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  1. Ohai! I wanted to ask the general playerbase if matchmaking was still as messy as it was during the beginning of OBT. Frequently, particularly in higher tiers with low populations, the matchmaker would create matchups so hilariously lopsided, it made me quit the game for more than five months. Tier disparities where one team had two to three additional top tiers with no compensation were no rarity. I'm writing this in the past tense because I, instead, decided to just play a match in my trusty Des Moines. Lo and behold, I get into this beauty of a matchup: Four tier 10s versus two without additional tier 9s to compensate? The tier 10s were not even platooned, for Pete's sake! My initial question as to whether that stuff still happens has now obviously changed to "How frequently does this happen?". Is fudged matchmaking like this still common place?
  2. ttchip


    Impossible. CVs get +2 MM at tier 6 and up. OP's Hiryu would not meet tier 10s if it wasn't platooned with a "normal" tier 7 ship.
  3. Tier 4 and 5 CVs get +1 matchmaking. Tier 6 and up gets +2. Independence literally cannot meet Langley unless Langley failplatoons. Currently, you have the problem that tier 6 fighters have around 30 DPS. Tier 7 fighters get around 90 and demolish tier 6 ones as a result. 0.4.1 is supposed to change that. Independence literally has the worst fighters you could ever hope for because it gets +2 MM AND it meets CVs with far more reserves that're faster, more durable and deal 3-4x the damage.
  4. ttchip

    New Orleans Guns.

    Not sure what you guys are talking about because Pensacola can see tier 10s.
  5. ttchip

    How does Ranger fare against Hiryu?

    Ranger has 73, Hiryu has 72. I fail to see where the "A LOT more reserve planes" part comes in. You pay for the upgraded AA by being far easier to spot and slower. Ranger, subjectively speaking from playing with and against it, is oneshot material for BBs if it gets spotted. Hiryu, meanwhile, isn't. It can afford to sit closer to the frontlines. It can afford to stick closer to cruisers. As a result, it doesn't really need that much AA to begin with. Edit: Had a closer look at Hiryu's AA. 36 AA DPS at 5km + 143 AA DPS at 3km is arguably almost on par with Ranger's 24 at 5km + 90 at 3.5km + 235 at 2.1km.
  6. ttchip

    [Module] AA range icrease vs Gun fire control system

    Dispersion does not increase linearly with range.
  7. ttchip

    Can air detection be improved?

    I've had enemy Taiho fighters move almost parallel to my DM between 5.2 and what I presume to be around 6km. Spotting distance in that case was 5.5km. It can't be lag or latencies. I haven't been able to produce that 8km spotting distance in a long time.
  8. ttchip

    Can air detection be improved?

    They don't. You'll find that they get spotted between 6.5 and 5.5km away from you, depending on the carrier. This makes certain ships with good long range AA far less powerful than they deserve to be. Increasing the distance at which planes get spotted was the first nerf I would've argued in favor of because it doesn't necessarily gimp a carrier's performance the way AA buffs/hitpoint nerfs would.
  9. My average for SC, Wyoming and Myogi - the playable tier 3 and 4 BBs - is actually around 1k Exp without premium. That's roughly on par with my cruiser performance with the exception of Kuma (1.35k without premium) and those are some of the worst BBs you'll ever drive in this game.
  10. ttchip

    what COULD make high tier DDs viable...

    Isn't that basically the result of them reworking fighter performance and their higher damage output before they have to rearm? Haven't had a look at the patchnotes myself but buffing its DBs doesn't seem completely unfounded given the rather low speed of them. We'll see how it works out with AA DPS staying the same.
  11. ttchip

    Gun size vs damage output misconception (SOLVED)

    If that was the case, CAs would have the highest average damage figures in this game. Needless to say, they don't. You're right, though. Damage scaling makes no sense right now. This is not really an issue, however, as it doesn't need to make sense for game balance to work out decently well.
  12. ttchip

    what COULD make high tier DDs viable...

    USN air sup loadouts have 0 TBs. The only exception to that are the 2/0/2 "air sup" vs 2/1/1 "balanced" loadouts on Lexington.
  13. ttchip

    what COULD make high tier DDs viable...

    You mean DDs might actually destroy something? EUREKA! That makes spotting the DD itself even easier as planes are spotted further out than the DD itself. Heck, having the torps not be spotted by planes would actually add another layer of mindgames to the battles instead of completely neutralizing one class of ships. You'd have to infer whether or not the DD has actually launched torps or not. In all fairness: Having torps be completely invisible to planes might be a bit too much. The current spotting distances for them make DD gameplay a pain in the butt, though.
  14. ttchip

    what COULD make high tier DDs viable...

    Spotting the DD itself is totally not enough to neutralize the threat, ehh?
  15. ttchip

    Above the flak

    That's an upgrade you get on tier 9 and 10.