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  1. Gameplay Suggestion : Fuel System

    Atm he looks more like a cruiser main , though. But that's hard to tell after just 500 battles.
  2. Missions thanks for nothing

    There is always content where certain parts of the playerbase are excluded from for various reason. You can't play CW if you don't join a clan, have tier X ships and/or can't unlock the leased ships. You can't play ranked without the appropriate tier. You can't (or rather, you can hardly) fulfill a mission like "Do 10 torpedoe hits in one battle" or "Do 100 secondary battery hits" if you limit yourself to BBs and DDs respectively. IF someone thinks she/she really needs that captain even though they don't have the means to do so at that moment, they have a choice of either skip it and wait for another opportunity or to find a workaround. Is it worth investing 40€ for a tier 8 premium ship just so you can unlock a captain with some bonuses? That is something everyone has to answer for himself. Notser got a point in his video that it looks like P2W if you also offer unique captains in the shop which I am not fond of either. However, now they are here. At least I, personally, am over buying stuff just so I have "the better opportunity", as he describes it. I did that mistake once in another online game. But again, this is something everyone has to decide for himself. Is it worth 15€ to get a captain with bonuses or not? If people have that money and are willing to spend because they have nothing better to do, so be it. Not that I can tell anyway, whether someone uses a unique commander, be it one from a mission or the premium shop, against me or not. Would I even notice the difference between a normal captain and a unique one in the majority of cases while being on the receiving end? Someone who takes a different hobby seriously will also invest more money in better equipment. Be it better shoes for football or running or a better instrument and sound system for a hobby musician. But someone who can't shoot straight or doesn't know his harmonics will still be inferior to someone who knows one or the other.
  3. Missions thanks for nothing

    Why should WG not be allowed to change the difficulty/accessibility of their content, when they deem previous mission for similar content too easy (or maybe even too hard)? Or for any other arbitrary reason we might not know about? It makes sense if they want to motivate players, especially newer ones, to play more or to ... find another way to fulfill the tier requirements if you chatch my drift. It being unfair is kind of subjective. It is as "unfair" as nation and class or even specific ship requirements and by ship requirements I don't necessarily mean premium ships. In the most cases it can be dumbed down to "you have set yourself the wrong priorities to fulfill this mission". Be it playtime or liking/disliking of a certain class or nation (or ship type, i.e. strong secondary battery or torpedoe armament).
  4. Missions thanks for nothing

    The next question is... Does every content have to available/acessible for new players? Are captains with (in most cases) questionable bonuses(bonus combinations really something which puts new players at a disadvantage, considering that they most likely will have chances in the future to earn the same/another one? Is it really game-breaking when someone with 1000 battles can't earn every reward, a player with 5000 or 10000 battles can earn?
  5. Fire quick grab the hose!!

    You will always get HE spam and fires but fire prevention can help if you see them as a big problem. Since you are a less experienced player: management of your DCP and repair party as well as positioning is also very important. Don't use your DCP on just one fire, use repair party instead to heal most of it with an equal speed as you get damaged. Use DCP when you get two or more fires at once. (Might depend on the exact battle situation, though). And don't get focused by too many ships firing HE by using cover to minimize the angles of possible incoming fire. Also no straight sailing.
  6. Regarde Elite, XP and progression

    Converting elite exp into free exp can be very costly, so I would refrain from doing that unless you have a very good reason which IMO the modules of a tier 5 CV are not. Zuhio should be playable with stock (not upgraded) modules. I would save the free exp instead and use it once you get to higher tiers (or if you want to have a free exp ship). I, personally, tend to play all ships in their stock configuration until I have enough normal exp to unlock modules and the successor ships. This is also entirely possible, although some people will tell you that (at least for some ships) it is a painful grind.
  7. Missions thanks for nothing

    It doesn't. Tier is restricted, nations are not.
  8. Very harsh in match TK penalty

