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  1. riulassher

    Zpětná vazba na hodnocené bitvy

    Zatim jsem mel prilezitost je hrat jen jediny vecer (20 zapasu v BB, tak akorat na rank 18), ale libilo se mi to. Prijde mi to i jako sympaticke prostredi pro tier VII lode, nemusim se stresovat s vyssimi tiery, je to takove osobnejsi, clovek obcas potkal nekoho z minulych bitek, a mel pocit ze ma vetsi kontrolu nad prubehem boje. Ale taky se mi darilo, takze pocitam, ze az prijde loss streak, pocit z kontroly zmizi jak para nad hrncem. Zatim ale spokojenost a udrzuju se v iluzi, ze BB tu bitku dokaze ovlivnit.
  2. riulassher

    Overpenetrating everything as a Fuso

    Fuso generates citadels on almost everything that isn't NM, from my experience. With the amount of projectiles in the air there is often one that finds some unprotected thermal exhaust port. I've citadeled Nagatos from mid to short range in Fuso and yesterday my Nagato got smashed by 2-3 citadels from NM at ~14km after I had to pre-dodge a potential DD torp line and didn't time it well.
  3. riulassher


    Don't stay at long range and snipe, it's a brawling beast. While going from 12 guns to 8 guns seems a downgrade (and numbers on paper do indicate that), higher caliber penetrates more targets from more difficult angles. Advantages: - reasonable speed - good agility - good armour and durability (for IJN BB) - decent AA - amazing secondaries with good range - decent accuracy - great penetration - she can equip Fighter instead of Scout (that can be seen as advantage to some) Disadvantages: - 8 guns instead of 12 will leave you more vulnerable to RNG whims. - Slightly less range than Fuso - More tough opposition because there's a noticeable power level jump at tier VIII and above. Can be completely avoided by playing Ranked battles, where Nagato rules.
  4. riulassher

    terrible battleship captains

    A slow ship has a limited mobility in mission, therefore it should always keep moving towards strategically important areas where it can maximize its impact. There are many areas on the map where a BB should never go without a very, very good reason. Sniping BBs usually make themselves irrelevant because they give up a lot of map control potential. Even if they do a lot of damage, the outcome of a fight is often out of their hands. I prefer to go close and try to be where it matters, when it matters, crushing enemy fighting spirit with citadel shattering close-to-mid range broadsides. Which is why I find Nagato amazing, her preferred style fits me like a glove. A massive terminator power-fist to be more precise.
  5. riulassher

    There is some really great BB players out there

    I play mostly BBs. CVs are the only ship class in the game that makes me worried. Cruisers are the rock to the BB paper, DDs are blind scissors that can hurt but almost always miss. BBs can hurt, but the threat can be reduced by proper positioning and angling. CVs are the only real major, huge threat to a BB that I know. And I am fine with it. My message to the enemy CVs: If you see me, kill me, kill me quickly. Because I am coming for your teammates and I will feast on their juicy citadels.
  6. It has been mentioned on the official wiki under Shell Dispersion: Gunnery & Armor Penetration It isn't 100% reliable source, but it's better than nothing.
  7. riulassher

    Do all Battleships feel like that?

    I think the feeling of slowness is same for all battleships. Some battleships can travel in line at 30 knots, but all have the agility of an iceberg, all fire about twice per minute, turrets take forever to swing from one side to other. But a properly played BB is never slow, she just slaughters stuff at her own pace.
  8. riulassher


    Dostrel neni ani tak chyba Furutaky (jeji dostrel je v poradku vuci predchozim tierum), ale v ustrelenosti Omahy C a Murmansku a hlavne skillu, ktery jen tak pro nic za nic dava uz tak dobrym 6" kanonum extra 20% k dostrelu.
  9. riulassher

    Most underrated ships?

    Furutaka. I have seen so much hate aimed at her like it was physically painful to play her, yet the ship was sound (upgraded at least). It was the worst tier V cruiser in the game by comparison, but it still had all tools necessary to have perfectly fine results if the player ceased to be a mindless HE spamming broadsiding scrub.
  10. riulassher


    Tak to nevypada, ze by mezi B a C trupem byl jakykoliv jiny rozdil nez sila AA.
  11. riulassher

    Nagato BB is horrible!?

    Is there any other difference between the Hull B and C beside improved AA? I've bought the C hull after last match, but I haven't tried it out yet. The B hull feels already pretty godly. I am probably going to stick to the accuracy mod for now, since it gave me a really good damage results from first 18 battles. It adds ~1.5km to the effective area of Nagato's kill zone before the accuracy starts to be a problem. 6km secondary range will have to be enough for now.
  12. riulassher

    RU dev talks about the new accuracy buff on 0.4.1

    That just increased my effective range from ~65% of my max range to ~75% of my max range. That's a really nice change.
  13. riulassher


    Hm, ma vynikajici AP granaty, docela rozdil proti 14" kanonum na Kongu a Fusu. Nemuzu mluvit za stock verzi, protoze jsem rovnou vylepsil na ten nove pridany prostredni trup. S tim prisel moderni pancir i vylepseni zbrani, a nemel jsem si na co stezovat. Odrazi to strely jak bych cekal, kanony penetruji v podstate vsechno, cile obcas dostanou i 2 citadelky v jedne salve. Presnost je dobra, i kdyz mene kanonu samozrejme znamena vetsi vliv nahodnosti. Zatim se jevi jako vynikajici bitevni lod.
  14. There is also a possibility that it is a battleship firing at the target outside your rendering range and you forgot to check the minimap. There is at least one low tier map where a IJN BB like Kongo can reach into enemy spawn right from the beginning.
  15. riulassher

    Out gunned by cruisers

    BBs are possibly outgunned in 1 on 1 long range fight, where cruisers dance and wiggle near max range. Cruisers are dancers, carefully skirmishing and angling against their BB enemies. Add another BB or two and several cruisers to the area on all sides and it becomes difficult to maintain proper position against all possible threats all the time.