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  1. Xerromace

    Space the Final Frontier

    HAHA.... Jingles this clip you made here is epic
  2. Xerromace

    What are your biggest issues with the game at the moment?

    I the state the game is now I'm trying my best to try out every ship, take a while thought now to advance in every tree One thing that I personally think seems ludicrous atm is the Nagato, loved the Kongo and the Fuso, but as soon as you go to the Nagato, it's like getting nerfed to the stone age, and noting with range, will change that some stats for this ship is so wrong. I do also think it's to early atm to talk about range, especially on BB as you see some (not all ofc) beta players, that do not have a clue about ship tactics and play Warships like it's Tanks and use a BB like it's an arty (have even seen destroyers hiding behind rocks/island making peek-a-boo shots), so you need more players and collection more data before you can see the impact of it and adjust to accordingly. I do also would like to address some concern, that I have seen over that last few week and that is the "tone/attitude" some new players have been bring to the game, before the CBT I had never seen comments like; Noobs, idiots, go play tetris and wish you all died of cancer <-- seen that comment 2x :-( ... WTF is wrong with people joining a beta where they should help to improve the game, and not just to get access before everyone else, these people should be ashamed of the self and get kicked.
  3. Xerromace

    Jackspeak - A Guide to British Naval Slang

    Brilliant post
  4. Xerromace

    How people view us

    ROFL love it :teethhappy: