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  1. AnEvilJoke

    African-american pre-saturday

    Are you one of these idiots in Brussels calling for a EU army/empire and a cold war with the USA?
  2. AnEvilJoke

    African-american pre-saturday

    Mission succesful: The first wallet warrior is offended, he even made a new account/used an alt...
  3. AnEvilJoke

    S H I T E

  4. AnEvilJoke

    African-american pre-saturday

    Only because they're black, right?
  5. AnEvilJoke

    The Ring Round 3 - New Code Active

    Eh... In the last 1-2 years I came to apriciate Let's Play Channels who shut the f*ck up...
  6. AnEvilJoke

    African-american pre-saturday

    Tbh... The playerbase of Wargaming is more in need of Guanggun Jie https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Singles'_Day than Black Friday sales... Welcome to the beautiful land of Political Correctnes lad Really?
  7. AnEvilJoke

    The Ring Round 3 - New Code Active

    Meaning: A contest that is votebased and where "TheMightyJingles" a.k.a. @AdmiralHipst3r is part of, is no contest at all (he wins by default) because of his fanbase and recognition in general. Not to mention that he's in my eyes neither a real CC nor content creator: Everyone with 1/8 a brain can re-upload gameplay of others and talk over it (#ReactionChannelsAreCancer), mostly the same 1-2 lame jokes that are way older than me. And the real CCs, who actually do their job ain't got sh*t! Got it or do I have to draw you a picture?
  8. AnEvilJoke

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Let's see... Getting flamed by a Des Moines because he cut my course and expected me to dodge HIM in my Currywurst... Check! In every Co-Op game doing the heavy lifting in terms of Damage so that some random Motherf*cker can get a "Four Goal Haul" on my expence... Check! F*ck this games today!
  9. AnEvilJoke

    Is "Concealment" the new "Situational Awareness"?

    That's why I said it is stupid.
  10. AnEvilJoke

    Is "Concealment" the new "Situational Awareness"?

    Right but it also depends on "will there be a captain skill rework with the "kaputt reparieren" of the CVs" (probably yes) and will there be yet another rework if Wargaming is ever so stupid and releases Submarines (also a "probably yes")
  11. AnEvilJoke

    Is "Concealment" the new "Situational Awareness"?

    In your place, I wouldn't be so loud about that. Just because something is deemed "mandatory" dosn't mean that it will be sooner or later "free" for everyone, Wargaming can just simply remove it with the same effect especially when talking about concealment. Either way it would be a buff for the few ships where it isn't as mandatory - *squint at my Kurfürst*
  12. AnEvilJoke

    Where do EU players get ARP ships these days?!

    Seeing as we now have such fine things like the arsenal... @MrConway why don't you bring them back?
  13. AnEvilJoke

    Lest We Forget.

    Depending on the country, historians see the period from 1914 to 1945 as one "big thing" and therefore don't really "care" about 1918 much. As Tyrendian already said, even here in germany not much fuss. Some celebrating propaganda in the MSM about the overthrow the last legit government but that's it.
  14. AnEvilJoke

    World of Destroyers

  15. AnEvilJoke

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    Why? @MrConway Out of curiosity I checked the profile... Account Rank 14, 110 games, account since end september. From the naming scheme he also has 2 other accounts that look similar from 2016 and 2017.