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  1. No problem. I really really hope this is a new sub-branch and not a lame copy-pasta premium but as 1MajorKoenig said if it was a sub-branch it would probably have been the South Dakota. Another argument for it being a lame copy-pasta is that the americans might jump on this ship because of patriotism/ personal connection to this ship so who knows until wargaming says something
  2. from https://www.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/
  3. Good point. Guess this is more for NA server then.
  4. I would hope its a split-off line instead of a premium because Alabama already fills that requirement. (Also where the heck is the tier 4 soviet cruiser that hole must be filled !)
  5. If they raise the price then they should at least increase it 10X i already can taste the salt of those who cant afford the 10 silver.
  6. Something tells me Nelson might not be for you.
  7. You should try out lower tier BB's of the lines first to get an impression on how they will play.
  8. The only wrong flag i see is top right corner. Also its definitely the flag mod your using.
  9. I was reasonably pleased with the supercontainer loot i got but wargaming come on please remove 100 of standard flags as one of the options. 100 no detonation flags and 100 -5% reload time for consumables does not exactly make me jump up and down in joy. For the rest i got various dragon flag containers 7 days of prem time (hi hedgehog1963 o/ ) and a speed boost enhancement module and i think a radar module.
  10. Ohh so the BB's at A1 where a part of this all along well played well played
  11. I actually think this is a really cool special especially the super container for every tier x is going to be great. And dragon flags will be really sweet to grind out more free XP.
  12. They should make the 2 ships more similar where it makes sense. Warspite imo is not excessively powerful so it could do with a few buffs while the QE needs the WD40 and better manouverability.
  13. Maybe if you consider a citadel hit as a head shot does that help ?
  14. When you make skins like the new manga Kii camo please offer a realistic alternative as well because the bonuses on the manga camo are really good but i flat out refuse to using such a camo that makes my ship look like it comes out of a cartoon.
  15. Ugh big pass for me.