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  1. The Language Barrier in game.

    Actually it is "das Fräulein" (neutral), although this word is rarely used nowadays. "Die Frau" (feminine) might be the first sex-related noun which describes adult females in general. Btw, there is an "e" missing at the end of "Jung" ;) You also forgot that some words change their meaning depending on the gender you give them, e.g. "Tau" which - in its masculine form - means dew (as in morning dew) while in its neutral form can either stand for a kind of rope or the Greek letter.
  2. How do I get more patches?

    Yep, you can get them from daily containers but them being a rarer additional item plus the possibility to also get duplicates (which IMO should not be possible) might make it hard to collect all or the one you want.
  3. Do you have a TL;DR version of this? Especially if you refer to and copy from your previous threads? Regarding the "WoWS is no fun" problematic... speak for yourself. I usually have fun when playing. Else I wouldn't stick with it. The problem with WoWS's low attractiveness is that it fits in neither the fast-paced ego shooter genre (like CS:GO, BF or CoD, even WoT is closer to them) nor the fantasy/SciFi MMO genre (like WoW, Star Trek online, etc). It is specificially for players who are attracted to ships of around the first and second world war era (and don't look for a simulator). So you have a very limited number of interested people to begin with.
  4. Richelieu, your opinon on guns dispersion?

    Well... Welcome to playing BBs. What could have made French BBs competitive and interesting compared to other ships? It sounds like there is something WG could have copied/taken inspiration from the real life things. I doubt it is the glass bottom, the white flag or the speed boost. Yes, all the dispersion of all BBs is awful ... compared to CAs or DDs. Whether it is good or not is a different topic. If you think dispersion and sigma values don't matter, you should read a bit about this topic, though... While RNG decides the outcome of a salvo, there is a measurable difference between 1,8 and 2,1 sigma.
  5. It is. Just visit OP's profile. But what I found more fascinating is his excessive number of battles in DDs coupled with his suggestion. (Warning, sarcasm detected)
  6. Or you see it like this: you have three options for ok rewards and a low chance to get an SC (which is a win either way compared to nothing at all or the aforementioned daily missions we had before the container system) or you sacrifice some of the ok rewards for a slightly higher chance to get a SC (which is still a win). Which is good for several reasons. Premium account, ships and camos (and sometimes flags) give money to WG so they can keep up the servers. Alternatively, if you are a cheap scrub like I am, you can play a low tier game from time to time which are still fun and will make money so you can enjoy your higher tiers. They are not supposed to. They are a daily reward for players who play some games. They are not meant to give you a large economical advantage. That is what different premium offers are for. Commanders can be respecced with free captain's exp and port slots can be received via different missions (or even normal containers). There is no need to spend dubloons on those. What are the other mundane expenses you are talking about? All I can think of are premium consumables (again, you don't need dubloons for those) or some camos where IMO is also no need to buy them since you get them on a regular basis via missions. Not always the high performing ones in large numbers but you certainly get enough to keep them on ships which need them. And again, containers are not supposed to make players playing only tier 9 and 10 without premium account self-sufficient. 50k credits might not be much but compared to nothing at all it is at least something. These ideas actually sound interesting. IMO they could be implemented even without changing anything of the current container system.
  7. Explain this before I lose my s**t

    Inb4 people telling you that you only did so well because your team lacked decent players to carry you.
  8. Yeah, it is not really a BBaby thread but an actual request for more realism. That should have been clear from the beginning, though. Nowhere he mentions how the bad DDs make large holes in his BB with their torpedoes so they need to be nerfed. But it is interesting to see how some people jump to conclusions as soon as they read certain key words or phrases like "limited torpedoes" and neglect the actual point of the thread.
  9. Do you really think this is a good idea after all the games you played with DDs, especially with IJN ones?... Oh wait, my bad. On a serious note: There are reasons why WoWS lacks realism in certain departments. Most DDs only had one shot with every torpedoe launcher (except for some IJN DDs which could reload on the open sea once) before rearming at a base or larger ship (was that even a thing?). Now imaging what the game turns into if you take away unlimited torpedoes. Most DDs will - after launching their torpedoes - return to the base to rearm instead of giving needed support in spotting, contesting objectives and harassing. Depending on where you put the reload bases this might take ages. They need some minutes to return to the base, wait a minute or two and then have to return to the battlefield. I just don't see how this can be any fun. Especially because torpedoe salvoes are far from being a guaranteed kill. While USN, SU, KM (and Pan-Asian) DDs can still use their guns and are not totally reliant on their torpedoes, this is not the case for IJN DDs because their guns are ok-ish but just can't keep with everyone else's. Why don't you try how your idea would work? Start the IJN DD line and go to tier 3 or 4. You have one torpedoe salvo and if you want more you have to retreat to your spawn and wait one or two minutes. Only then you can return to the battlefield again. Or you start a training room session with bots under the same conditions, although this is way easier because the bots will be stationary and won't shoot back. This was suggested before but, again, for the sake of better gameplay was not implemented. If anything this won't lead to a change of behaviour but to more toxicity in chat and easier harassing of team members. A similar thing goes for islands. While I would give it a try, I wouldn't implement it permanently. And to rely on (random) team mates to free you from the beach? I'd rather prefer not to... When two friendly ships ram each other, both captains get a penalty, no matter what the chat messages say. A certain mesaure of realism is ok but the most important thing should be the gameplay which automically will lead to less realism. WoWS is not a simulation game.
  10. When will happen next Free XP conversion?

