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  1. Zuzia_10

    sorted i am a noob thank you

    thank you v much I am a noob
  2. Zuzia_10

    sorted i am a noob thank you

    just finnish a game in Essex not one shell landed on me or near me nor one plane eaven detected me so can you please tell me why I was charged for consumables I did not used and why out of the blue I got deff aa mounted when I don't carry it on gearing?
  3. Zuzia_10

    A Public Apology, and shout out to you special unicorns

    after your opening post I will write to ardman studio to remove where gromit wanted to drop the bomb from the mill window to something else. just for that post greetings from devon
  4. Zuzia_10

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback - Bug Reports

    just forget I am seeing things after today game marathon
  5. Zuzia_10

    strange object off map

    that's the portal from Halloween pve map
  6. Zuzia_10


    sorry to be honest but if you quite that game months ago wtf you are still doing on its forum? quit game don't visit forum just [edited]off basicly. I have enough of those twats ranting on forums and not eaven playing the game any more
  7. Zuzia_10

    Are you going to buy the Graf Zeppeling?

    thank you wg for solving my dilemma. I have been waiting for this ship for a long time and dreaming of it since CBT. about a month ago I hit financial rocks (welcome to self employed paradise)and was thinking where I can get the money to buy this ship but ever spoiling us wg solved my problemin one go. Now I would rather by myself a plastic love doll which I don't have a need for faster than this. thank you wg
  8. to be honest I am missing times when at sea and cash was useless
  9. my family tried forced phone on me but it accidently sunk to the bottom of the bay:) I am sort of dinosaur don't eaven have facepalm acc
  10. Zuzia_10

    [HEART] Hearts Of Oak

    do you still have a place for ex seadog? not sure I am suited for a clan as normally like playing solo but never say never
  11. good job my phone still has buttons:) otherwise I be trying too:) good luck to others
  12. Zuzia_10


    yesterday one shell from yamato hit my zao dmg taken 38k hp plus some rest. I have asked him how many cits he had on me and he confirmed one shell one cit. so maybe you need to play zao more:)
  13. Zuzia_10

    Yamamoto Campaign Supercontainers

    two upgrades useless to me
  14. Zuzia_10

    In game quick message - New & Old

  15. Zuzia_10

    In game quick message - New & Old

    thank you for your work I always promised myself I will do the same but now you just done it . going to put them the old way now. btw wtf wilco mean I want to hug the inventor of new commands and press the detonator for that or "I need intelligence data"? for some time i think most of the players will be more happy with replacing that command with new one " I NEED INTELIGENCE" but that just my personal thought