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    To my knowledge secondaries no longer damage your team members. Worst team kill i ever made was when i was playing a cruiser and got into a duel with an enemy hipper so i angle towards him and launch some torpedoes at him instead i get a team kill from a destroyer that was moving in from behind to get between our 2 dueling cruisers so that DD ate all my torps but the hipper managed to hit me with his instead. I was about 4km away from that hipper so i fully blame that destroyer for putting himself into a position where i clearly was going to use torps and pre-occupied enough not to notice someone rushing in from behind to get between us.

    Ouch but at least this no longer happens with secondaries.
  3. Sounds like a lot of fun i would not mind being a corgi at all.
  4. In game stuttering?

    getting the stuttering and having ships become visible quite a while after the mini-map says they should be visible (and even then its the smoke out of their smokestacks and the waves the bow makes that becomes visible first)
  5. Or the Omaha+Murmansk+marblehead Jamato+Mushashi or Iowa+Missouri and then where not even mentioning the copy-pasta of the ARP ships or the dragon ships. Either way i am kinda disappointed how they handled my question if they read it better they would have known the meat of the question was for allowing all of the nonsense camo's to be altered to the regular ones to avoid situations like in this pic. As the game keeps on evolving we are going to see more and more of these rubbish looking camo's being introduced so a bit of work on wargamings part and they could have a toggle system in place that can be extended to all newly introduced camo's so the players can set up the game just how they like it while still benefiting from the bonuses those camo's provide.
  6. Ah bugger they wont give us a toggle to turn ugly and/or non-historical camo's into a historical camo. Seems they intend to turn the game into the visual experience of a late 90's disco or something Shame they won't allow for player choice here.
  7. Server Issues - Compensation

    Glad i was not a victim of the connection problems but i would be rather grumpy had i been playing during a connection loss and losing precious dragon flags because of it.
  8. Stop smoking up BBs!

    Actually its a helpful bit of advise.
  9. +T8 closed for BAD Players

    And here i was thinking he was talking about Cherry2blost and company and i was surprised to see this thread.
  10. Twitch Q&A 15/02

    Also what happend to the T-61 ?
  11. Twitch Q&A 15/02

    Will there be a way to hide the kobayashi camo's while still retaining the bonuses they provide ? And if such a system is made could it please be extended to cover all types of camo considering the explosive growth in the numbers of non-historical camos ?
  12. Well ok this is a step in the right direction but the thing that annoys me most with detonations is that they look so underwhelming if it was more spectacular along the lines of getting ammo-racked in wot (though wows should push for a lot better) then it would be a lot more satisfying to see a detonation happening.
  13. When o when will we finally have a full prem russian cruiser line from 2-8 ?
  14. Soviet battlesh... cruiser Kronshtadt

    Well well well color me interested if russian bias hold up then this should be a very interesting ship.