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  1. Atomskytten me next please !
  2. I am sure we have all seen those ww2 clips of the sky filled with flak bursts that is what a battleship does. The hard counter for BB's should be DD's and for them i suggest having much more stealthy torpedoes (lower visibility range by at least 40%) that lose their visibility after being spotted when the one who spotted them gets out of spotting range. Carriers should be able to drop their torpedoes from longer ranges so they do not have to loiter in the AA bubbles too long also they should be rewarded more for spotting (especially DD's) Cruisers should all get heals and lose their increased visibility range after firing much sooner then they do now also a ~20% stealth increase would not hurt.
  3. Airplanes supposed to be a weakness for BB's ? If they get close i would agree because they dont have the ability to maneuver away from a torpedo bomber attack like a cruiser should so strong AA for BB's should stay. Perhaps the fault lies in carriers being forced to drop to close to their target if they had a choice in dropping close and losing lots of planes and hitting everything vs dropping long range and hitting a few but losing nothing that would solve this ? As of right now skill matters very little and with every patch that is diminished further if carriers where able to dictate their attack range this could improve maybe ?
  4. Well my concern is that cruisers either have to be able to quickly go from firing back to stealth or make-sh**-up armoring and the last option i fear will ruin the game.
  5. Definitely cruisers need more survivability ! What do you think about my proposal to severely decrease the increased visibility duration after firing duration and maybe a 10%-20% decrease in regular detection range ?
  6. I played it a very long time ago and i struggled to hit anything with it Did they not release a patch to make it more accurate more then half a year ago ? i dont quite remember.
  7. Does this reasoning prove that balance on low tiers is a problem for wargaming or are other developers doing it wrong ?
  8. Low tier matters more then high tier in my opinion. Its the introduction to the game for everyone and its where we all have to learn how to play the game so if something is broken there it will carry over to the rest of the game. And it is tier ~7 where wargaming starts messing with their gimmicky gameplay that seems to be their current design manual.
  9. Some BB's have great accuracy not all of them take the colorado with its blunderbuss accuracy for instance. What we need to avoid is sledgehammer balancing i agree that some BB's are problematic but we do not want to rebalance them like how wargaming is handling the japanese DD's.
  10. Hmm reducing accuracy on a class of ships that in some cases are already terribly inaccurate is too much but i would say some sort of zero-ing in mechanic would be fair. This way if you have 1 ship selected as a target you get more accurate over time up to the accuracy we have currently.
  11. I can agree to having radar and def.AA as a cruiser exclusive.
  12. I am not a carrier player at all (i hate the way they play its like playing an rts game but one that sucks hard) i do not know what is is that keeps others from playing them. But i am of the opinion that if you want to attack the ship with the largest amounts of AA weaponry that you should be losing planes simple as that. If you say killing a cruiser is easier than killing a battleship then the problem is more with the cruiser right ?
  13. BB's are not the problem what is a problem is how wargaming is shafting every other class especially DD's. personally an issue i see mentioned time and again is BB anti air being to powerful but i disagree with that a torpedo bomber strike in the proper angle should lose several planes at least since in real life the BB's where loaded to the brim with anti air weaponry and in game they lack the maneuverability to dodge a lot of them and due to their size they are going to eat a lot of torpedoes more then a cruiser would so the whole cruisers need more AA then BB's is something i always found bull****. DD's are shafted mostly by having very visible torpedoes they simply get spotted to soon for them to do the damage they need to do. I do not think Hydro is really the problem but the distance they get spotted at even without hydro also i would not mind if there was a time delay for the relaying of torpedo locations if spotted by another ship also maybe they ought to dissapear from visibility if they are no longer actively spotted by a ship. Cruisers well its hard to say what should be done to fix them they suffer from survivability issues mostly and all i can really think off is that they should lose their increased visibility after firing a whole lot sooner and maybe get a 10% -20% buff to their stealth rating.
  14. Seriously ? They should just chuck it into the store then but dont withhold it.
  15. Just had my first super container in ages.