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  1. New Premiums available! Nice.. But!...

    I'll bite - Belfast is OP because of toolbox consumables, great stealth and t8 upgrade slot. I am in no way a great player but on Monday divvied up with a mate, me in Belfast and him in GM. We had some clement matchmaking (top tier) and basically drove round the map hovering up cap points and dds. It's fun and relaxing, but not really a challenge by the time one of us were spotted the enemy DD was already doomed (inside radar envelope and needing to make a 180 turn to escape). [Edit]: The other point is: it is particular unfair with divisions and consumable sharing
  2. Radar

    It's a little tricky at the moment, had 5 radar enemy team followed by 6 radar enemy team - with bonus KM dds / Lo Yangs on the red team to boot I mean, baiting radar only gets you so far when the red team can chain them back-to-back and cover the radar gaps in the circle with hyrdo - and spotting and evasion tanking has a limited effectiveness . . .
  3. Cruisers get deleted by battleships too easily

  4. The Reason why people dont play CV

    The reason I don't play CVs is I find the 1990s RTS controls annoying on their own. Add to that the fact that the CV GUI itself has both poor responsiveness and affordance, on top of the superannuated design and you have an excercise in frustration. In addition the constrained views when playing a carrier are really annoying - if I am in RTS mode give me total free view for crying out loud.
  5. doubloon theft - autospending

    Yeah - the WoT thing was scummy: got burned that way a couple times. Really irritating switching it back on 70 odd tanks as well. As for ships, it's a very sharp practice - but f2p games are very much buyer beware. WG to be frank are pretty well behaved compared to say, EA, with their appalling cash grabs and wretched 'gamble for loot boxes' type rubbish.
  6. can we get rid of the tier 4+1?

    Double post
  7. can we get rid of the tier 4+1?

    It's funny because it's true
  8. Where are all the cruisers at?

    Absolutely an issue when playing a cruiser - you are keeping track of all 4 spotted BBs and then the Yamato that went silent a minute ago pops up and DStrikes you from the broadside you didn't know you were offering. It's hugely annoying, but I am not sure it is much different to accidentally giving broadside to a DM or Zao that goes silent and smacks you with AP from an unexpected angle - it might take a second volley, but you are likely sunk inside the 30 second bb reload, just not in 1 hit.
  9. RADAR

    Idk, Radar is fine to a point - trying to play a Shimakaze in a game with 2 Missouri, 2 DM and a Chappy and a Midway on the red team is an exercise in frustration. It isn't frequent, but dear lord is it irritating. It's like most things in WoWs in that is it is fine in moderation, but saturation breaks things. See: Double CV games (soooo many planes) 6/7 BB per side games 6 DD per side games That sort of thing all tends to be rather tedious - weirdly (and exceptionally rare) are the games where you have 6+ cruisers per side which tend to quite fun and fast paced imo.
  10. DDs 20sec

    Nope. I mostly play DDs and Cruisers, but it can be really tough already to gank a careless DD that fires incautiously inside the 20 seconds - you probably aren't doing it on your own if the DD is making any kind of evasive maneuver unless you are firing shells blessed by RNGeesus and guided by the Steel Hand of Stalin. It is necessary to be able to fire at a DD has been shooting in order to drive them off a cap or force them away to create distance - 20 seconds is an important number as it means most heavy cruisers can get off 2 or maybe 3 salvos (with the guns facing the right way and reloaded).
  11. Does the Atago needs it's Hitbox finally reviewed ?

    Honestly Atago feels pretty good still (as in: I enjoy playing mine, I don't do that well in it), just suffering a bit from not having a cheesemeister gimmick - the heal is boring but solid. Like every cruiser though, getting loldeleted is a problem and the appalling AA can and will get you killed by CVs.
  12. Daily mission madness

    Ah right, that explains all the potato CVs floating about today - like our Lexington that spent all game trying and failing to strike an Atlanta guarding a North Carolina . . .
  13. The overbuffing of BBs

    Wow - much anger and personal attacks. Unnecessary. Try positing counter-arguments in a civilised manner rather than resorting to insults and ad hominem.
  14. The overbuffing of BBs

    Meh, I'll bite. It isn't much to do with direct buffs to battleships, it's more that as a class battleships tend to be the biggest beneficiaries to 'balance' changes to the rest of the game. I.e. Stealth fire - Battleships benefit IJN Torpedo Gutting - Battleships benefit Radar and Hydro Introduction - Battleships benefit from DDs having to hang further back Smoke Nerf - While battleships can't hide effectively in smoke any more, super-fragile CLs are more easily spotted and deleted Battleship AA buffs (see above) - Cockblocks CVs, who are probably the most effective BB counter Etc. etc. &etc.