hit is good and I can also completely miss BB in this attack. So again no skill, no fun, just pure [edited]RNG. Previously if I miss I know that I do badly manual drop and it is fair from my POV. 3. my strike setup do not have torpedo bombers, but I play against american ones and on auto drop, there are together with other changes totally OP. In New York no chance to evade all of them, and usually I get hit by two or three even if I know about attach and start turning early enough. So result of changes is that low tier CV is no longer any fun and I stop playing it till it changes, as I can play moorhuhn with more fun and more challenges.