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  1. So... any info on that "T-61" German DD?

    As long as she isn't Tier VI I'am fine, tbo. If she ever is relesed.
  2. So... any info on that "T-61" German DD?

    So it is okay to put a 1940 design together with early 1930s designs...? We all know how that worked with Cleveland... But this time it is different, because you have to pay to win, right?
  3. So... any info on that "T-61" German DD?

    If they simply put T-61 to Tier VIII no rebalancing would be needed.
  4. Ranked Season Ship Selection

    Z-23 and Z-52... Meh...
  5. The Battleship Plague 2 - Broken by Design

    Triggering Snowflakes
  6. The Battleship Plague 2 - Broken by Design

    You do realise that my "stupid meme" wasn't pointed towards the OP per se?
  7. a CSGO-esque ranking system

    Nah, if you take a look at the stats here Cruisers are marked brown.
  8. a CSGO-esque ranking system

    edited Aaaaaaand... Not to mention that "good" and "bad" players is a matter of opinion: If you did more damage than your ship has HP and what your class was designed for, you "pulled your weight" - everything else is a bonus. Or at least you would, would anyone bother and play the objectives... edited This post has been edited due to being offtopic and inappropriate
  9. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    After 2 WEEKS of holiday games, because of germany, a much needed sealclubbing for my blood pressure in the bloodsucker: Ups...
  10. My personal premium ship wish list

    I only have 4 ships I would spend money on without secound thoughts: Type 1945 Destroyer, german Tier X DD with 4x2 128mm (22km range!) and 2x4 533mm torps. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_1945_destroyer P-class Cruiser, german Tier X Heavy Cruiser with 3x2 283mm and 2x3 533mm torps. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P-class_cruiser O-class Battlecruiser, german Tier X Heavy Cruiser (#Stalingrad / #Kronstadt) with 3x2 380mm and 2x3 533mm torps. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/O-class_battlecruiser H-44, german Tier X Battleship with 4x2 508mm and 2x3 533mm torps. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H-class_battleship_proposals Just love thouse mad ideas!
  11. the "carry harder!" thread

    Oh boy, do I have a tread for you today... 3rd game (and to noones suprise 3rd lose) in my new and stock Kagero... After my Yamoato Buddy in A died I defended the cap alone against a Baltimore, Bismarck, Republic and a Tirpitz. After I killed the Baltimore Snowflake #1 a.k.a. Minataur got hit by one single torpedo (that I fired in A!) of mine while camping in his fear farts behind B. Complained and called me an Idiot while someone rushed him and blew his sorry a** out of the water. A few minutes later I took said Tirpitz with me down to Davy Jones locker and then only two of our team where left. Enter Snowflake #2 a.k.a. Taschkent. He started complaining that he can't carry potatos while sitting on the H line (we spawned in the north!) - I then told him that he did mostly nothing to win the game: So it began! I won't repeat what he said, such childish stuff...I won't embares him more! Lets just say he also complained why my stats are hidden, so you can get a fairly good grasp of what kind of "human" he is. Always funny... At least I'am rid again of all this useless "Karma"! Oh and here is the rest of the game: So yeah, this post ain't for me it is for @bl3di Next time, carry harder in your 43% Taschkent!