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  1. piet11111

    ST - New Year's celebration.

    Depending on the grind this could be very good. Als glad to see snowflakes return.
  2. piet11111

    looks like he commited suicide...how?

    When the game is loading you can hover the Mouse over the names in the enemy teamlist and you can then see if they are pink or not.
  3. piet11111

    ST - Changes to test ships

    Mainz should get the same armor scheme as the Hipper and Eugen if i am not mistaken it has less hull armor purely because its a light cruiser even though it should have the exact same hull armor.
  4. piet11111

    Friesland... Sigh

    All i need is more concealment and maybe a speedboost.
  5. piet11111

    Chat ban system needs fixing. Fast.

    No point i cant prove anything and even if i could he could just claim it was accidental. And that japanese management training to my knowledge was stopped because too many considered it a waste of time.
  6. piet11111

    Chat ban system needs fixing. Fast.

    Semi-public and yes multiple levels of management indeed. My previous boss had to do a course on Japanese management style so when i walked into his office he was supposed to be working on a bit of origami but he was shaking his head instead, he retired less then 6 months after. We did have a good laugh about that (the origami bit) but it does make me question the sanity of upper management.
  7. piet11111

    Chat ban system needs fixing. Fast.

    Heh i have been called unprofessional for repeatedly pointing out deliberate endangerment of the public by 1 specific person at work. Professionalism seemingly means exclusively focussing on making money and not making waves.
  8. piet11111

    Update 0.8.9

    I rather have a big download over a highly compressed file that takes forever to unpack. Steam games for me are much quicker to download directly then a pre-load that needs to unpack.
  9. piet11111

    Submarines Beta Test: results of the first session

    Agreed it would also be nice to know what numbers of invites are being send out.
  10. piet11111

    Bots behavior now modeled after real players?

    They are also really good at dodging torpedo's that are launched at mid to long range.
  11. piet11111

    I want more NEW MAPS not more boats. balance efforts pls

    I think wg have a limited amount of Maps in use at certain points of the day rotating them in and out. But i agree with salty that more dynamic Maps would be great. So many weather effects that could be used like fog or thinking bigger even an active vulcano. Smoke fire and darker sky all changing throughout the battle.
  12. piet11111

    Need the Mutsu a buff ?

    Spreadsheets say minescule buff of torp-angle is enough
  13. piet11111

    Any sub test invites?

    Nothing but i am looking forward to it.
  14. piet11111

    I want to buy a premium ship. Need sugestions.

    Your not wrong but with the uptiering that tier 8 gets and massa's mediocre guns i still would prefer Georgia.
  15. piet11111

    I want to buy a premium ship. Need sugestions.

    Plus its great for missions that require ribbons. And its just so much fun but its guns let it down so if he really is close to getting a coal ship i would highly recommend the Georgia. That ship has all the good bits of the massa with some sweet firepower.