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  1. vikingw

    OPPAI recruiting!

    Thanks for the reply - I think I should apply at another clan, but have fun, and gl out there:)
  2. I’ll be happy to potato with your clan, but not before tuesday 10/07 since I am getting hammered at a festival atm;-)
  3. I just left my old clan. I like the competitive thinking you guys are doing, and also that you use discord (TS was very unstable in my old clan). let me know what you think of my stats - they should suffice. Btw. I tend to perform best in the filling order: 1. CV 2. CA 3. BB
  4. vikingw

    OPPAI recruiting!

    Oi! I am interested. My stats should suffice your requirements. But before I apply, let me know, what is your long term competitive plans?
  5. Hi guys (and girls) 30 years old, 58,35 winrate and a fan of CV/CA gameplay looking for a new clan to join. I would like a semi competitive clan. But also with enough room for inappropriate jokes etc? only demand and from me is that you use discord, since TS has proven too flawed. I am from Denmark btw, so danish speaking or English speaking clans are preferred??
  6. vikingw

    Midway AP bombs

    I am done debating this! Pls start a new topic if you wish to pursue this further
  7. vikingw

    Midway AP bombs

    The difference her is Azalgor had an opinion about the Midway. ArgawaenMEonly wrote something to shame him. I know can't demand how you behave on this topic, but I hope you will only make post with suggestions or oppinoions about the ship balance.
  8. vikingw

    Midway AP bombs

    This thread is about suggestions regarding balancing AP bombs - anything else than that, pls take it to a different forum!
  9. vikingw

    Midway AP bombs

    Hi WG. As some of the few players, I actually enjoy a CV play once in a while. Recently I played with some friends in a division, and I have to agree with them. Midway AP bombs are pretty broken. You can delete some cruisers in 1 strike, but tier 9-10 bbs go almost unpunished (10-30 K dmg) It seems pretty ironic, that cruisers set up to counter CVs can get wrecked in that matter. But I am not here to complain, I just wanted to outline the issue. I was wondering, if not the AP bombs could be designed in such a way, that cruisers couldn't be killed in 1 strike, but BBs get hit a bit harder. Maybe let the AP bombs have a more niche-kind of dmg on ships with turtleback, since they get extra protection CQC due to the armors cheme? I know Tirpitz and Bismarck players will complain, since they already suffer under AP bombs, but that is simply up to the WG staffs;-) Bottomline: why not make AP-bombs more specialized against turtleback - let the design have a drawback, like every other armor scheme No hard feelings folk - this is just a suggestion:) Ps. Please stay on the subject, and do not post anything unless it is related to the topic:)
  10. vikingw

    Bug Reports

    Experiencing massive FPS drop ever since the update was launched. went from 40-60, to 9-12 FPS. Since I just bought premium, I expect you guys to correct it fast, or give som sort of refund!
  11. vikingw

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback - British Battleships

    Conqueror Just surpassed Hakuryo in all time highest damage. I agree with those who say the british HE is just too much. you can't counter anything nose on that has 2 times the chance of setting you ablaze - with the same reload but superior heal. Now, I used to love my Zao for being a firestarter, now I love the british BB for the same reason. But for the game mechanic, this seems wrong and unbalanced. people giving up on CAs for the HE on british BB, and other BBs giving up on Ap because everything is HE spamming now a days.
  12. vikingw

    Update 0.5.16 Feedback - Bugs

    You just have to redo one of the missions. Try accepting one of them again, then you will get the 3. pin, and you can unlock final mission:-)
  13. vikingw

    Gneisenau the new "Old Colorado"

    Just wondering if it's me or is the Gneisenau really underpowered compared to tier 6 and up? I know it's a question about gameplay, but the stats and facts taken into account I still ask the same Right now it seem like a very long grind to Bismarck... too long perhaps
  14. vikingw

    BB captains basically decide the matches now

    This debate will never pass. OP BBs, OP DDs CAs and CVs. The bigger problem - I think is the teams in general. Too many ego-minded players online these days. A solution could be to make a more advanced way to quickly communicate - something like the way we have it now with the "F" buttons - as I said, just more advanced
  15. vikingw


    So far I've read all of the posts, and for the most parts, I agree, even though we disagree: If the HE shells should stak before igniting - fine If the fire chance is reduced - fine If the damage done by 1-5 fires is reduced - fine If the DCP is buffed (in numbers available or the cooldown time is reduced) - fine The bottom line - I see several solutions, and also many advices on how to counter fires - thanks for all of them. Perhaps (yes I'm naive) WG will notice some of the suggestions. I don't really care how, I just think faster shooting guns, with HE shells has it too easy and too many ways to counter the larger guns. Oh... I clearly got some players upset - hence the sarcasm posts, but I really don't want - or need to reply those - keep out of this thread if yuo can't submit something constructive - thanks