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  1. Yes, flooding reduces your max speed and you can only get one flooding at a time. edit: The amount of HP you lose per tick depends on the max HP of the ship you are sailing. Maybe this is the reason why it sometimes feel you lose more? Because this ship has more HP?
  2. You are doing it wrong. No, seriously, I play my Yamato with a secondary build between mid and close range. Works fine. No need for border hugging and sniping although the ability to do so comes in handy from time to time.
  3. And we were talking about the AP setup. I thought this was clear because otherwise you can't explain 98% HP loss on a FdG. With the AP setup your Edinburgh might have gotten some overpens if at all. So it still very much depends on the setup you have to choose BEFORE the match started. Yes, unfortunately WG wants to introduce gimmicks to all new lines so they play differently. Yesterday Crysantos interviewed one of the executive producers where he confirmed this. He also announced that CVs (and some relevant captain skills) will be reworked next year. So maybe we will see some improvements there if it doesn't work out like the last time this was announced...
  4. But isn't that the problem? She is overly effective against one certain class (or better to say: some ships of a certain class) but can't really do anything else. Fighters are sub-optimal and the bombers can't really hurt DDs and CAs/CLs. So basically Graf Z relies on the brainless yolo rushing and isolated BB more than any other CV. And as soon as you don't have any of these in a match you just take away a slot in your team.
  5. Well, considering what people see daily, not just in WoWS, the bar is set very low indeed. Sometimes it feels like you are lucky that your team mates can at least press W.
  6. So maybe a new gamemode combined with some CotE kind of competition?
  7. So you are basically complaining about a loss because of you? That's a new one. I'd say that the Kutuzov is one of the few CAs that can deal very well with being uptiered. Also, there is nothing wrong with the MM because it actually allows a slight difference in tiers between the two teams. I'd rather see you having one less DD in your team as a problem than that one tier difference. Especially because it is a domination match.
  8. Someone said that it unlocks a mission in WoT which gives further rewards... Nothing official though. But maybe this is the problem?
  9. I am sorry, but I don't really see the point of this thread. I could understand it if the campaign was still ongoing (and we had those back then, too) but it is over for two and a half months now. What excately is the problem? If you meet a bad Bismarck player today you can't tell whether he got his Bismarck during the campaign, before the campaign or died his way up afterwards since he had enough time by now. So there is no real point anymore to complain about it. And maybe it is a good thing that your fear of the Bismarck is gone? This way you don't turn tail anymore as soon as you see one. I know, everyone has his nemesis but fear rarely contributes anything positive to the outcome of an engagement.
  10. Yeah, and the result is that for every ship the bad players go one after another because they can't afford to play it anymore, hence the "server damage" (average damage of all players with this ship?) increases steadiliy. So in the end nearly every player will pay for playing every ship about 200k credits extra... That will certainly solve the problems we have, by punishing every player including the average and good ones.
  11. And it gets better. According to a GZ I tester I had in my team today, you can't panic German AP DBs with Def AA. So basically all you can do is A) try to maneuvre and hope to avoid at least some bombs which is not easy because of the quite slim drop area B) hope for your and allies' AA to shoot down at least some planes before they can drop. I don't know how to feel about it... Sure, having bombers with lower stats than average might be a way to balance it, but as Unintentional_Submarine said: They are either close to useless or wreck the target that it is no fun anymore. I also don't really understand why every new ship line has to have a gimmick. Balabncing exisiting stats, ok. Trying out new types of ammunition... depends, but ok. But everything else? At some point it just gets messy.
  12. You can only activate this option if you actually have them. If you have them and you still can't see them, change your ship filtres in the port. There is an option to hide them so you can see them neither in your port nor in battle.
  13. For, like, every event and update so far? NA gets different missions and prices, so better stick to the EU staff announcements if you play on EU. NA gets updates (usually) a day earlier, so better stick to EU staff announcements if you play on EU for the update date.
  14. All secondary guns on a ship have the same firing range. So it probably shows different calibres or - considering that it stacks - the number of guns able to shoot at a certain angle.