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  1. piet11111

    Japanese Supercarrier (cv haters avoid)

    Shinano was in the game at some stage evidence
  2. piet11111

    Sub_O is moving on

    People really and i mean really should not be able to point out their successor. Sub octavian was terrible for world of warships ignoring every issue the community pointed out because spread sheet said so and now we get another ignorant muppet to continue that ?
  3. piet11111

    Sub_O is moving on

    Ok what am i missing here ?
  4. piet11111

    Sub_O is moving on

    Spreadsheet must have said it was time to bugger off and for once i agree. Never come back !
  5. piet11111

    XP Container - Benham

    I once got the gremlin back when stealth fire still existed.
  6. piet11111

    Which one should I get?

  7. Free dinner a full meal is more expensive.
  8. piet11111

    New NA community manager

    6 entire months ? Bloody hell your all about high stakes aren't ya ?
  9. piet11111

    New NA community manager

    I think americans have a rather different experience with law enforcement then we europeans do. We are lucky our police are held to much higher standards.
  10. piet11111

    Techtree ships for dubloons now? Really?

    Greed limitless greed.
  11. piet11111

    Most Iconic Ship of WOWS

    Iconic for wows would be pay2rico debacle. That for me was the most obvious descent into money grabbing so far because only by paying or spending a rediculous amount of time could you get the ship.
  12. piet11111

    About that apology we all got......

    From all of us.
  13. piet11111

    About that apology we all got......

    Nah i expect them to tack on 3x service costs compared to tier x but a permaflage of 15k dubs will fix that right up though. 15k dubs now thats a username i would pick if i was forced into renaming myself.
  14. piet11111

    About that apology we all got......

    Oh no those are going to be sold for silver all 50-60 million credits of it and 1 xp i guess.