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  1. Valkyness

    USN vs IJN Fighters (Low Tier)

    My experience in the Langley pretty much coincides with with your saying. Whenever I get matched up against a Hosho im always very confident that I will gain air superiority before a games halfway point. I've even had a lot of games where its me vs two hosho's and by playing more defensively and baiting fighters I have come out ontop quite easily. That said I think you really must push the IJN CV's playstyle to the limit when dueling another CV. The times I have almost been destroyed and put out of action for most the game is when they rush me with all of their squadrons and constantly push me with their TB's. I have to spend most my time keeping my fighters close and position myself closer to the frontline where I can get some AAA help from other ships. The only problem with IJN CV's playing like that to beat me in the langley is they do eventually lose all their squadrons that game unless they get some luckily and skillful torp strikes. All it really does is neutralize CV support on both sides for that game. This is coming from someone who has only experienced T4 CV play so keep that in mind, but I think the style identities of both navies should stay as they are. IJN can very effectively TB any ship if they are proficient and their fighters are enough to allow their bombers to escape, they are much more like interceptors then fighters. USN on the other hand can very effectively gain air superiority but is not efficient at bombing, especially when its against IJN CV's as they have superior AA at an earlier point, coupled with their fighters its enough to safeguard the CV against the USN CV's.
  2. Valkyness

    Fighters on DD

    I dont think its a bad thought but, as its already been said, for the sake of balance it would be a bad idea.
  3. Valkyness

    unlimited planes

    I never have a problem with CV, in situations where I have shot everything down I at least get the occasional scout plane or interceptor from a BB or CA. At the very least you can use it to scout and to reveal DD's as they pop in and out of friendly view. If you are losing your ground attack craft constantly though then you should change your strategy to using them, always keep them back behind the front line in a good position where they can react to any gaps in air coverage or exploit enemy rushes. Always have your fighters escorting them unless they need to intercept something or provide CAP for a ship thats getting singled out.
  4. Valkyness

    langley vs bogue?

    I find its quite hit and miss myself, though usually when I see a bogue vs my langley I dread the game, sometimes he absolutely dominates me with airsup and I have to hug BB's and CA's with my aircraft just for them to at least neutralize each other. A fair number of times though I will say "mehh" and 1v1 the fighters, event when he is seemingly fully upgraded and I completely wipe the floor with his fighters. Obviously it seems the captains abilities are incredibly helpful for leveling the playing field as CV's.