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  1. Crow_Eschatologist

    Game & Balance Improvements

    Gun handling buff on Atago is nice, still dropping in matches with 75%+ of both teams being t10 though.
  2. Crow_Eschatologist

    More clicking, yay!

    Irrespective relative whinyness, the amount of clicking for no reason good reason is infuriating. In particular, I would preferably never have to click to open another container again, complete waste of time while you watch some tedious animation play while some random counters increment by various amounts. Particularly irritating when you have a batch of reward containers to open. Ideal situation would be: Default selection you want all your daily containers to be Option to auto-open all containers in the background and add the items to your inventory It's the sort of mindlessly stupid task I would script up in a moment in the workplace. I did actually stop opening containers for a while, as the irritation of opening the ****ard things outweighed the benefits, but now I want the coal . . .
  3. Crow_Eschatologist

    Is WoWS becoming as Toxic as WoT?

    Other than the occasional aberration people playing WoWS seem to me to be far more pleasant on average, and there are fewer utter knuckle-draggers screaming 'HAX!' when they get deleted. Comparatively: Post-game abuse and hackusations in WoT: ~about 1-2 times per week when I was actively playing Throwing toys out of the pram in chat in WoT: minimum of once per day, during events nearly every game . . . Post-game abuse and hackusations in WoWS: <1 year. First time this year was in October Throwing toys out of the pram in chat in WoWS: maybe once or twice in a week at most A much nicer environment
  4. Crow_Eschatologist

    WG, this bs has to end

    Detonation sucks - worst experience of it was when there was a hole somewhere in the Ishizuchi's armour model and getting detonated by the first volley of the game: 3 HE hits from a St Louis Random death in ranked if you forgot the flag is also annoying. Though in all honesty these days I treat it like Cruisers and Destroyers only get 7 Signal slots - I've tried the 70% module but it doesn't make any perceptible difference: I still got detonated twice in 1 day in the Grozovoi using it which convinced me of its worthlessness. Had to feel bad for the Yamato a stray torp from my mino took from 76k to dead in 1 hit . . .
  5. Crow_Eschatologist

    Battleship AP vs DD - work satus

    Situation dependent unfortunately - in the game I described above I already seen the Monty firing and seen him land citadels easily, so I was pretty sure I was dealing with someone who doesn't have trouble hitting angled ships moving away (a lot of people seem to find it hard). I had made an error of judgement and was caught in the open at full health within 11km - I know from experience in the Groz if you are angled it is easy to eat BB pens (Groz is fat and long) so in this case I was trying to ameliorate the damage as much as possible to stay in the game. Even doing this he landed a 12k volley. I am not certain it was the right choice, but I have been deleted in the Groz before in similar situations (and remember the Groz does not jink well). Had it been a Conqueoror I'd have turned tail and run and tried to jink when he fired as he would a) Probably have HE loaded and b) You really don't want Conqueror HE to even touch your DD if you can avoid it. Not a question with a simple answer: but I have occasionally deleted DDs before when they run in a straight line when playing a BB, BB AP ripping down the entire length of your hull seems bad.
  6. Crow_Eschatologist

    Battleship AP vs DD - work satus

    You'd think that wouldn't you? Depends on opponent's aim imho.
  7. Crow_Eschatologist

    Battleship AP vs DD - work satus

    To a point - ate 12k from a Monty in the Groz earlier going full broadside to try mitigate (I imagine had I been sufficiently angled I'd have been insta-gibbed): but hits are hits and kudos to the player hitting a Groz doing 44kts: but it's tough to be on the receiving end. The problem is you either: Run broadside and become an easier target Angle or jink and eat massive (possibly instantly fatal) damage from a BB salvo if it hits Both choices kinda suck.
  8. Crow_Eschatologist

    Anyone feel the Zao is in need of a buff

    Thanks for the feedback - I guess I need to git gud
  9. Crow_Eschatologist

    Anyone feel the Zao is in need of a buff

    Out of curiosity, what makes the Zao good? I always feel I have more impact in any my other t10 ships (Minotaur, Grozovoi, Conqueror and even the f'ing Shimakaze) - a feeling seemingly borne out by winrate. Or put another way, in what situation would you be happier to be Captaining a Zao than another t10 cruiser?
  10. Crow_Eschatologist

    Anyone feel the Zao is in need of a buff

    I would like to see a Zao buff, but mainly because I suck at the Zao :( My worst t10 win rate by a good 5%, I just can't make it work. It feels a bit meh - great accuracy and stealth, but it needs them because in a stand up fight every other t10 cruiser will punch your head in and take your lunch money. It feels restricted to long range poking unless bullying lower tiers, particularly due to the horrible gun arcs which prevent using a full salvo unless exposing your citadel for weeks due to turning circle. I also feel that taking a t10 cruiser that has no team utility (radar, smoke) is pretty much gimping my team's chances. The torpedo upgrade merely takes them from useless suicide ambush tool to useful area-denial.
  11. Crow_Eschatologist

    New Premiums available! Nice.. But!...

    I'll bite - Belfast is OP because of toolbox consumables, great stealth and t8 upgrade slot. I am in no way a great player but on Monday divvied up with a mate, me in Belfast and him in GM. We had some clement matchmaking (top tier) and basically drove round the map hovering up cap points and dds. It's fun and relaxing, but not really a challenge by the time one of us were spotted the enemy DD was already doomed (inside radar envelope and needing to make a 180 turn to escape). [Edit]: The other point is: it is particular unfair with divisions and consumable sharing
  12. Crow_Eschatologist


    It's a little tricky at the moment, had 5 radar enemy team followed by 6 radar enemy team - with bonus KM dds / Lo Yangs on the red team to boot I mean, baiting radar only gets you so far when the red team can chain them back-to-back and cover the radar gaps in the circle with hyrdo - and spotting and evasion tanking has a limited effectiveness . . .
  13. Crow_Eschatologist

    Cruisers get deleted by battleships too easily

  14. Crow_Eschatologist

    The Reason why people dont play CV

    The reason I don't play CVs is I find the 1990s RTS controls annoying on their own. Add to that the fact that the CV GUI itself has both poor responsiveness and affordance, on top of the superannuated design and you have an excercise in frustration. In addition the constrained views when playing a carrier are really annoying - if I am in RTS mode give me total free view for crying out loud.