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  1. AnEvilJoke

    PEF........ I want my money back

    I hate to quote...who am I kidding? I love it...!
  2. AnEvilJoke

    Super Unicorns - What are they

    Nope, Corn for me. You can have the *** if you want...
  3. AnEvilJoke

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I just love this boat...
  4. AnEvilJoke

    Operation Aegis

    A year or so after console release there will be only the purpelest of virgins left in this game (PC version), so Wargaming will shut it down anyway. So... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. AnEvilJoke

    Operation Aegis

    Played a few games aswell... Like in Newport, the switching of the Carrier to Battleships did more harm that good. But hey, edit* new player...right?
  6. AnEvilJoke

    "Belle Époque" Collection

    Context matters dude... But nice selfown after all. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Context_(language_use) ...but you're excused, you probably didn't see this up there in your ivory tower full of purple Yes-Man.
  7. AnEvilJoke

    "Belle Époque" Collection

    Could you find an even more predictable "defense", Commander_Obvious?
  8. AnEvilJoke

    "Belle Époque" Collection

    So everyone who dosn't support your "highway robbery" methods can "get f*cked"? Yes? A bit out of context but to prove my point that I have no problem to pay for stuff...stuff that is worth it! Not like your fanbois...
  9. AnEvilJoke

    PEF........ I want my money back

    Like with the T-61feedback you got from your own Testers/CCs? Oh wait... 10 M o n t h s ... wasn't enough time... Lucky for you the topic you said this "vanished" so I can't pull up a direct quote...
  10. AnEvilJoke

    PEF........ I want my money back

    BtW: Which version did you buy? Oh wait... You got if for free so of course you (have to) "like" it...
  11. AnEvilJoke

    PEF........ I want my money back

    You know my price man, just showle some of the collection boxes my way and I even might turn of adblock.
  12. AnEvilJoke

    PEF........ I want my money back

    Btw: This is MrBotways unbiased and totally informed "opinion" on the PEF...
  13. AnEvilJoke

    "Belle Époque" Collection

    In general I s*ck at math, but that didn't escape me...still you do know that you need after that even more time to start the grinding in the acctual campaign? In other words: "Give us even more money, peasant!" An average of 150.000 credits per battle is very generous from my end... That would be around 160 battles... If we take an average of 12 minutes per battle... That are 32 hours of pure time in battles... I know as employee you're not allowed to have an own opinion on that matter but please... Well...you know this thread is about the collection? You loaded the wrong scrips MrBotway, with your ham-fisted attempt to "sell" this mediocre pile of pixels that I'm not even interested in...
  14. Don't worry, never had any so no harm done. I mean, I know how corporate suits slowly but surely killing the gaming industry with their greed and now imagine you're a WoWs Dev hand having russian corporate suits behind you, with an AK instead of a stopwatch...