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  1. What if 4k usage is not being used precisely because the UI scaling is so terrible right now ? I know the american streamer Notser doesn't use 4k resolution because of the terrible scaling.
  2. psa

    I disagree lenin had written "all animals are equal" while the "but some are more equal then others" bit was added later as a stalinist perversion of lenin's teachings. At least thats how i remember it from ~20 years ago in school.
  3. psa

    Ugh animal farm from where that more equal bit comes from has the character portraying stalin saying that. /serious I am curious about what actually causes these servers issues do not spare the tech talk.
  4. Black friday mega-bundles are here https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wows/main/
  5. Kutuzov Kii and kamikaze. Those are ships that are hard to do bad in.
  6. Are we there yet ?
  7. Still no official reply ?
  8. But if its the mainlanders who throw a hissyfit over the taiwain flag cant we just change that one to some non-sensical flag and just keep all the other flags ?
  9. While i always delight in a bit of political discussion its a shame its going to mess up the flags for the pan-asian tree. Not having the german ww1 naval flag is bad enough already.
  10. I would like to know what wargaming thinks of this surely they must agree that expecting people who already bought the ships earlier to buy the top bundle again just for the flag is unreasonable ?
  11. I can only agree with this i too would like to be able to select what camo's i can see. Kii for instance has that camo that has fantastic bonusses but i want to see the regular camo it comes with.
  12. Well thats a lot of my mind to know i can scoop up any serious bargains now.
  13. I would think it proper for wargaming to hand out such flags to previous owners of ships who where sold without a flag bundle available because asking them to rebuy the ship (and the top bundle at that) is completely unreasonable.
  14. Black friday is this friday ? Damn i do not get paid till next week :-(
  15. They ought to automate the system more so that top scoring players on both teams gain karma points for playing well. Hardly anyone rewards good play but there are plenty of sore losers who will neg rep someone for outplaying them. Its frustrating to me to see my best game of the day with a very good xp score nets me a loss of karma points without me doing any trashtalking or anything that would earn me that.