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  1. Would be great if they just told us the currency they want for the Alaska.
  2. Well that sucks now give us the info on what Alaska's price is going to be.
  3. piet11111

    Vanguard and Dreadnought are in the shop...

    I was expecting west virginia but i will take vanguard and dreadnaught.
  4. piet11111

    Jean Bart and Bourgogne

    Seems my little fishing expedition failed
  5. piet11111

    Jean Bart and Bourgogne

    Has bourgogne Alaska and other ships been finalised mrConway? Regarding the west virginia why the video of it doesn't come with a date ? Such a tease from wg
  6. piet11111

    What to develop in clan base

    I would go with coal since you can grind out credits and xp with a few additional battles but the amount of coal you can get per day is very restricted.
  7. We did use to have an aim indicator namely the bouncing clock next to the Shell travel time. Notser did a video on it a long time ago.
  8. piet11111

    Premium Shop: No Commemorative Flags for sale?

    Any news on this ?
  9. piet11111

    Lack of Transparancy

    This thread is going places.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeZpu5V5GE0 Multiple ships with 1 torpedo should be doable with one of those.
  11. piet11111

    30% coupon CAN be used for Jean Bart!

    Bought the horrible 30% off just the boat makes it cheap enough to give it a try.
  12. piet11111

    CvC battles canceled for this weekend

    Im trying to get enough battles for the reward but wg is making it really hard this way.
  13. piet11111

    Jean Bart and Bourgogne

    @MrConway Could you tell how Alaska and Bourgogne will be made available for those who need that info for an informed purchase ?
  14. piet11111

    Jean Bart and Bourgogne

    It was with the introduction of the mighty money. People where asking if it was going to be freexp or also in store.