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  1. Tungstonid

    Making the Most of the Yamato

    Well, we had worse in the last weeks.
  2. Tungstonid

    What is the charge for "Service"?

    Would it really? Let's say you include the service cost into the battle reward. A player earns 40k credits during the battle. With your system he starts off with "earning" -2k credits and doesn't know why. Maybe he did some damage, maybe a cap. But still he starts off with a negative income. Additionally he loses 15,5k for ammo and camos. It will be even better if someone doesn't know that there is a fixed service cost, didn't receive damage and still starts with a negative income. Not very intuitive if you ask me. With the current system, at least people have the feeling they got a reward, even though service costs and ammo eat it up later. But they see that their actions in the battle rewarded them something. Sure, you could also reduce the credits rewards in the battle. But keep in mind that with each tier you have to do more in a battle to have a positive income at all.
  3. Tungstonid

    What is the charge for "Service"?

    The problem is that someone who doesn't do much during the battle sees a negative "income" and doesn't know why. The way it is now, people can see what they got for their actions in battle and what actually is the service fee. Edit: @Profilus isn't talking about dubloons either. It is F2P for those who earn credits playing lower tiers and pay to progress faster for those who buy premium time and ships.
  4. Tungstonid

    What is the charge for "Service"?

    And this thread shows quite well, why a lot of people still camp, IMO. Besides the "I have the range, so why not use it" argument (although the range IMO is justifed because of the lower mobility), some people aren't even aware that the "repair costs" are always the same, no matter the damage taken. Having repair costs is comprehensible and part of the economy (motiviating people to play lower tiers and/or buy premium ships and time). This was changed into the service fee for the above explained reason. So it is not pointless.
  5. Tungstonid

    T10 battles minimum 53% winrate

    But why 58-60%? Why not reserve T10 for the Top 24 players of the server?
  6. May I ask what I missed? I really doubt that any law regarding Nazi symbols and flags was loosened in Germany.
  7. Since when do we measure a ship's performace on the number of "nice targets to shoot", i.e. purely on the number of new ships introduced?... And wasn't there a (global) rudder shift nerf, too, at some point? CAs also got "more nice targets to shoot at" with every BB (and other ship) line introduced, yet you wouldn't use this as an argument to show how well CAs are doing, would you?...
  8. Never heard a Monty player complain. They were gone too fast. On a serious note: Doesn't it just show that e.g. Monty is a better all-round package compared to the Yamato. She may not be able to fight (bow-on) BBs as good as the Yamato but she can do everything else as good or even better. And then you have the Conqueror who burns down everything regardless.
  9. I am not saying that she is a bad ship, but calling her one of the most powerful seems a bit exaggerated. What she has going for her is the calibre for the overmatch and the sigma. I'd say she is decent, but not one of the most powerful. That's why you don't see her in (serious) CBs. And before people start with "Hurr durr, she is a BB which makes her one of the most powerful..." IIRC, according to WG ships on tier X are better balanced against each other than on (some/most?) other tiers.
  10. Tungstonid

    Clan Leader gone AWOL

    While it is true that the clan leader paid, usually all active members help the clan grow by collecting oil for buildings and taking part in CB. All this goes to waste they open a new one because the leader is absent over longer periods of time for whatever reason. A case can be made that it is not a simple "He paid so he owns it". Actually, since it is in fact owned by WG, they can do with it what they deem fit. Including giving it to other members.
  11. Tungstonid

    Question to BB players

    Don't expect anything and you won't be dissapointed. (Then again, we are playing WoWS...) The dispersion of BB guns is one of the results of balancing all the other characteristics like damage and calibre (helps with overmatching armour). You can try to decrease the dispersion, e.g. by modules, or to get closer (although it is still RNG-dependent). But the only way to cope with it is the sentence above. And that you try to never rely on a single salvo because more often than not you will need several for what should be gg ez.
  12. Tungstonid


    Because they want to distingiush themselves from the white population or are separated from the white population, depending on how you look at it. You don't have to go as far as the USA. You can see the same in different groups in Europe. Russian and East-Europeans gangs, gypsy families or Turkish/North-African/Near-East clans, just to name a few examples. It is more of a social/cultural thing.
  13. Tungstonid


    Am I the only one who questions the "We have to respect everyone" part? My normal stance towards strangers is that I tolerate them as long as their words or actions don't harm me or other people (to make it short). What I certainly don't respect are certain cultural, religious or other ideas they may identify with. But that doesn't make me racist or any other "-ist". For me, respect is earned, not automatically given.
  14. Tungstonid


    IIRC at least for the CoE event, WG prevented people from entering one team when numbers were too imbalanced. During CoE, one team had an advantage from the get-go because of more members, that's right. However, at some point the outcome was staged. I am not sure whether one team was really supposed to win but the second stage looked strange regarding the results, when the team with less members suddenly seemed to have a decisive advantage. One way or the other, WG - probably like most companies - tinkers with the results to not demotivate players of the losing team.