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  1. J_Fuller

    Ranked #6 WorldWide Wrap-Up

    True, the rewards were rather underwhelming... Hope they will make it better next season.
  2. J_Fuller

    Ideas for World of Warships (Discussions)

    That actually looks alright... If two teams are somewhat equal in ships, skills and so on, then the team that loses the first ship, will be at a great disadvantage, given the number of targets and guns left on the winning side... It quickly snowballs down to just 2-3 ships on one side, and 8-10 ships on the other, if normal conditions apply.
  3. J_Fuller

    Royal Navy CLs fix poll

    The RN CL line is really two lines... tier 2-5: utter trash, intensely frustrating ships... Tier 6 and on, contenders to the best cruisers in the game... I love that there are no HE, because it means I have to play differently from any other cruiser line in the game. The AP is powerful, and destroyers wont come near the British (if they want to live). I look forward to tier 8
  4. J_Fuller

    Royal Navy Cruisers Feedback

    Well I have advanced to the tier 6, and to me at-least, the line had a hugh improvement... Workable torps, and a better concentration of guns. What is still problematic?: Smoke, two puffs is stupid, given that one have to significantly slow down for it to be of any use... Worse, it is a quit egocentric smoke. AP shells... I like that there are no HE shells, but I continue to feel that the AP shells should be as good as the German shells. I would argue that the range of the guns are a tad bit short... No HE means that the invisy-fire is not that great of a problem. Two things I have more or less concluded on this stage... The RN needs incoming on it's CC captains (when I trained my captain with that, the ship became a lot better)... The Cruisers in general is completely broken/misrepresented and to some degree, it breaks the game: Fx every CC line (except the RN) has defensive fire, making CV's life missrable, but historically only a few ships were true AAA ships. I think that Wargaming should think of re-thinking it's CC lines and look at what each line has to offer. The idea of a national trade is not a bad one, problem is right now there are only really two lines (RN/Germany and the rest). The US is right now the only one that really makes sense (AA defense ships), The IJN was more than anything Battle-line ships (mostly there, good enough, but should they really have AA fire boost?)... Germany and RN is raiders/convoy protection, they make some sense, but it feels like they are not clearly defined yet.... Soviet is off, it doesn't really know what it is, and have to some degree made it one of the strongest lines, but I guess that is what happens, when over half the line is blueprint ships, and one can't decide on what should be the limit. All in all I would say that with a decent to good captain, the RN line becomes fun at tier 6... This is honestly to late, the tier four and five ships where so uncomfortable to play with, that I was thinking about stopping. Tier 6 is alright, I hope that the later tiers will be good... But so far this line has been a bit of let down.
  5. J_Fuller

    Royal Navy Cruisers Feedback

    I risk repeating what others have already said... But these are my experiences with the line so far. The AP shell feels weak, and odd to play with... The guns are fast firing, but the shells really doesn't do much damage. Given that (besides Belfast) I haven't passed the tier 5 Emerald, I can't really comment on the later tiers guns performance, however I can compare with how ships like Omaha and Königsberg preforms, and the strange thing is that even though Königsberg has a smaller shell (150 mm to the british 152), the Konigsberg feels a lot more devastating with an AP shell (and that ship has HE as well). It feels so far that the British cruisers have lost the trade with no HE for a worse AP... Smoke... This is really bad! Why? Because when one would use it, one has to slow down... Meaning the only defense of the Cruiser (speed) is lost. I like the idea of smoke on the british line(!) but so this implementation is simply missing the point. I can as a cruiser either use smoke, and die because I am a big target in a smallish smokescreen. Or I can keep dodging the incoming fire and die because the amount of shells trow at me, means I can't dodge it all. This leads me to the biggest weakness... Armour: Or should I say what armour? So far it is ridicules... In no way shape or form do a british cruiser (in the lower tiers) have a hope in hell of surviving a BB. Well BB captains loves it (I am sure) but it is frustrating in the extreme one out of four hits is a citadel right now... I get that it is historical, but I doubt that the US, Japanese, German and Russian Cruisers all had way better armour than the british... That simply does not add up... This armour on the british ships cannot even bounce DD's AP shells if they are a tier higher. I don't know what should be changed, but so far the British seems way easier to penetrat than any other ship line in the game, of all kinds. I cannot recommend trying the british ships, and I really want to... I will keep playing with them, but so far they have been a real let down! I could like that it is only AP shells, if the shells worked better... Smoke could be nice, if it didn't mean that I had do almost stand still (aka die) to use it, or shield other ships with it... Armour is weak, and unless the angle or protection in some way is changed people will simple not care about these ships. In conclusion: This line feels unfinished... It feels like the ships are made with the purpose of trolling the players with a subpar line, only because of the flag on it... Skilled players might get it, but even some of the lesser players should be able to preform somewhat decent in a line... Up till tier 5, this does not feels to be the case.
  6. J_Fuller

