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    The Tonder Airraid

    Attended the event this weekend, it was awesome, specially once the 50 pound bombs began dropping and the AA went on :) A local newspaper napped a number of really good photos and in the bottom of the article there is a 1:18 video of one of the bombing runs ! Most of the text is in Danish (sorry), but the pictures and video is pretty cool :) Link to newpaper: https://www.jv.dk/toender/Se-de-dramatiske-billeder-Krigshistorien-lever-i-Soldaterskoven/artikel/2629486 The danish WW1 reanactment group Westfront1916, did the on-ground part of the show. Apart from the actual bombing scene, they did a "fasion show" showing off early and late war navy and infantry gear, all of which was narrated by a cheerfull German Imperial colone, who went about it in a tounge in cheek way, with an Imperial german view. Their homepage: http://www.westfront1916.dk/ Sincerely Worgenstern
  2. Worgenstern

    The Tonder Airraid

    Hi Fellow ship history fans For those in the neighborhood, there is an reenactment, with planes, of the Tonder Airraid on the 22. of July What is the Tonder airraid? well it's the first ever air attack carried out from a carrier. Hence I find rather relevant for WoWs :) (also I want Royal Navy carriers) Event link: Toender Airraid From Wiki; "The Tondern raid, officially designated Operation F.7, was a British bombing raid mounted by the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force against the Imperial German Navy's airship base at Tønder, Danmark, then a part of Germany. It was the first attack in history made by aircraft flying from a carrier flight deck." A bit more reference info: Wikipedia: >>LINK<< A private page: >>LINK<< Sincerely Worgenstern