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  1. piet11111

    The return and economic nerf of Missouri.

    Well since WeeGee is going to absolutely sneak in some sh** to nerf the credit income anyway. So let me give a proposal just have the mission give +1 million credits for every battle played and just have the missouri have regular tier 9 premium credit making on top of that. No way people are ever going to believe the credit income was not tampered with so lets make the mighty mo print money no matter what as that is what we expect from it.
  2. As expected unfortunately. Would you please pass on that many people buy ships based on the potential characteristics when a specialised captain is used and less on base characteristics ? I fear watching spreadsheets for balancing will cost many ships their fun-factor.
  3. The helpdesk cant make this decission higher ups need to approve of this. So we ask @MrConway @Crysantos they might be able to say if we can refund the Siegfried. Helpdesk would just default to what they know and that is no refunds.
  4. @Chrysanthos Would an appeal for a refund of the Siegfried be honored ? I would much rather have an Ohio now with the captain rework.
  5. I would love a rb point refund on my siegfried. Ohio seems much better now.
  6. piet11111

    Rate the Captain rework update - Poll

    Neustrashimy was supposed to have them in game.
  7. piet11111

    Rate the Captain rework update - Poll

    Tempting plan but i would get bored not playing wows. Also you got red on you.
  8. piet11111

    Rate the Captain rework update - Poll

    I thought Sergei Burkatovsky aka SerB also owned a chunk of wargaming.
  9. piet11111

    Rate the Captain rework update - Poll

    They deliberately made the usefull skills more expensive so in my opinion wargaming screwed us. I understand a rework was necessary especially considering submarines are coming but if they created must-have skills they should simply have removed those skills and bake them into the ships characteristics. This entire rework bloody well reeks and is yet another reinforcement of my decision never to bother with wargaming titles after i abandon wows. I love this game but damn it is WeeGee doing their utmost to ruin it by piling bad decision upon bad decision.
  10. Australia seems awesome but jeez the wildlife.
  11. piet11111

    US Navy battleships t8-t10

    Colorado is considered the stinker of the line but so many people love the North Carolina (for me i did not click with it but i absolutely loved the Iowa and only after playing the iowa did i click with the North Carolina) The Colorado is the last slow battle ship in the line after that you get to keep its heavy hitting shells only you get much faster and better AA and rather good concealment for BB's. Heck i rather like the Colorado when i get to be top tier with it and yes its rather slow but when you get to fight tier 5's with it you feel so dirty (in a fun way) Also the Montana is a very good ship its a chunky Iowa with 1 extra turret but damn does that turret add some damage on a good hit sure it lacks a specific gimmick but a solid ship does not need gimmicks (something i want WeeGee to remember)
  12. piet11111

    why are cvs so infuriating to play against

    El2aZeR i am nowhere near a good carrier player is there anything i said where i was terribly wrong ?
  13. piet11111

    why are cvs so infuriating to play against

    Most damage indeed comes from cont. dps because flak to skilled carrier players is purely cosmetic most of the time. Most planes recharge in 40-50 seconds but you do not have the same amount of them in play anymore because you only have 1 squadron in use at any time and if you have a carrier like Kaga you can spam them mindlessly. Because you only have to fly 1 squadron at a time you can more easily absorb losses because your ability to bring them out is far more staggered. The effect of AA has been made moot you will get hit no matter what any plane shot down is immediately replaced by one that is not in the current strike until there are no reserve planes left. this full damage no matter what you do unless by some miracle they fly through a bunch of flak for some reason is a big issue i have with the current system. Yeah the AA range increases combined with dps increases made ships like the Texas or Atlanta (or kutuzov or des moines or mino etc.) AA monsters but Texas and Atlanta today are pathetic AA wise. I do not need to compare any stats to see what happened with Texas and Atlanta just to name a few obvious cases.
  14. piet11111

    why are cvs so infuriating to play against

    As a NC you had a very good chance to kill most attacking aircraft and it would be so costly that the carrier was not able to do it again. Better carrier players would simply avoid you. Current system its mostly irrelevant you avoid the pretty flak clouds and your golden and any losses you incur will be replaced soon enough so repeat as much as you like. And yes mino and des moines where no flying zones but they lost all range increasing skills and a lot of their punch like all the other ships. The entire rework was to make carriers easier to play and they succeeded. (even if my stats say otherwise )
  15. piet11111

    why are cvs so infuriating to play against

    True but i preferred the old way as a BB. If i was in a north carolina or up and specced for AA then the carrier had a tough time getting through without heavy losses now its a waste of skill points as the carrier would still have its way with my ship. I lost my ability to fight back in a fair way and the loss of being able to fly multiple squadrons makes it easier to stomach losses for carriers as they can regen more without having incomplete squadrons. A botched attack as a carrier in the old system meant your crippled the rest of the game.