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  1. Bug Reports

    Experiencing massive FPS drop ever since the update was launched. went from 40-60, to 9-12 FPS. Since I just bought premium, I expect you guys to correct it fast, or give som sort of refund!
  2. Conqueror Just surpassed Hakuryo in all time highest damage. I agree with those who say the british HE is just too much. you can't counter anything nose on that has 2 times the chance of setting you ablaze - with the same reload but superior heal. Now, I used to love my Zao for being a firestarter, now I love the british BB for the same reason. But for the game mechanic, this seems wrong and unbalanced. people giving up on CAs for the HE on british BB, and other BBs giving up on Ap because everything is HE spamming now a days.
  3. Update 0.5.16 Feedback - Bugs

    You just have to redo one of the missions. Try accepting one of them again, then you will get the 3. pin, and you can unlock final mission:-)
  4. Gneisenau the new "Old Colorado"

    Just wondering if it's me or is the Gneisenau really underpowered compared to tier 6 and up? I know it's a question about gameplay, but the stats and facts taken into account I still ask the same Right now it seem like a very long grind to Bismarck... too long perhaps
  5. BB captains basically decide the matches now

    This debate will never pass. OP BBs, OP DDs CAs and CVs. The bigger problem - I think is the teams in general. Too many ego-minded players online these days. A solution could be to make a more advanced way to quickly communicate - something like the way we have it now with the "F" buttons - as I said, just more advanced
  6. HE-spamming

    So far I've read all of the posts, and for the most parts, I agree, even though we disagree: If the HE shells should stak before igniting - fine If the fire chance is reduced - fine If the damage done by 1-5 fires is reduced - fine If the DCP is buffed (in numbers available or the cooldown time is reduced) - fine The bottom line - I see several solutions, and also many advices on how to counter fires - thanks for all of them. Perhaps (yes I'm naive) WG will notice some of the suggestions. I don't really care how, I just think faster shooting guns, with HE shells has it too easy and too many ways to counter the larger guns. Oh... I clearly got some players upset - hence the sarcasm posts, but I really don't want - or need to reply those - keep out of this thread if yuo can't submit something constructive - thanks
  7. HE-spamming

    I know this issue has been adressed before, but I could not find any, using the search option. I love sailing the big BBs - for their guns, their armor, their general historical significance etc. but I find it more and more frustrating to be HE spammed from 13-20 km away, by much faster shooting guns, and much more precise guns. Honestly I don't see any clear solution, other than a general nerf in HE shells - but as I said, just because I don't see any other way. The problem resides, no matter if you sail a BB, CA or CV (dds are just to nimble to be included), so this is also a general post regarding the HE problem - no matter the ship. I see several significant problems, but before I adress those, let me just start answering the typical responses: 1: "As a BB it's not your job to take on dds": True, but since we all play and know random battles, we also know how little we can rely on the general support. 2: "You have (BBs and CAs) much bigger guns, so stop crying. Yes, we do, and to counter that the DD have: faster shooting guns, more precise guns, more manouvarable ships and better concealment As a fan of big ships I see several problems with the curreent setup (including both CA and DD): 1. From a distance of 13-20 km the bigger guns suffer from considerable worse spread - on top of a worse reload (the reload time itself though, seem well balanced) 2. The secondaries could have been a powerfull help, but instead it's just nice firework unless your enemy is below 3 k hp 3. The problem is the same no matter if it is a gun heavuy DD or a CA, however the CA HE-spamming is in general only when beyond 15 km - unless we talk about the Des moines or the Zao. (if you are in doubt, check their base gun stats. The problem - IMO only consists of the gunboats - regarding torpedoes, they got a nerf, and ships got the protection against them, So a solution? - a general nerf on HE shells? - perhaps reducing the chance, or buffing some kind of counter on the bigger ships? otherwise A buff to the secondaries might help? Another thing that need a general buff would be the higher tiers income - kind of a sidenote here, but I can't remember any real reason not to give a prober income to higher tiers, from WG? Hope this was not all too confusing. Was made a late day after work.
  8. Tactics in world of torpedoes

    I'm thinking the same thing. Harder to do citadel hits - if that has been nerfed or some other mechanic I do not know. Tried to look it up, but can't find anything on the matter.
  9. Official notice

    This is no topic and this is no debate This is simply a official notice to WG and all affiliated. From this day and until you resolve the following: 1. Op'ed torps 2. better income in higher tiers Will I remain observing the development of the game - no longer will I buy premium account, consider expanding my premium fleet or engage in any more battles. I am not crying, and I have played since Alpha, but WG has had a long time rebalancing these issues, and this is only my way to make a stand. I encourage others to follow if they - like me, feel many advices and debates on how to improve this game has gone unanswered and/or ignored through time.
  10. I am a BB player, but I am considering shifting focus due to russian dds. what's the plan with russian dds... you get close they torp you, you shoot from afar they dodge you. You shoot 2 RPM with a dispersion of 271, they shoot 13, with a dispersion of 108.... please tell me how this seems reasonable? - before you say stay away - they see you way before you see them, and they outrun you if you try to flee. Put another way: You are locked in a chase you most likely won't win. I seriously hope Wg will try and balance this, since - for the first time since alpha, I took a week away from the game and it's not like I'm missing those dd encounters.
  11. Bad language/Bad behavior

    Trash talk does not go along with gaming. I don't know how you got that impression, but if somebody gets frustrated about something, they can say so, but nicknames and trahstalking does NOT belong anywere! Calling that option freedom is simply just wrong. But hey, we can debate this until ET arrive, or the developers do something about it. Just be sure that if you trashtalk or nickname me, you will simply get muted and blocked. I guess in the long run, that would mean you could write your great plan in the chat to the rest of your team, but you would simply be ignored.. must be frustrating, but at least you have the freedom to trashtalk and nickname all those who blocked you.
  12. worst ships?

    I had Des Moines in Alpha - it's one to keep for sure
  13. worst ships?

    The Nagato is terrible UP. It has fewer guns than FUSO, 1.7 RPM on stock gun and lousy AA defense.
  14. worst ships?

    Hello/good evening everyone. Since I seem to hear some grumbling regarding some ships in different tiers, and different branches, I took the liberty to make a poll so we (hopefully) can get some clarity about which ships really - and why, are so bad. I hope you will participate and explain in the comments why you choose like you did. With a bit of luck we get some clarity about what ships really need a buff/nerf, and perhaps the developers will be able to use this. We are all, I guees, interested in making this as awesome as possible. OBS! I did not put every ship in the poll, just the usual "problem children" so if you think I missed any just write your answer below and your reason. Thanks
  15. Bad language/Bad behavior

    Well. I disagree.Let's set up some points:1. the ingame chat - if people use it, if it actually has consequences etc is beside the point. The real problem - the continuing use of trashtalking does not seems to stop, but in order to keep this related to Wows, I posted this so we could do something about it before it got released.2. My (very rough idea) was to make an in game possibility to send and accept/ignore chat messages, but I realize you are right, it would be confusing. Besides the other in here has some very good suggestions - I like the idea about muting ceretain players while the match is still on. But no matter what WG decides, I really hope something different/more will be done, so we don't end up where WoT seems to be, with some people trahstalking, "letting steam off" or what it should be called, and others - like me, simply avoiding the game in longer periods due to this behavior.. well that and Wows;-)