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  1. Inb4 "I used a DD as torpedoe shield but they still hit me" threads.
  2. Just to clarify: I agree to a certain extend that it can make battles more interesting and certain situations more forgiving. But to properly implement this you will have to add a MM similar to ranked battles. Skill- (or league-) based, no divisions allowed, etc. This makes it unattractive for everyone who wants to play with friends. If you then add more things like a special reward system this format will be unattractive for bad players (i.e. everyone who doesn't win or doesn't constantly score 1st place when losing) who will leave, hence less and less players will play it and make it worthwhile. Game modes with little to no gain compared to others but much to lose are a bad idea in general.
  3. I don't think your calculation of "We will have at least 2-3 normal players per team" stands up. The team composition should be the same stats-wise as with the current system. Therefore you get from (I'll only take the mean values of one of your teams) 1 unicum, 3 normal and 8 potatoes (I guess those are <50% WR? and not outright "I play pfor phun") to 0-1 unicums, 1-2 normals and 4-5 potatoes per team. But you will still get everything from a team full of potatoes up to a team full of above average players. Now it is just easier for the MM to form full potatoe teams because it requires less players. The only difference is that divisions will have a stronger influence if you keep them as they are. Meaning: under the current system you can make a division of three unicum players which will then make up 25% of the entire team. With your proposed 7vs7 format the unicum division will make up almost 50% and will therefore have about double the influence. And honestly, for me decreasing the number of players in a division is not an option. But this is not where it stops. Now (good) solo players will complain how their matches depends too much on the division(s) they have (remember, it is not just unicums forming divisions) and vice versa. This opens the door to skill-based MM for randoms which I, personally, am not a big fan of and neither is WG I'd say. I never said that we (or WG) shouldn't try it. We can just to see what really happens but IMO either nothing significant will change or it will get worse. Does the normal WoWP MM for random games really take player skill into account? This is news to me...
  4. How exactely does a smaller number of team members solve the problem of bad players? Do they suddenly get better and don't rush into the enemy fleet or snipe at max range? Last time I checked, the smaller the team the more influence does every individual player has on the outcome. So while a good player might have more influence on the outcome, the early loss of a ship (be it by a mindless rush or because the map border feels more comfortable) hurts even more. Not to mention that WG will then also have to reduce the number of players per division, else one full division will make up approximately half of the team which will be a problem for many players. And guess what will happen if three unicums or even good players form a division in one team and the MM throws all the other bad players into the other. The same situation as you described will happen. One team (or at least an considerable amount) gets stomped within the first minutes.
  5. Is he really? While I can see his points and some of them are true, most of them are either exaggerated or assume a false reason for what is happening. He speaks about how the community (of every MMO) is elitist, toxic, offensive and don't want the new players to learn about the game, hence ruining the experience for a lot of players.First off, I think it is fair to say that - at least on the forum - most people would be happy about new (and old) players who actually want to learn. Nobody says anything about someone with 500 games who states a question here as long as he/she doesn't outright rant and insults left and right. The players who come here and prove to be completely learn-resistent are the problems and the ones who usually get mocked. Else... well, guess what. That's human nature. Most people lack the ability to put themselves into the position of the player they just cursed. We are not controlled by a hive mind, every man and woman has his or her own plans for the battle and expectations. When they are not met then some will throw out offensive statements. It is not nice but as always: It really helps to grow a thicker skin. And I'd like to add that WoWS is way less toxic than what I know from other MMOs. His second point is that he can't really test the Midway in PTS because everyone maxes the AA of the ships, that people are obnoxious towards other players about what ships/skill builds others should use and why WG implements a system which encourages this (i.e. only one valid build for characters/tanks/ships). I personally have never seen anyone who got insulted in the battle because he used a certain consumable or loadout, besides maybe the strike vs fighter setup on the USN CVs and the very rare CA which uses a fighter plane instead of radar. Sure, there are discussions here about which ship should use what skills but I'd say that there usually is more than one valid option, although this might be different for a more competitive scene than random battles where every member of a team has to rely on the others to get the most out of their ship. That said, why are there certain "maxed out" builds for characters, ships and tanks and is it really WG's fault? I'd say it comes down to the individual ship stats (and some gameplay rules) which are there to provide a certain diversity. Without this diversity you can't really motivate players to start new lines other than for an aesthetic reason which in turn is bad for WG. However, this diversity also provides every ship with certain strengths and weaknesses which can be enhanced (or balanced) by captain skills and upgrades. So as long as you don't make every ship of a class (and tier) the same, people will always be able to max them out, i.e. to find a skill build which gets the most out of it or lets it play its role even better. A Shimakaze will always be better suited in a role as a stealthy torpedoe boat than a Khabarovsk which is more of a harasser and DD hunter. There is no real point in giving a Khaba TAE or AFT to a Shima (although this might be a matter of discussion for some) because both compensate for weaknesses/inferior stats that will only in rare situations if at all. So he got some good points but all in all there is nothing really that (I see) could be done if you don't want to throw out half of the offensive community and have one ship performe as the next.
