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  1. 911IceMike

    ST - Submarines

    I've yet to get my hands on the coveted log-in credentials. But I see alot of people fearing that this will negatively impact the game in such a way it'd be unplayable. But isn't this a bit of an over exaggeration? If there's a hard-limit on the amount of submarines to 1 or 2 per team. Then is that really going to impact your game that drastically? I can only go off of what I've seen gameplay-wise from community contributors since I lack the means to experience first-hand, but they offer some pretty substantial support to your team, whilst also having the ability to break the back of a ship if you give them a chance to. The problem with the CV's is that they don't really require the rest of the team for them to work. CV's are in their own little world, and 9/10 don't really care for their team. Submarines /REQUIRE/ their team to protect them if they get spotted, and judging from how they get spotted every time they ping something. That's going to be alot. But the trade-off you get from protecting your subs, means they can then go on and support YOU later down the line. I really want to try them out myself but I feel that for the few weeks they've released the first drafts of this, I have to be honest, perfect it's not, but I cannot be the only one seeing they learned lessons from their CV closed test. Cause for a first-showcase mock up they presented to us here the past few weeks, it definitely could've been alot worse.
  2. 911IceMike

    Submarines: Beta Sign-up and Q&A

    This guy gets it.
  3. 911IceMike

    Submarines: Beta Sign-up and Q&A

    Alot of pretty ungratefull, disrespectfull and outright toxic people that roam these forms and claim themself part of this community. Practicing common courtesy, respect, and debate etiquette wouldn't go amiss. Personaly I love subs, but as for how well they'd fit into the game, I have no idea. I signed up for the testing, beta-tested pretty much everything from the game's conception. And I'll do the same here. Voice out my concerns if there are any and if something ends up going down the way I don't like it. I'll adapt to it, and overcome it another way. You know, like how actual captains should.
  4. Welp. For better or for worse. Govrnmnt decided to be [edited] this year after the whole EA Lootbox debacle. Yet another reason for me to go "Gee, thanks EA..." Was looking forward to waste a good portion of my fat christmas/newyear bonus on WOWS/WOT stuff, get me 20 of those mega boxes and stock up for 2019. But guess that's gonna be a nope. I understand WG doesn't want to break the law. But at the same time, especialy in a holiday period such as this one, I would've atleast tried to think of an alternative option for an entire country worth of players to still somewhat enjoy the same stuff the rest of the world can enjoy. Cause right now I just feel left out in the cold, pun intended.
  5. This is really upsetting. I'm 24 years old goddamnit. Let me do with my money whatever the [edited]I want. I was really looking forward to dump some cash to get some decent stuff from those santa containers and I'm actualy being barred from doing so because of the missgivings of a few dickheads who happen to be running the country to dictate what I can and cannot do. off to a great christmas celebration this year :( Is Wargaming going to be offering any kind of compensation deals for Belgian players in exchange for being FORCED. to miss out on this?
  6. 911IceMike

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    You sure it's the right test client? It's not the regular WOWS test server, read through the steps they got posted on the main article that'll tell you exactly what you need to do. I also had your problem, but after clearing the username & PW and re-entering the credentials, it worked. Try that?
  7. 911IceMike

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    The test is about both the CV's AND the co-responding anti-aircraft rework done on ships aswell. You are to test both the effectiveness of the new carrier system aswell as other ships in terms of AA capabilities to see how they co-relate with eachother. Playing other ships earns you the credits you need to pay for the repair bill of your carriers.
  8. 911IceMike

