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  1. mowtow

    Rigged Santa Container.

    A statement from WG during the streem about this (because every single person in that streem is screaming about Makarov). " WorldofWarships : spricinho Which is fine and we will address it next week. There is absolutely nothing we can do right now and all it does is ruin the chat for those who care about the actual stream. "
  2. mowtow

    Rigged Santa Container.

    It is rigged - just like every year. This is just the first time when people spoke loudly about it. The Chrismas crates are only worth it if you have the ships from the current year short list otherwise you have to spend 1-2 salaries in order to get something good. The way this works is even if you have the ships from the list and you roll a supper container - the chanse of you getting a low tier garbage is several times bigger. A good example is a guy that I met in a random game. He was playing his first game in Missouri , the guy had to purchase over 200 Mega containers in order to get it (make the currency coversion for your country to get the price). Also the guy got the entire list (as written for both Mega and Big + several t5 and 6 until he got her in his last 8 pull). Only the first year when they first tried the Chrismas stuff it was clean - that was the year when everbody got their bags full with t8s or thousends of dobloons for duplicates. Oh the good old times...
  3. mowtow

    0.9.9 - Content Additions and Changes

    WG , I hope you are finaly proud of yourselvs. You have finaly proved that you only care about your russ fantasy ships. King of the sea turnament and the current Ranked and Clan battles have proven it. Which ships are played on mass ATM? 1. PetroCITADELvosk (one of the most broken ships in the game) 2. Alexandar Smolenskink (sitting at max range with range module and faster then most ships that are trying to get it). 3. OPlingrad (I dont think I can say anything more about this ship , that has not been sead around 1000 times). 4. Kremlin Most of what we saw in KS turnament and clan are full teams with Petros and 1 CV to spot for them. This just speak volumes about the game balance. Pretty much 80 to 90% of the ships in any competative team are USSR (only the CV and for the teams that take 1 DD are not USSR). Everything else is russ bias. So yeah , keep claiming that there is no russ bias in this game , we are blind and we cant see your truth.
  4. mowtow

    Clan Battles: "Northern Waters" Season

    Mersenaries in clan battles - you are pretty much bringing back Team battles (from 4 years ago). I'm not against it that because a lot of clans cant get their players to join CB and there is always someone that wants to play it.
  5. mowtow

    Players still able to exploit borders

    If only I had the problem - i would of aggreed that I just cant aim at someone at the border, but when its with everybody player I spoke about it - its a game mechanic.
  6. Stop with this statement.You have been doing undocumented chenges since the game is out of beta. After every single patch we have to play detectives to find out what escatly you have changed becuse we can feel it in the ships but you never bother documenting it. I know that you are trying to apease the constant crying about CV been overpowered but Nerfing them in a way that you are actually trying to harm the players - thats is a hole new level. I played 2 games in a roll with CV and I had to quit the game and go to bead because I felt dezzy and sea sick. The rapid change of the screens from the boost hits you directly in the eyes. I also felt even worst playing a German CV ,during dive drop the screens whiggle just after they pull up after drop(much more then usuall) and that makes you dizzy. Also THX for changing the default angle of the camera - now I cant even see the aiming radical on german DB without pitching up , which makes you unable to see incomming flack.
  7. mowtow

    Players still able to exploit borders

    Wrong guys , he is not a sitting duck. At the border the game has issues calculating the correct possition so most of the shells fall wrongly (cant hit).
  8. Guys , I dont what you are mingling again with the autopilot but its more buggier then ever. I'm giving him a simple task - srt8 line and what does this thing do ? Fist goes in reverse and then forward. If you give him a shorter route even in an open watter it will almost allways default to reverse (a task you can complete with 1/4 turn). I cant even count the times I've ordered him to move in sertein direction so I can do my duties (as CV) and when I came back to it - the ship has not even moved because the autopilot has no idea what to do , so I'm forced to do it manually while 1/2 of the team is screamming for support/scout.... I know most players dont care about Autopilot but we carriers are forced to use it or not play at all...
  9. mowtow

    Armory doesn't load.

    Same thing. I spoke with a lot of people they cant open it ider. I have the tokens to buy some of the bundles but I cant do it , because I cant open the bloody Armory.... With every patch the Armory is getting slower and slower and this is just the cherry on top...
  10. mowtow

    0.9.1 - Ranked season

    WG please move the next Ranked season to a better tier - like 8-7. T10 is the most toxic tier in the game, the place where the most broken ships go to play with each other. Its just Smolensk , Thunderer , Conquerer ,Kremlin, Worchester , Stalingrad and Kleber - HE spam galore , add CVs and you get a Ranked season from which you can get 10 years older due to the nervs you spend playing it. This game was suppoused to be played for fun , but there is no fun left in T10 anymore. T8 is mostly balanced - yes you have broken ships like Lenin , Vladi and Big E but at least they are minority.
  11. mowtow

    Albemarle yuk!

    Drake and Goliath have 1 redeeming quality - the shells. Those 2 ships have the biggest HE pen in the game (only the BBs have more). With IFHE those guys are the only ones that can pen Kremlin from everywrare (58 mm pen base and 76 with IFHE). + Their fire chanse is ridiculous , I think only Smolensk can rival them on amount of fires per game. The problem is in order to get to those 2 ships , you have go thrue one of the worst lines in the game. Albermarle is defenatly the worst T8 ship in the game - just skip it , its not worth to loose your nerves on it.
  12. mowtow

    Albemarle yuk!

    The entire line is like that. The 9 and 10 have arrmor but only on the sides , so you have to be constantly angled or you get instant delete. The problem with the line is that they have OK guns on terrible ships. They are to big (massive supperstructure) , below average manuvarability and low front and back armor with citadel behind it. In Alberarle , I'm getting deleted from the most rediculass angles you can emagine... If there wasnt that mission for tokens , I would of sold it already and skip to the next.
  13. mowtow

    0.9.1 - Ranked season

    Welcome to the Ranked season for carriers. If you can avoid flak , on the 2ned HP buff - you get imortal planes (immune to continues DPS) :D
  14. mowtow

    Ranked Sprint (1 vs.1)

    It is not about competentcy - its about efficiened damage trade. In CV vs CV play - the guy who can deal more damage that he gets-wins. GF doesnt have the alpha damage to kill a CV fast enaugh and the reserves to send waves - it only has speed on its side. While Big E has reservers (due to faster restoration) and alpha. All you have to do to win is to abuse the islands (forcing him to turn around in AA zone for the attack) and only allowing him to do 1 attack per squad. If you do that -you are going to kill him faster than he can kill you.
  15. mowtow

    Ranked Sprint (1 vs.1)

    I killed around 15 Graf Zeppelins with Enterprise - that thing is uselles (cant fight CVs and DDs). Everybody just goes for secondaries rush and you torp him to death 1/2 the way.