    I think you have to see it the other way around. So close to the date when the Missouri will leave forever a lot of players who otherwise won't convert free exp will think twice if there is a discount they can use. It is not about the players converting free exp for the Musashi but about those few who are willing to throw money at WG to get the Missouri if you give them the right ... stimuli. And who are you to tell people what they deserve in a game and what they don't deserve? What about (new) players who are willing to learn or (re)start with certain experiences and therefore are not comparable to the "monkeys" you blame them to be but still can't afford the Missouri? And when exactely do players count as monkeys? Get down from your high horse...
  11. Destroyer numbers

    It is not just that DD players have different skill levels and that it is more important who got more and better support but not every DD plays the same. Different concealment ratings (e.g. Shimakaze vs Khabarovsk) and main weapons (torpedoe boat vs hybrid vs gun boat) are also important. Some Khaba players don't (want to) go for caps because they are outspotted by every other DD and therefore can draw fire faster than their IJN/USN/PAN-Asian counterpart, not to mention that they are best at using their speed plus shooting from higher distances. Just to give one example.
  12. +T8 closed for BAD Players

    But this is the crux why this topic - or rather the whole situation - comes up and up again, isn't it? WoWS is a game and as such it attracts players because they are looking for fun which is what motivates them to play. However, fun can be defined in many different ways and achieved by many different means. Some get their fun out of the challenge a game provides (i.e. play for victory), others like the graphics, the historical aspects, want to derp or sabotage battles. This on the other hand means that a victory in battle - although probably the intended main goal by the developers and accepted by part of the playerbase - is just one of many possibilities players have to satisfy their need for fun. And this explains why players as shown by @deadly_if_swallowed still play the game. Their main goal is not victory but one of the other possibilities and they certainly don't care about what others think about it. This allows them to play the game over and over again without the slightest need or motivation to improve themselves or at least play classes which are less influential.
  13. Błyskawica Game(in the background) play COBI

    Pseudo-Lego? But DDs are boring. I want my Yamato.
  14. +T8 closed for BAD Players

    Reminds me of a show I watched. Topic was indentured servitude: "It's not slavery, it's friendly, happy, nice slavery." "Slavery+" As soon as you divide or exclude players based on their skill, it is skill-based MM. Making up another word for it doesn't change anything. I doubt WG could afford to do this. Not necessarily because of economic reasons but if you want to ban bad players from tier 8+, you will have two major issues: 1) Players will leave the game or simply not play because they are not allowed to play their favourite ships anymore which - depending on the extent - will make it harder to form matches, especially at tier 10 because of a lower available player count. 2) From a bad player's point of view they don't have any reason anymore to fight ships of tier 8 and above because they know their opponent is more skilled and they have less to non of a chance to do anything. This means more frustration because of some will simply give up faster than they already do... I am not saying the current system is perfect, especially with tier 8 premium ships for new players or tier 10 players who just died through hundreds of battles to get there. But excluding them outright IMO is the wrong way. To be fair, a high WR doesn't automatically mean it is fun or the player is happy. Games which are too easy (hence you have a high WR) usually become boring very fast. Some players don't care about their WR if they have fun but rather care about graphics, challenges, the historical aspects/fluff or that something somewhere makes boom on their screen. And be it their own ship.
  15. New bonus codes

    Are those the Naval Legends Missions? Well, thanks anyway.