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  1. Yamato shells all over the place

    Also it seems that the closer you get to a target the more likely it is that shells will go to the maximum allowed dispersion its a complete cr**shoot when in a yamato and your shooting at a BB at 9-ish km that is bow tanking you. @MrConway @Crysantos Am i going bonkers or is the lock on bug real ? and the terrible dispersion when close to an enemy ?
  2. What of the first few tiers up to tier 7 at least ?
  3. I know very little about subs but far as i know american subs where underwhelming until very late in the war.
  4. Kinda wondering what the national flavour would be for subs. Germans solid all-rounders and largest air supply with schnorkels on tier 8+ ? Japan getting awesome torpedoes seems a given. Not sure what the other countries would be good at.
  5. I will wait and see how this turns out. Though i am interested in playing the Halloween mode.
  6. HSF Harekaze, any chance?

    Well there might be a chance for a non HSF harekaze similar to how we have the kamikaze and the kamikaze R. But i would not expect it any time soon but wargaming wasting a shipmodel that can be reskinned and sold again does not seem likely to me.
  7. Had honour to play with man himself...

    Well damn thats great. I really need to start re-reading some of the classics then.
  8. Had honour to play with man himself...

    That is our skybuckflying ?
  9. Had honour to play with man himself...

    Greetings SkybuckFlying
  10. Anniversary Event

    Its the flags and camo's that tear it down it would be better for us if they removed them from the SC drop list and put in their coal value so we can decide for ourselves what to get.
  11. "REAL" Birthday Special: September 14–28

    so many crates yielded 100X standard flags and now i am depressed. Seriously can we change the SC flag and skin containers out to a coal value equivalent so we can choose our own flags/skins to buy in the arsenal or save it for something ? I am glad to also have gotten some prem time and dubloons (but the best imo was the 15k coal container)
  12. New consumable for DDs

    I already get complaints when i do not smoke up bbs and now i have to heal them too ?
  13. Royal Navy Arc

    Krispy kreme is not that bad though its quite the little firebug. According to Notser the cossack is incredibly stealthy if i recall correctly its detection range can go as low as 5.1 or close to that. But that is from a rather old video and the main reason i would love to know what state its currently in. It also had 8 guns with relatively high firechance so to me that is a big plus.
  14. Royal Navy Arc

    Curious to see some reviews of the cossack. Also event starts next thursday with New patch right ?
  15. Collectors club

    I really should start buying back some low tier ships to fill my port.