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    0.5.7 is postponed until 23/06/2016

    I'm glad that they will take some time to rethink that rubbish with the cyclone. I played on the test server and it felt like a massive nerf to CVs . Cyclones ware way to long and you end up with one of the most stupid things in this game - Plane vision. Normally CVs rely on friendly spoting to see targets , because plane spot is very short , but in a cyclone you have only plane vision. In a t10 battle I had the most absurd situation. I'm attacking an Yamato but I cant see him , however his AA guns see my planes (US torp bomber squad). I lost 2 planes trying to spot and 3 more on the approach - guess the result..... WG have you heard of the sinking of Mussashi? During the initial stages of the Battle of Leyte Gulf , the US bombers that attack the central force drooped on the biggest targets they could see - Yamato and Mussashi. Yamato eat 1 bomb at the front and Mussashi got sunk. I know that planes have limited vision for balance porpoises but been shoot whiteout seeing the AA is ridiculous.
  2. mowtow

    0.5.3 Bugs And Performance Feedback

    After the last patch , the game started having memory problems (not always). You start a game and you constantly hear the annoying windows sound about using to much RAM. I'm not the only one with that problem , a lot of my friends started having it. Also I saw videos on youtube , with people having the same memory warning sound in-game. I guess something went wrong with the patch.
  3. mowtow


    wow , haw did you managed that fast? I'm stuck at the 150 planes ,because there are none. After the heavy nerfing carriers are unplayable and the only ones are at t4 and t5 , but that low... I should probably take AA modded Omaha and hope for the best. I didn't take the New Year pack because of the plane kills. Only managed to kill 17 catapult fighters....
  4. mowtow

    Karlsruhe: is it just shockingley bad?

    Magni56 you got lucky that you unlock it now , because before the buff it was shockingly bad. It's the first sh**t that I had to skip with free XP. This is the second ship (after Arkansas beta) that forced me to consider the easiest way of committing suicide. Armor - doesn't exist , almost every HE shoot at the magazines blows them up and even DD HE easily pins the citadel ... Guns - absolutely horrible. You ware barely able to kill DDs , if you go agents any other Cruiser - you are dead men (lets not even start with BBs) ​Speed - horrible Torps - the only good thing about this thing...