    Unfair balancing

  7. Start with either US Navy or IJN, and go for the cruisers at first, after that I would recommend the destroyers. You should rather quickly end up with tier 4 ships, from that point on, you should have enough experience with the game, to decide what you want to play with.
  8. J_Fuller

    Public Test General Feedback

    I have to ask WG, why do you want to destroy WoWS? With the new skills and buffs, nerfs your game is going to be something like this... DD's that cant be spotted unless they want to, no CV's because in the higher tiers every plane is shoot down by a single high tier cruiser, no BB's because DD's will spam torps every minut (oh and they still wont be spotted) and some cruisers... The cruisers AAA are now so powerfull that the CV players will have next to nothing to do, other than be a glorifid scout... And on top of that, your US line of CV's are nerfed in number of squadrons and layout... Why should anyone want to play the US CV line from tier 5 to 10 anymore? Some DD's are getting better camo, are getting a faster torps (for the loss of some range, but when these torps often has ranges of 15+ km, who cares), and are some if not all are getting a comsumable that makes the torps load faster... Are you sure you want a world of destroyers? Because this is what you are getting with this patch... Personal I would advise, that this patch are delayed, and that you (WG) are going to look at the implications of your work... You have the numbers, you know if one ship or one line is doing better than others. Perhaps that is why you seams to have it against the US CV's, that you feel that they are to powerfull... Well newsflash, you don't kill all reasons to play with a line, if you want to keep your players! One friend used his CV against me in a clevland.... He ran out of planes! One ship, kills every plane on a CV... I am sorry if I sound butthurt... But these changes seems to be completly over the top. Perhaps I was just lucky, and perhaps there is a point to the madness... but right now, I belive you are going to make a WoWP on the WoWS... Please don't do it
  9. I personaly hope that they changed it... HE spamming was to much an auto thing, people did not care about the BB's, so what if people only gets to make 7 fires in a battle with 200+ hits, it should not be like you make a fire every time one opens up with the guns. It is a problem for DD's, but cruisers really should not complain, they can do just fine with AP!
  10. J_Fuller

    strange screen

    I am not sure where to post this... but I had a very strange screen in one battle this day (16-11-2015)
  11. J_Fuller

    German Cruiser Feedback

    Perhaps start use AP shells, since they do more dmg than both Murmansk and Omaha... Sure you might not really be that big of a issue for BB's (but you still have torps), but that is not really your job anyway... Königsberg really powerfull with the AP shells!
  12. J_Fuller

    Some thoughts on matchmaking

    Divisions: I think the best way would be to make sure that divisions were spread out to each team, the main problem are that sometimes one team will have 3 or even 4 divisions, while the other team has one or even none. That should not be to difficult to change. Also I don't think it would be out of line to make sure that divisions can't be made with a tier spread (in the Divisions) of more than 2 tiers. Upgrades I don't think that what you want, is really needed! it is to much work for to little effect. Tier differences: I agree, what I would like is that each battle is calculated by the top tier ship, for tier points, and the pool of each teams tier points would not differentiat more than +/- 3 points. Differences within a tier: that I would not do anything about! I have had ships that people say are garbage, and have had really good results! It depends on the player, and honestly I don't see that big of a problem with this
  13. J_Fuller

    Air Superiority Carrier Loadout - Fun Police

    Not really... This has been covered quit a lot! Basic, planes arn't really worth it xp or credit wise, and that is a shame... But it also has to be said, your post does nothing! It is just a complaint, why should we take notise when you only cover an issue in that you dissaprove of an aspect of the game? I am pretty sure that I know what you wanted, and I agree that fighters should give CV's more xp/credits for killing enemy planes... But all that has already been covered in other topics. It is important to mention it for the developers, but you have to come with you solution to the problem, or atleast cover some of the problems you would like to change, and not "just" say that you don't approve
  14. J_Fuller

    Ranked battles and divison

    No it would take to much time... The easy thing that could be done, would be to make ranked battles with 3 ships pr side (division), normal ranked and team ranked battles (where it were clans or grups of friends, that plays together)... I think that is the way to go
  15. J_Fuller

    destroyers overpowered

    That you can do... But even at ranges of 4 km, most ships at those tiers, can dodge torps without getting a single hit.