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  1. Weekend warriors part XXCIV

    Back in December 2017 my attitude was exactly the same, so it is kinda funny seeing you in hindsight... And yes, you probably DO suck at Battleships - deal with it. I must know, I suck at them too. Your Gneisenau: 92 Battles, 55 kills and 32.084 average DmG, K/D 0,60 My Gneisenau: 186 Battles, 136 kills and 36.656 average DmG, K/D 0,73 WoWs Stats & Numbers: 46.282 average DmG, K/D 1.37 Your Bismarck: 154 Battles, 94 kills and 42.504 average DmG, K/D 0,61 My Bismarck: 219 Battles, 138 kills and 41.092 average DmG, K/D 0,63 WoWs Stats & Numbers: 54.165 average DmG, K/D 1,22 And this goes on and on and on for every Battleship we both own. Even if I compare your best Battleship, which is Conquerer I presume: You've got ~10k more average DmG, true but your K/D still is sh*t with your 0,64 to 1.86 https://wows-numbers.com/ship/4179572688,Conqueror/ Yeah... What more can I say...? ~~~ Yes, my stats are hidden but everyone can ask and I'll screenshot it. Got tiered of all the buffoons sniffing around my stuff and then w*nking on the fact that the only thing they managed in life is being better at a game where they live in while I play maybe 5 or 6 games a day on average...
  2. Weekend warriors part XXCIV

    Sorry that of all persons in the forums I am the one who's breaking the bad news to you (I usually leave that for the ones who "need" it) buuuuuuut....: You suck at Battleships, like me. Yes, you do reasonably well in british Battleships... But even I can do "well" in a "Press -Key 2- for EZ Mode Ship". And while you're right that the "skill" of players "seems" to have dropped in free fall since release on Steam... ...you're in no right to insult people when you can't back it up in the slightest way.
  3. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Getting flames in operations because my stats are hidden by some beta that himself has a 38% winrate over the past 7 days... Crusier Main... "Good" to see that WoWs reached the "critical mass"...
  4. What does more damage to the human body? 1. If I shoot you with a bullet or 2. If I pour gasoline over you and light you on fire *tick tock tick tock* Because building and maintain extremely expensive things that shoot expensive things who can't hit for sh*t is a viable stategy in warfare... Thats why the 3rd Reich never used anything other than dual turrets on their Battleship Designs because they knew they won't hit anything! ~~~ The ignorance and naivety of people really is getting out of hand...
  5. Speculation: Operation gives clues about CV rework?

    It's more about the "accessibility" of the class but you already "correted" yourself in the 2nd part of your answer. But hey, I don't care much about Carrier and even less about stat padding gopniks. So keep Carrier the way they are, I don't care I just gave Input why people don't play them. Nice to see that you're still hostile, so back on the igno you go. =)
  6. Speculation: Operation gives clues about CV rework?

    Nice tin foil but I don't think that will happen. Do CVs need a rework? Probably but I only really played Tier IV and V after they removed the manual attacks till the point WG removed the 2/0/1 from Bogue... And well, manual attacks are the "problem". Most people (like me) and especially newbros neither have the patience nor appetite to learn the mandatory "Starcraft Pro-Gamer Micro Management SkillsZ" needed to not get EDIT by experienced Carrier. The List of possible premium Carrier is long but why would WG make any more when only 1% or 2% of the playerbase are willing to buy them? As long as manual attacks are part of the CV meta it will only be a niche and with a niche one can't "make" money.
  7. Where is summer sale WG?

    How about a in black reskinned premium ship that costs 20 bucks more than the regular one?
  8. U.S New cruisers need Nerf immediately

    So...what changed? Everythings the same, only with 5 new U.S. Cruisers...
  9. Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    Also finally finished...
  10. New Season of Clan Battles!

    Our clan plays currently in the upper end of Squall Group II. We played 26 games so far. 14 against other Squall Clans. 9 against Clans from the Gale League. 3 against Clans from the Storm League. As this is my first season of clan battles, I have to ask: The MM is as "polished" as in Random Battles?!?!
  11. More content for tier 2-4

    800+ games on ships that where released ~11 months ago? Thats impressive.
  12. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    This game had it all: Drama, Curses on both sides, me in a Stock Dallas with 5 points captain and stupid enough to forget the camo, a unicorn Königsberg who was 15 minutes of the match AfK and still managed to steal 2 kills and 973 Base-XP... #LastGameOfTheDay
  13. Remember X marks the spot?

    I never said "remove it", all I did was pointing out that removing one Aim-Assist while keeping another one is a "bit strange" - but you would have known that if you would have take into consideration both of my last sentences. But thinking a little more about it, it all boils down to the non existing "line of sight". Aim-Assists, both for Main Guns and Torpedos, woild be fine if it wouldn't work through hard cover or at least would be distorted.
  14. Born in the USA Baltimore camo

    Exactly! Freedom. Some like it some don't. Some think this is Art: Some don't.
  15. Remember X marks the spot?

    Probably too much complains from former unicorns that they're no longer "speshul" so now everyone gets it. Camping in smokes/behind islands will be harder, I imagine. In that way one could even see it as a Cruiser nerf. But to be honest, the way from this to a full fledged Aim-Assist is not very long. The Aim-Assist for torpedos was never removed and people use it to easier judge speed of other ships anyway.