  6. So... Imperator Nikolai on steroids basically?
  7. Please elaborate. In a more understandable way. In case you didn't notice: Every single ship in the game does not have its real life stats. What you describe for the Guilio Cesare applies for every one else as well. Example: The 155 mm calibre guns of the Yamato were able to shoot comparably accurate at about 27 km, yet in this game you can reach 10,6 km at most and the accuracy is meh if you don't want to spend 4 skill points on it and trade 50% of your secondaries for it. The main artillery was able to shoot even further but here, without spotter plane, you get to what ... about 25 km? You know why? This is not a simulator but an arcade-like game and therefore WG can and should make "cuts" of real life stats so it is enjoyable for as many people as possible. Regarding your problem that the Italian ships are not part of a tree... Yes, they are not because they are premium ships. The Warspite, Lo Yang, Anshan, Tirpitz and other ships had the same issue but that doesn't mean that there will never be an appropriate tech tree. RN BBs and KM BBs are already here and the Pan-Asia tree is soon to be released.
  8. If your only concern is to be top tier and you can't have fun otherwise... yeah, you probably need a tier X.
  9. This thread is 2 1/2 years old and the MM was changed in the mean time. Sometimes I'd really like to know how people find such old threads and think they are still relevant...
  10. My points are: 1) I wanted to build onto the example of pra3y where he showed rearming etc. 2) In a 5 minute match I get one chance to deal damage in a CV while every other class gets more chances/fire opportunities (however you want to call it). If my torpedoes would have hit I'd have had a kill and about 20k damage on an enemy Shimakaze. It is not about the exact damage number but I'd say every other class can deal more consistent damage within the first 5 minutes than a CV can. I know, this evens out over the course of the battle. But if the battle only allows for one or two strikes...
  11. Just want to throw something in, regarding CVs and rearming time for aircraft: This is what happens when the battle only lasts 5 minutes, the enemy CV is afk and you mess up your first TB drop... No naming and shaming intended. I had time to fly my first strike and spot some DDs, send the aircraft back to rearm and launch them a second time. so I had about 4,5 minutes of total flight time per strike. Especially annoying is that this was my first victory of the day...
  12. Is it really frustration or someone trying to change a work in progress ship in his favour by affecting the stats in a negative way on purpose?
  13. This actually was a valid tactic until some time ago when WG increased the reload time of completely erased squadrons. It is not that useful anymore.
  14. IIRC there is a third challenge where you can earn +25% commanders exp. In Co-op battles...
  15. This is not selfish but criticism on two - probably new or bad or both - CV players. So why do you cry about every CV player, as you stated in your OP. The rest of your posts is about "CV didn't support me.", "CV didn't spot for me/my flank", "CV didn't send his fighters to me", "CV didn't use his bombers to shoot down enemy bombers which were attacking me". You see a pattern there? This is what I call selfish. They can play as they like and think is right just like everyone else. And you still don't seem to get that no CV can launch single planes unless their squadrons and reserves are severely reduced, that planes need time to change flanks and that scattering your planes all over the map to try to help everyone at the same time usually is a bad idea. No CV player can do anything about the limits given by WG. So if you want to complain about things like that, ask WG.