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    Disconnects before battle

    While I appreciate the advice, it seems to lack merit. Not only is this clearly a connection issue, which should not be affected by RAM, and the game runs fine, albeit on low settings, once I do manage to obtain a connection, your data is also way off. The game never goes beyond 900MB memory usage and is actually at 500-600MB while connecting. It's not like it crashes or anything. It just returns to the login screen without comment. Some 8-10 attempts later, I can actually play with no issues.
  2. d0wner

    Disconnects before battle

    I forgot to mention my system specs: 3Ghz Pentium Dual-Core 3 GB RAM Windows 10 Home AMD Radeon HD5570 Not exactly a gamer's dream machine, but it should do (and does, for the most part)
  3. d0wner

    Disconnects before battle

    Hi guys. Just started playing WoWs a few days ago, and ever since I've had a persistent and annoying issue. I suspect it is known, but there are so many disconnect problems apparently, that I haven't been able to locate this particular bug. It goes like this: - I log in. Sometimes I have to try two or three times, due to an "Unknown Error" - I start a battle. Usually the first battle works fine, no errors, no lag, all fine - I get back to port, start another battle and that's where the trouble starts. I wait in the queue, and once I get transferred to battle, I get a disconnect - I can usually log in, although it takes about a dozen attempts to connect, with variously an "Unknown Error", "Server temporarily unavailable" or nothing as explanation. I get back into battle at least. - Sometimes, this fails too, and the game just hangs in the login screen, with the loading symbol rotating endlessly. I'm on the EU server, latest client version, cable broadband connection with no other issues.