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  1. piet11111

    Siegfried balance Discussion

    Well with the super secret patchnotes for tomorrow who thinks we might actually get a new ship released ? Still going to wait for reviews if its something german because they do seem over-nerfed.
  2. piet11111

    Server down at the moment?

    They are wiping down the hamsters with sanitary wipes but they are having none of that so they turned into bitey basta*ds so server techs had to fetch gloves.
  3. piet11111

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    Thank you wargaming.
  4. piet11111

    "Oh dear... My apologies"

    "how in the hell ?!?" achievement unlocked
  5. I had fun with the z52 hydro where an enemy dd in smoke could not spot me but he was visible to me. Also it has good torpedo reload.
  6. Triple belfast would be horrible to have to deal with but i agree with the above poster triple Benham would be nightmare fuel.
  7. piet11111

    Is that right?

    Perhaps the shells penetrated the torpedo bulge but where stopped by the armor belt.
  8. piet11111

    ST - Soviet Cruisers

    So a few questions @Tanatoy 1) those who own the kirov and moskva will they get the new premium versions free like WOT has done ? 2) what will happen for those who bought the premium camo for the moskva ? free camo for the new tier X and/or reimbursement for the moskva camo ? 3) what would be a good rum to try ?
  9. Its true WOWS is generally less toxic then other community's i have seen. Still plenty of room for improvement though.
  10. Mandatory Also damn good drawings.
  11. piet11111

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.1

    So what happened to the plans for turning the paid improved consumables into free standard consumables ? (repair party, hydro, radar etc.)
  12. piet11111

    New Ship. Australian Bush Fire Appeal

    Austria ?
  13. piet11111

    info from WG about puerto rico

    In that case my answer is no they did not give enough info.
  14. piet11111

    info from WG about puerto rico

    I do not understand the question.