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  1. The only one that i really dislike is the last one for mostly being just 1 color. Going to vote for the Kursk tribute one though i would like a different style shark mouth without the rounded ends.
  2. piet11111

    Premium Shop: No Commemorative Flags for sale?

    Out of curiosity clan logo's already are reviewed before being implemented right ? Legibility issues aside what other issues would there be besides the obvious one of having to program it in ?
  3. piet11111

    IJN Tone and the carrier rework?

    Oh sweet RNGesus no this would give WG a whole new box of gimmicks to mess around with.
  4. piet11111

    IJN Tone and the carrier rework?

    Well it wont have the carrier play considering that controlling the carrier after the rework is considered by WG as too difficult doing 2 whole things at once. But if it got a super float-plane option that patrols a larger area around the ship then standard and having a larger number of them then it could be a very interesting option.
  5. piet11111

    Upcoming AA rework (= removal)

    He sounds like jack black to me (voiced kong fu panda among others) Am i the only one who has that ?
  6. It does it gives me the impression there is no overarching plan they are working towards.
  7. You had to contact @MrConway to sort this out. You wont be left with just 1 credit that is for sure.
  8. Correction? One of the best changes was a bug all along ? At this stage 0.8 shapes up to be the wows rubikon patch. Iceberg straight ahead full speed !
  9. Xmass happened and someone clearly made a bad batch of vodka to give away.
  10. piet11111

    Happy New Year!

    Happy new year everyone also halp in at my sisters place and now the house is packed with other visitors.
  11. piet11111

    Is it possible to meet Dasha in person?

    I think your now on a WG list of people who will never get to meet dasha.
  12. Alaska cya next month at the earliest.
  13. I thought Voyager left the solar system ?
  14. No the Alaska they said it was finalized on the devblog and now they are scr**ing with the fire duration. Fem on NA said it was coming "Soon" but they are probably going to do another round of testing now because of the fire duration change so "Soon" turned out to be a load of BS.
  15. For a finalized ship they sure are messing with it a lot. I dont know what annoys me more that they are not being forthcoming with their communication or reinventing the meaning of "soon"