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    Bug Reports

    Crash on loading screen 1. Description: -Game crashed several times on the loading screen before the battle. 2.Reproduction steps: -Seem to happen every time almost every time I try to load in a battle. 3.Result: -Game freezes on loading screen & gives one of the followin crashreport, & it can't be terminated in the task manager. 4.Expected Result: -The battle loading in properly. 5. Details: -The problem appears since 6.15 , even full re-install didn't help. -The bug completly prevents me from playing the game properly & if its not get fixed in 5 days from patch it prevent me from doing Aftvent mission too. Crash report: Application E:/World_of_Warships/WorldOfWarships.exe crashed 12.22.2017 at 11:19:03 Message: The BigWorld Client has encountered an unhandled exception and must close (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION : 0xC0000005 @ 0x018ACB09) (Read @ 0x00000006) Current thread #3884 native trace: (0) : WorldOfWarships.exe!0x018ACB09 (0) : WorldOfWarships.exe!0x017992A0 (0) : WorldOfWarships.exe!0x01799BB1 (0) : WorldOfWarships.exe!0x0178EEE7 (0) : WorldOfWarships.exe!0x0178F3FF (0) : WorldOfWarships.exe!0x010813FF (0) : WorldOfWarships.exe!0x01329C54 (0) : WorldOfWarships.exe!0x01329C21 (0) : WorldOfWarships.exe!0x01329BE0 (0) : WorldOfWarships.exe!0x0132210B (0) : ucrtbase.DLL!0x67B2E87F (0) : KERNEL32.DLL!0x75F27C04 System info: OS Name: Windows 8.1 or later OS Version: 6.6 OS Architecture: x86_64 Memory info: Virtual memory: 1589640Kb/4194176Kb (38%) Working set (process physical memory): 1146904Kb/4194176Kb (27%) Commit charge (working set + process page file usage): 1207812Kb/4194176Kb (28%) Global physical memory: 2738728Kb/8293548Kb (33%) Global commitable memory (physical + pagefile): 3145932Kb/9604268Kb (33%)
  2. deathsadow

    Rank Up / Down Broken

    The top 4 top 3 thing would make teamplay even worse , but WG should really change the way of loseing and gaining stars, personaly i have lost 3 stars in a row today with doing high caliber in the same time, while one of my friend has avg 432 exp in ranked and he is rank 14 already. So what i see that current star system is not representing a players skill at all.