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    [Gamescom 2015] Ask the Developers!

    Hi! I hope to see in future,if is posibile,beside normal nations like USA/Japa,UK/ Russia/Germany,and 2 groups: Ally and Axis. Exemple.in Ally or Axis ships i whant to see some another country who fighted in ww2,but dont have a big fleet,to put in game,i whant to see in World of Warplanes/World of Tanks or World of Warships,like a little exemple,Romania dont havet a big tech of fleets,but haved a some good navy and air war machines like IAR80/81,Destroyer Queen Maria or Destroyer King Ferdinant. I wish to see on my destroyers in position with flag country of USSR(Aurora ship),and my country flag(Romania).I refer to something customisation. Sorry for my English,and thanks because you watched my message! Daniel.
  2. nannunbgd

    Romanian Naval Forces

    For Romanian Navy: cruiser Elisabeta,Năluca-class torpedo boats, Mărăşti class destroyer,Regele Ferdinand class destroyer,minelayer Amiral Murgescu, the steamer Oituz, the ex-German freighters Ardeal, Peleș, Alba Iulia and Suceava (all of them commissioned between 1932-1933) four new freighters from Italy just before the start of the Second World War: Balcic, Cavarna, Mangalia and Sulina. In 1940.