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  1. deathsadow

    Doublon to WoT gold?

    Yes i was basing the question on their claims still back from Beta. I guess it is the usual WG attitude .... they rarely keep their word.
  2. deathsadow

    Doublon to WoT gold?

    Is it an option to change WoWs doublons to WoT Gold ? Since the captain rework i cant seem to enjoy this game anymore yet i still have a few thousand doublons around with no use. Do anyone know if it can be changed to WoT gold, as i still play that game from time to time, and the new 1.13 patch with the Arty nerf looking promising.
  3. deathsadow

    Waterline: What's Happening Next?

    WG cant suprise me anymore, all i expect from Subs is a CV rework level of mess up ... it will be hard to do worse than that:D
  4. deathsadow

    14 Days of Premium Account as a Gift!

    Nice we get 14 day prem ... it wont offset the disaster your captain rework made but it is still something positive for a change. Gratz for making the 1st good move since the notorious mistakes of CV & Captain rework. PS: Please DO NOT ADD SUBS, you fail to balance even 4 ship class, you are as likely to make subs a good addition to the game as Czech Republic is likely to build a fleet rivaling the US Navy :P
  5. deathsadow

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.4

    The only thing i seen in this patch is finally the removal of that game killer Dead Eye . Maybe the game will be worth playing again with ship classes other than CV and BB. As for the auction patches and flags probably only pulll resources form "collectors" but prem ships ... those would easily pull 20.000.000 credit+ for a medicore to bad T8 premium ...like in WOT even the crappier T8 tanks went for a price of a fully equiped T10.
  6. deathsadow

    Armada: Marco Polo

    Massa, Georgia and Ohio were overpowered, so this nerf was somehwat justified, as before the commander rework they were significantly better 2nd gun ships than anything else in the game, even with the German 2nd gun focused ships considered, while they had great guns for their tier, decent AA & in case of Georgia it even had insane mobility. As for the Supercruisers the commander rework had totally wrecked them, if anything they should be reconsidered as a BB, lets be honest the supercruisers we have with the exception of maybe the Azuma and Yoshino are more like Battlecruisers & their playstyle also more similar to a standard BB than to a standard cruiser. PS: YabbaCoe has same kind of valid opinon as we have, but he can be just as biased for a ship as any of us can be. Maybe the only thing what makes his verdict slightly less reliable is if he gets the ships for free ( i dont know if he grinds it or gets it free) , cause in that case a very expensive and slightly underpowered ship would be fine for him, but not for someone who needs to pay that huge price tag to get it.
  7. deathsadow

    Dead Eye

    The best thing i dead eye is that it doesnt really benefit the stupidest snipers, but it benefits the BBs with decent camo. If someone shots from 18-20km you still got plenty of time to dodge, but if you someone with 14km camo ( what even most T10 BB can get) shots from 15-16km with the 10% better dispersion on poor potato it is a free ticket back to port for it RNG aside. The most absurd thing i had with Deadeye is the Vladivostok, you kit it for full camo (12.2km) and Dead Eye , if you shot around 13-15km with it you are almost guaranteed to land 7-9 shells even against DDs.
  8. deathsadow

    0.10.0 Combat Missions: Happy Waitangi Day!

    Yamamoto has the same issue, his skills pretty much only fit the Battleships, while he was mainly focused on the IJN Aircraftcarriers historically.
  9. deathsadow

    0.10.0 Combat Missions: Happy Waitangi Day!

    Same here, 1st battle of the day with Thunderer: High Cal, Confederate, 1st blood, Fire proof , Dread, and 2x dev strike, as long as someone score the 1st blood it is not that rare to get 5 achi or more. Just play some "balanced" ships like Kremlin, Thunderer, Ohio ... if you do decent a dread comes easy too, and all you have is 3 more to go which shoudl come naturally on a decent BB game ( probably a dev strike or 2 & the dmg related ones) But yeah , if you dont have the biased powerhouses it comes quite hard.
  10. deathsadow

    0.10.0 Combat Missions: Happy Waitangi Day!

    19km Smolly was broken OP , but dont worry , just take out the Thunderer with the new Dead Eye perk & you will get your free farming OP Tier 10 in a new shape and form. A finetuned BB with 8x 457mm gun & cruiser like accuracy.
  11. deathsadow

    Waterline: What's Happening Next?

    Okay , so new German DDs will have bad HE dpm, bad concealment , and no smoke. Their torpedoes will be average at best, so all they have going for them is the 150mm AP rounds and the hydro they have. To be honest this already looks like a horrible DD unless WG has some gimmick as a saving grace for them. Basically they cant hide from CVs, and most DD outspot and outgun them, the torps are both lacking in range and dmg ( 8km on T10 .. honestly with 13700 dmg). They dont have heal, speedboost, or smoke so the class is ripped of any deffensive tool except the questionable deffensive AA. I really hope that WG does some significant buff on this concept, as the package they have around is a bad joke compared to the other gun focused DDs like the Kleber or even the Khaba. The stats WiP as they were anounced on devblog: https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/112
  12. This captain skill rework seems like if WG dont really consider many playstyle, 2nd gun builds were not that great before , but this seems like the final nail in their coffin, the skill to improve the dispersion got nerfed to oblivion. But to be honest this is still not as bad as what the Supercruisers will need to suffer with losing access to Fire Prevention. They are nerfing some playstyle to the ground while they add even more tools for the map edge snipers ....
  13. deathsadow

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    I would rather have a new player trying to play the ARP Yamato compared to a guy like that:
  14. deathsadow

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Well , that can happen to .. My experiance was that ARP Yammies around me were mostly Waifu-Warriors. But honestly, with the T10 playerbase even a new player is not that big of a deadweight, on T10 you see more sub 45% experianced noobs than anywhere else in the game.
  15. deathsadow

    CB Season 11 : Feedback & Discussions topic.

    Have the last 2 season has this kind of data already ? I am pretty sure we will have the same data over here too, i mean CBs havent changed all that much, the only change worth mentioning is that now not the Haku, but the MVR terorised the russian and USN cruisers.