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  1. Collectors club

    What a delicate little flower you must be to throw a hissy fit over old ships finally being brought to everyone that would want to pay for them. i would be surprised if 10% of the people that have them even play them on a regular basis anymore.
  2. Collectors club

    Non beta versions of ships like the Arkensas would be fantastic. Make it happen !
  3. Toxic text chat in game.

    Same for me. Also the toxicity i see in game is 90% among team members and backseat-captaining so the removal of talking to the enemy would not be a real solution. Kinda shocking to see people here defending the "right to criticise" because either they are oblivious to what this thread is actually about or they are the people who cause this toxicity.
  4. Toxic text chat in game.

    I would not be surprised if it end up being taken away at some point but i would blame wargaming for that because they seem to want to rely on the report system way to much.
  5. Toxic text chat in game.

    At times i think those reports are like office thermostats meaning they are there to give the people that use them an impression that it works but they really dont. The times you see people raging in chat over little things makes me wonder how if they act that way they are not serving a chatban. But then you see people on these forums complaining about chatbans swearing high and low they have been perfect little angels and that gives me the impression that reports actually do work but are then incredibly prone to abuse. I would really hate it if this game went down the same road as world of tanks where wargaming flatout ignored the problem until they had to remove the ability to chat to the enemy team. (and yes wargaming employees would probably say thats not what happened but its the impression i got when i saw toxic chatbehaviour increasing over time)
  6. Toxic text chat in game.

    I would actually love to see ingame moderating where certain players are able to hand out chat-bans ingame. Heck i would volunteer to do that.
  7. Player choice with a proper toggle those who want it like you can keep using them and those who don't (seemingly everyone else in this thread) have the choice to toggle them off. I am glad to see this request gaining more traction especially now that more and more circuses are losing their tents. (i like that one going to steal it)
  8. Kronshtadt, really?

    Tanatoy just lock this thread this cant be recovered.
  9. Must say i am kinda curious about the results of others in the Hood my 6 kills cant be that exceptional can they ?
  10. Oops im wrong i got 6 in the Hood. 7 In my kutuzov Also 7 in my kamikaze and the Vampire
  11. Every bit of player customization helps. Overall i like the way the game is developing but the forced cartoonish camo's is something i find highly annoying even more so when i am faced with a camouflage that has fantastic bonuses to credit and xp income but its looks like something that would never be used on a real ship.
  12. Please also consider a toggle for all kinds of camo's for those who are not fond of all the hyper colorful camo's. It would be a bit of work but i see no reason why this wont pay out when more and more special occasion camo's are released.
  13. MrConway is there a possibility for a technical explanation on how this happened ? I always enjoy learning about such things (its why i love the star citizen show bug smashers) plus its always good to educate the users of your games on why sometimes *gasp* mistakes happen.
  14. Aigle marathon, how's your progress been so far?

    I have 16/18 so far but i already bought it because i did not expect to be able to grind it out.