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    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    I can see a use for the aim assistance mod, but it should be restricted to a single player bot tutorial prior to being able to take a tier 1 for a fight for the first time similar to WoT. It could even be re-playable in the game menu and incorporate all the basics required to get better at this game. so people can get an immediate visual feeling of how to lead shots etc. Then in their tier 1/2/3 games against bots they can try to hone their "skills" without the aim assistance mod. We all want this game to be popular & fun. If people feel they have to resort to an aim assistant mod, then I don't think it will encourage good game play. WG should try to support those people into developing their skills.
  2. Ramage2012

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    I do see your point & i agree that the other skill sets are important to learn and master. However, are we to assume that everyone cannot aim or cannot learn and master aiming? It would only be beneficial for noobs really (like me.) I've played the game for 2 days now and my aim is improving for sure. When you fire your first shot at the enemy and you hit first time (RNG permitting) that is a good skill to acquire currently. With the aiming mod you're aiming skill is negated, as you have a place marker to fire at. If the enemy is maneuvering and the place marker is irrelevant why have it at all? Surely this will lead to modders creating aiming mods which take into account enemy movements too, which i think would really dumb down the game play. In my opinion an aiming mod would take the challenge and skill out of aiming, which to me is a key portion of this games skill set. Yet, i have much to learn and i'm having so much fun doing so! If we were discussing a mod that threw up a massive visual warning to turn your ship before the land indicator alarm goes off would that negate your situational awareness and dumb down gameplay? I think so. Mind you, if someone is consistently heading into land or missing shots is this the game for them?
  3. Ramage2012

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    I just bought into the CBT 2 days ago. All i can say is WARPACK! No, but this is the direction modders will take if WG doesn't take a strong stance on this. Cheaters will be cheaters but WG should do what they can reasonably to prevent them from gaining unfair advantages to the others (the rest of us.) As a fresh noob to WoWS the idea of an aiming mod already being present is an annoyance, but i think i'll live... for now. Something has to be done long term though i believe, some kind of anti-cheat/banned mod software? but hey - i'm no Dev and it's more than likely ALOT of work to make and even more of a pain in the [edited]to keep up to date. More than likely they will take the same approach as WoT and rely on reports/complaints in game. Another approach could be to make it available for everyone as part of the game client. Personally this doesn't appeal to me. It seems that aiming is one of the skill sets required to be good or better at this game and taking that away will take away a bit of the fun/competitiveness from the game play for me.