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  1. am i a supertester now?

    >reads the email >"Oh goodie! Did I get invited to the super testers? Yay!" >Goes ingame, and finds none of the aforementioned ships >Grows sceptical, and goes on the forum to see if anyone else got the same e-mail >scepticism turns to sadness
  2. Hi there. Originaly starting out as a friends-only clan for a friend of mine and myself, because both me and her wanted to get the benefits of being in a clan, but without the obligations that come with competitive clans that require you to be active and in most cases "Git gud". With the upcoming changes however, we felt it was a good move to change from a friends only to a Public Lone Wolf clan. As we noticed that having a fully operational port can have some pretty nice buffs to it. We felt it would be nice to share this with other players that don't feel comfortable playing clan battles, but still want to contribute to gathering resources and pool them together so that everyone down the line can enjoy these bonuses. If you are one of those players, just like me and her that doesn't care for clan battles or any of that and just wishes to play the game in Random, scenario or even COOP then feel free to apply. There are no interaction requirements. All that's requested is that you pool in your resources in return for acces to the rewards that clan bases give you. Although a "Hello" once in a while wouldn't hurt We already managed to get 3 out of 4 shipyard buildings up and running with just the 2 of us, so there's a little bit already there, but obviously the more people that rally together, the quicker we can get a fully operational port for everyone to reap the benefits off. It's our way of doing our part for those that feel left out, and those that have no ambition to play in clan battles, but still want to reap the rewards of clan bases. If all of the above sounds like your cup of tea, then you know what to do! Thanks for your time, fair winds and following seas, Captains!
  3. Wanted to bring this up for discussion, see what people think. It's been in the air for a while for it to be a tier 8 premium. But now they (wargaming) are considering to give it to supertesters only. So naturaly, this is upsetting the overgrown majority of players. Wanted to know how the community feels about it.
  4. 0.4.1 Public test 3

    Wait, so people are actualy playing. And yet here I am stuck in the loggin screen with incorrect password /username. Wargaming. My username is correct and so is my password..
  5. 0.4.1 Public test 3

    Sooo... Is it normal I STILL Cannot log in?