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    Weekly Combat Missions – Happy New Year!

    As allmost allways : The 'news' about an event arrives a long time after ther event has startet. In my case, you could allmost say 'after the event has ended'. And I ask : why at all write those very much late 'news'?? Maby you could send the news BEFORE the event in question starts?? Belive me, it IS possible - you sleepy rusians.
  2. I'm not happy, getting thrown the same old 'news' in my head again and again, announced as 'NEW NEWS' - - Shame on you WG!
  3. BlackPanzerKnight

    Captain's Logbook

    I think : 'USELESS'
  4. BlackPanzerKnight

    Technical improvements (visuals, Login speed, Rendering)

    You can't realy talk about login speed. No such thing now
  5. BlackPanzerKnight

    0.8.11 - General feedback

    Hey, got a idea : WG, please do a fast DOWNDATE.
  6. BlackPanzerKnight

    0.8.11 - General feedback

    They suggest we hurry to finish the direktives - HOW, if I may ask, can that be done when we can't play?? 'Busy server' / autoritacion / and who knows what. And if you are so lucky to logon, and furthermore, to start a battle - be sure that you are thrown out right after the battle finished. 'Nice' work, wargaming, it's goin to be a christmas with less playing than er use to. I wonder, is this realy worth paying for??
  7. BlackPanzerKnight

    [RESULTS] Pearl Harbor - Fight for Arizona

    Typical for the 'news' part of warships : We get flooded by the same identical 'news' about getting new players, and when a contest are run, 'News' appear some 6 HOURS AFTER START. Shame on you, who's responcible for this!
  8. BlackPanzerKnight

    The Captain's Logbook

    OHHH - those russians
  9. BlackPanzerKnight

    The Captain's Logbook

    No 'Captain's Logbook' in my game. Not where the 'news' tell it to be, that's for sure. FAKE NEWS!
  10. BlackPanzerKnight

    Combat Missions of Update 0.8.10

    Well, I see now, that it's actual only after the 5'th tier 10 ship are researched. I have made a broad buildup ( all branches simultanesly ) - so I'm short of 5 tier 10 ships. Still. it seems to me like beeing set back a lot when resetting a brabch
  11. BlackPanzerKnight

    Combat Missions of Update 0.8.10

    Seems quite complicated to me , this research-bureau - thing. ( After a number of months not playing warships, it's all new to me ) Have anyone reset a entire branch? ( 'Loosing' all ships of that branch - If I understand it correctly? ) Any experiences, good or bad ??
  12. BlackPanzerKnight

    Combat Missions of Update 0.8.10

    Take advance of the 'resetting of research center' ???? Resetting what? How? How to double? I would like to get some facts, not empty 'news'!
  13. It seems like 'Manuel fire control for AA-armament' dont function no more???? ( A captajns skill ) Anyone know anything about that????
  14. Live leaderboard would be very nice, if not nessary.