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  1. There is an abuse protection? I am used to clicking a command more than once in rapid succession just to be sure because up until today there was a cooldown between the same command. That now leads to me "spamming" the same command two or three times right after another (which I sincerely apologize for ). But I haven't had any issues until now regarding a spam protection.
  2. The Bots should follow a predetermined route which they might leave because of torpedoes but they should turn back and continue. However, one of the boats (Goliath) is set to run into the minefield on purpose. Haven't seen any other bots entering the mine fields.
  3. And you will still have people who join the lobby, press "ready" and then go afk for whatever reason because "meh, I have 30 seconds countdown anyway".
  4. Firstly: Yes, sometimes they can. Secondly: They are not supposed to in the first place on their own. Sounds like 9/10 you survive the salvo because overpens and lol-bounces and 1/10 you get heavily damaged/one-shoted. Correct me if I am wrong but last time I checked (which was 5 minutes ago) the Minotaur is the CA with the best concealment out of all tier X CAs. Minotaur vs Moskva: There is no way the Moskva can start firing from 23 km. Minotaur vs Des Moines: Minotaur does have the torpedoe advantage and as long as she doesn't show broadside it won't be an insta-kill for the Des Moines. Minotaur vs Hindenburg: Again, not an insta-kill as long as you don't show broadside alhough it will be a hard fight. I don't really get why you insist on 1 vs 1 scenarios anyway. This is a game where teams of 12 players each fight against each other. You will hardly find isolated 1 vs 1 scenarios. If you know you can't handle your opposing enemy then try to find some allies who can help you out.
  5. Why do you think this is a trend of just the last few missions? Missions where you had to reach a certain number of ribbons were there before. Missions about damage by/hits with torpedoes were ALWAYS about shipborne ones only, except when the mission explicitely stated to use aerial torpedoes. IMO this isn't really new but in a way understandable since CVs are the class with the lowest population, hence CV-only missions, especially when part of a mission chain, will be a problem for the majority of players, while nearly everyone owns a DD or CA (or BB) with torpedoes. IMO combining aerial and shipborne torpedoe hits for a mission is not a solution either because from tier VI on, aerial torpedoe hits are much easier to achieve since you can drop them right next to your target minimizing the target's ability to evade them (by luck or actual skill). Btw: what about the missions that can ONLY be finished by using a CV, like mentioned hits with aerial torpedoes/bombs. Should they be removed, too? They are impossible to be completed with non-CV ships.
  6. Two Brothers anyone? On a more serious note, I, too, see a problem in a potential increase in static gameplay because no one really likes swimming right into a mine field when they don't know excately where it is or if it blocks an objective and you can't counter it. Also the potential for trolling (even your own team) and making grave mistakes because someone layed it in the wrong place at the wrong time is just too high. We also would get a new kind of thread which will be like "I am pink because an ally swam right into my minefield I layed right in front of him, mimimi".
  7. At least he acknowledged that not the ship is the problem but him and his inexperience with said ship. This is more than most other OPs do after creating such a topic.
  8. I didn't call you liar but gave three possibilities why there are no Cleveland games on your account. and I think I have spotted the biggest problem you have. You played the Cleveland only in ranked games. No random battles, no Coop. You took a ship you didn't know at all (or from hear-say maybe), went straight into the most competitive mode we have right now and then you complain that it is a bad ship although it clearly is not?
  9. Neither the WOWS website nor Warships.Today shows any Cleveland battles on the account you are posting with. The closest you got to the Cleveland are some hundred games in the Phoenix. So there are three possibilities: A) You are lying and you never played the Cleveland, making a fuzz for whatever reason. B) Both the WG website and Warships.Today didn't update your data which is unlikely because your stats are not hidden and you played the Clevelands "for weeks" giving both websites enough time. C) The account on which you played the Cleveland is not the one you are posting with. So which is it.
  10. Asking for constructive feedback and help is ok. Ranting is not which is what you did in your first post. You reap what you sow. Not to mention that the "I have a life" argument is so 2000 and irrelevant. He might have unlocked it today and the website didn't update, yet.
  11. Unless you have unlocked the Cleveland and her modules with free exp, it is still stock. This might be reason for your problems. Else, have some more facts: The Cleveland doesn't need torpedoes nor smoke. Why do you even think that you make more damage with either, if you die before getting an enemy into shooting distance? She is not a BB with a lot of armor but comes with better mobility. You say she is slow? I say she is faster than every BB on that tier: 32,5 kn vs. 21 kn (New Mexico), 25 kn (Bayern), 23,5 kn (Warspite), 29,5 kn (Dunkerque), 24,5 kn (Fuso) and 26,5 kn (Mutsu). If you want to play something faster and more mobile, go for DDs. She also features better armour than most other cruisers on that tier. Tomahawks usable by ships were developed in the 1970s. This game (mostly) features ships of the era of WW2 or from soon after. That's why you don't find weapons like cruise missiles in WoWS. Not that BBs need them anyway.
  12. RDF is basically non-existent. You can maybe find it in one out of 100 games and it seems to have no significant influence. Which, btw, was something a lot of people suspected. So much to your "RDF debacle". Else, as Tiger313 mentioned, read the forum a bit. I hasn't really changed over the last months I think. Although I'd take the "BBs OP" threads with a grain of salt because BBs aren't necessarily OP but are very RNG dependant, very popular and have an unhealthy high population which makes it hard for CAs. Same goes for the "CVs OP" threads. They are not OP, well, maybe besides the high tier ones. It is just the same as with arty in WoT: Some players dislike the whole concept, can't handle them on the battlefield or have no experience with them themselves, therefore they must be OP. For every threads about how OP CVs are you get one about how UP they are.
  13. Well, to be fair, what you see as fire chance is rarely what you really get because there are a lot of situational and hidden factors influencing the outbreak of a fire as well. But yeah, usually it is the concentrated HE spam of several ships which is a real problem, especially for BBs. But that is what you call teamwork, I guess.
  14. Can't quote my quote with your remarks, therefore: I guess we agree to disagree on the matter of "dancing between shells like ninja in the rain" thing. I don't think it works, you think it does but there is no way to prove it objectively. It is also not about skills like Incoming Fire Alert because paying attention to them and making an evasive maneuvre because of them might still lead to you sailing into a stray shell (as my not so accurate sketch showed). You not only punish BB players but CA and DD players alike with your change. Although I give you that CAs and DDs usually are faster at putting out fires while (not so nooby) BBs tend to keep a fire burning and heal instead. And yes, it is a punishment because you punish the group of players who are up front doing the dirty work and NOT the ones camping 15 km behind the frontlines. How often have you burned down a BB with any CA at 20+ km? Oh yeah right. You can't even reach them unless they messed up anyway and let their team die so you can get close enough. All the sigma value does is determining how many shells are how close to the centre of the ellipse.