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    I can understan that cv.s are in pvp. But why put hight tiers cv.s in pve. Bots withs full commander points and hits all the time .Take cv.s over teir 5 out of pve and let high tiers carrier that is over powererd play in pvp
  2. Metalscrap

    Cv.s need to be nerfed.

    Cv,s in high tiers is to overpowered. You cant defend yourself against them when they attack with a lot of planes at the same time. How fun is it to play when you get torpedos everywere after 2 minutes.? not so much . and the match making is f up . playing cruiser at tier 6 and meating bb..s at tier 8 and be the only t 6 inte game . then your only cannon fodder for other players