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  1. Sharks VS Eagles, not going to go for Eagles.

    Would it be advantageous if the whole forum decided to go sharks ? havent watched that video yet.
  2. Can we get a Camouflage filter in port?? please!

    We should just get a toggle to turn the visuals of them off while still being able to equip them for their bonuses. It would be a lot of work for wargaming to get that in but at the rate that they introduce new circus tents and the ease that such a system can be expanded it would pay off and please the players who prefer to only see the camo's they want.
  3. Summer Sale 2018: Day 6 Hood/-50%

    Shame we cant get 100% dubloon value anymore.
  4. Just give her the better shells and see how she performs.
  5. Ship modules

    Use british BBs and spam HE on cruiser or dds. Should be doable on first try. Good luck
  6. Commanders Gifts

    Wow me accused of sarcasm i never thought this would ever happen
  7. Commanders Gifts

    What a missed opportinity for WG not to have a gift option in the store that would solve most of OP,s needs.
  8. Kronshtadt - enlighten me

    Nothing will ever make as much money as the mo wg said it was a mistake.
  9. auto-blow-up

    In before the lock.
  10. Collectors club

    Well its odd how quiet they got.
  11. What is the stupidest thing you did today?

    Pushing in a BB expecting cruisers and other BBs to support me while i was in cap.
  12. Next t9 xp premium?

    Hmm either a DD or a more traditional cruiser instead of the BB light that is the khronstadt would please me. Alaska would be great but i think its more a tier X
  13. Battleships in smoke

    Hold H to see your current shipstats this includes detection ranges and other usefull stats like your current AA values after being hit by HE shells.
  14. Premium Shop

    I miss futurama
  15. report reason

    Karma should be scrapped until wg actually makes it work without the abundant abuse. Last 10 points i lost where all BS so why even have such a poor system in place at all ?