    As unfortunately as it might be in your case but why should the AFK system consider whether the client is connected or not? The internet (and therefore the client) can be disconnected quite easily. In my case I just need to pull a plug and can put it back in as soon as I got a disconnect. And I am not sure if it makes a difference for the server whether someone disconnected because the internet failed or because the client crashed. IMO in both cases the server loses connection to the client without being able to "get a reason". So, if disconnected clients were to get a less harsh punishment, what would stop me from simply disconnecting from the internet when my doorbell or telephone rang? Or just because I don't like the matchup? And I get away with a softer punishment than I get for actually being AFK in the battle for 10/15/20 minutes or leaving it via the menu?
  9. Missions thanks for nothing

    Ok, apparently it shows everything BUT the tier requirement... Still, you could (and should) have looked at the news for detailed information. So it is not WGs "fault" (if you want to call it that).
  10. Missions thanks for nothing

    Tier 7 and 8 are only a high requirement for new players (at least for those who don't buy a tier 8 ship right from the get-go). You want to play missions for higher tiers? Play more and reach higher tiers (or take the shortcut via money which I don't recommend). And no, just because you reached tier 8 (or 9 or 10), doesn't mean you don't need 10 points captains anymore. They are good if you start new lines/nations or if you want to keep ships and need a captain for them. Furthermore, this is a special one with bonuses on certain skills so even if you had every KM ship and a 19p captain for every ship, it would still be worth it to get this one and level him if you want to optimize a ship. 10 points are more than enough for a new captain, even (or rather especially?) with those mission requirements. Here you go: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/premshop/never-going-to-get-to-franz/ Also, if I am not mistaken you should be able to see the mission requirements when you hover your mouse over the bars in the mission window.
  11. Battleship change/rebalance

    He was neither turning nor pointing his bow in my direction but he showed broadside.
  12. Battleship change/rebalance

    I agree with FishDogFoodShack. KM BBs can be citadelled at higher ranges even though don't turn and show their belly. I citadelled a Bismarck with my Gneisenau at nearly max range (was at the beginning of the battle). Edit: I don't say it is easy but it possible. Swap as in "cruisers get BB range while BBs get cruiser range"? This is NOT a solution. What will happen is that cruisers will turn tail as soon as they see a BB. They then can kite the BB over the whole map, whittling it down while the BB itself can't shoot back and doesn't have the speed to catch up and get back into firing range. I guess you can imagine yourself how frustrating this will be. As much as it sometimes s*cks, BBs need their higher firing range to prevent this scenario from happening. I'd rather take worse dispersion at longer ranges (which has disadvantages itself) than inferior range (and speed and mobility and concealment) compared to the class I am supposed to counter. Not that it really matters since I prefer to get in close.
  13. Which would happen either way, no matter how you force BBs to get in close and personal. Or BBs and DDs switch places, i.e. DDs "flanking" all around the map "because they need space" while BBs are near the objectives. Do you at least see my point? You either keep it as it is and complain about BBs (or more precisely, a certain group of BB players) and their campy playstyle or you change it and suddenly it is not right either for one of the before mentioned reasons. Btw, I agree with your concern in general. Not every ship, let alone every ship class, is meant to work in narrow spaces or at close (or middle or long) distances. Most of the BBs will shine in at middle to close range (but as someone mentioned on FB, it will also be easier to hit BBs with, say, torpedoes, the more their space is limited). The mechanic of a decreasing safe map size, however, opens up another strategic layer and might motivate players to rather attack BBs than cruisers or DDs because the former will become important in the late game (which means you weaken the enemy's potential to win later in the battle and make it easier for your cruisers and DDs in the late game) while the latter can be "easily" dealt with as soon as they have nowhere to run (which, if BBs are focused more often, takes some of the heat off of them in the beginning). Yeah I know, nobody will shoot at a BB which sits at 20 km and might come close 10 minutes later... But maybe border camping won't even start in this mode.
  14. BBs are allowed to camp --> This is not right because they don't support their team at the objectives, don't tank etc. BBs are forced into middle to close engagement ranges --> This is not right either because now they can inflict much/more damage to cruisers and DDs So what is it now? Sometimes it feels like people are looking for a reason (which in this case is justified, I give you that) to complain about others, while at the same time they don't want anything to change because this will make it harder for them to play.