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Dove straight in (pun intended) at tier 6. Wanted to experience how the new mechanics worked, and I have to be honest. I'm positive about the changes. I can definitely feel work has been done to the AA. I feel it lost it's raw firepower at extreme ranges, and gets more and more accurate the closer you are to your intended target. I've mainly been attacking new mexico class ships in several different scenario's. Scenario #1 when 2 New-Mexico classes were tightly grouped up in formation and their combined AA roughed up my airwing pretty damn fast. Only was able to make a single strike run and wound the lead ship. Overall I think that's pretty much how it's intended. The damage I caused wasn't as significant as a pre-rework strike by a full airwing. But at the same time, it wasn't that minute as to be called insignificant damage. Scenario #2 was an isolated New Mexico class, which turned out alot more favorable. The AA made it feel like it was pretty easy to come in and make the first run. But I felt it getting more and more effective the longer I stayed overhead. Ultimately was able to launch another run before I had to bug out to preserve the rest of my wing. But it felt more do-able. Overall I feel that the work on the AA was done rather well! I feel it compensates for having a 2-plane strike per run-airwing by having it's firepower decreased at long ranges, but becomes more and more effective the longer you stay overhead. And you pretty much have to if you want to conduct a full strike on ships with your wing. One remark however, as pointed out above, the plane controls do feel rather sluggish and delayed. Would personally think more reactive controls would really make a diference. Have yet to jump into higher tier gameplay but I feel pretty good about the changes so far down at tier 6.
  9. I found the complete opposite be true at lower tiers, specifically tier 6. Tried both the IJN and american tier 6 and alot of my planes got pretty banged up and I frequently lost several planes during my raid. Tried engaging multiple ships, specifically new mexico's and their AA ripped me to shreds was only able to make 1 run before everything got annihilated. On the other hand, if you manage to catch ships who wandered off, I found it pretty do-able to conduct a full raid and have all planes do their run on a target. Haven't tried higher tier games yet. But I think tier X planes are beefier because of ships like the worcester. There's no fun involved if someone in a worcester like you were, shoots down your entire strike group before you can even get close. I definitely get an attrition vibe. The AA loses it's immediate punch, but that's to be expected. Your airwing remains above the target ALOT longer now cause you can only make runs with 2 planes. So I think they altered the firepower of your AA, so that it loses it's ability to death-ray planes coming in, but made it so it does more sustainable damage over time. Atleast, that's the vibe I'm getting right now. And it makes sense really.
  10. Is there a specific board specifically we can acces to provide feedback? Looked around but I couldn't find any Thanks in advance!
  11. You guys, patience! Just be glad you've been given the opportunity to test it out in this stage, a little bit of waiting never hurt anyone
  12. They pick people from all demographics, I.E. a group of players who main CV's, Groups of players that play them anywhere between casual and all the time, and a group of players who never played CV's before. Why only a select few? Well, you're a fellow-CB Tester like me so you know why people do CBT's. You're just unlucky to NOT be selected as the first wave of testers. For all you know you might get invited this week or the next as part of the second wave of testers.
  13. 911IceMike

    am i a supertester now?

    >reads the email >"Oh goodie! Did I get invited to the super testers? Yay!" >Goes ingame, and finds none of the aforementioned ships >Grows sceptical, and goes on the forum to see if anyone else got the same e-mail >scepticism turns to sadness
  14. Hi there. Originaly starting out as a friends-only clan for a friend of mine and myself, because both me and her wanted to get the benefits of being in a clan, but without the obligations that come with competitive clans that require you to be active and in most cases "Git gud". With the upcoming changes however, we felt it was a good move to change from a friends only to a Public Lone Wolf clan. As we noticed that having a fully operational port can have some pretty nice buffs to it. We felt it would be nice to share this with other players that don't feel comfortable playing clan battles, but still want to contribute to gathering resources and pool them together so that everyone down the line can enjoy these bonuses. If you are one of those players, just like me and her that doesn't care for clan battles or any of that and just wishes to play the game in Random, scenario or even COOP then feel free to apply. There are no interaction requirements. All that's requested is that you pool in your resources in return for acces to the rewards that clan bases give you. Although a "Hello" once in a while wouldn't hurt We already managed to get 3 out of 4 shipyard buildings up and running with just the 2 of us, so there's a little bit already there, but obviously the more people that rally together, the quicker we can get a fully operational port for everyone to reap the benefits off. It's our way of doing our part for those that feel left out, and those that have no ambition to play in clan battles, but still want to reap the rewards of clan bases. If all of the above sounds like your cup of tea, then you know what to do! Thanks for your time, fair winds and following seas, Captains!
  15. Wanted to bring this up for discussion, see what people think. It's been in the air for a while for it to be a tier 8 premium. But now they (wargaming) are considering to give it to supertesters only. So naturaly, this is upsetting the overgrown majority of players. Wanted to know how the community feels about it.