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  1. Sexy_Nightmare

    Ignis/Ragnarock Secondary Rework

    my mistake about the accuracy, but that also doesnt make much sense where in warhammer you tend to want to be closer not further away
  2. Sexy_Nightmare

    Ignis/Ragnarock Secondary Rework

    bearing in mind they have 33s reload and 0.1 worse sigma than tech tree amagi i really hope they change them to fit more in line with warhammer playstyles
  3. Sexy_Nightmare

    Halloween: Nightmare Operations

    oh hey halloween again, hope they make 2nd operation easier since nobilium was a very strong help for the team with the omni heal and disable
  4. Sexy_Nightmare

    so no more crowns to get?

    the crowns expire in a week but the missions have gone back to give camos and flags, so thats it?
  5. Sexy_Nightmare

    container missions

    so ive recently gotten edinburgh and hood missions, both ships are in my port already so if i complete them do i get nothing/credits/gold?
  6. Sexy_Nightmare

    Bug Reports

    this was my problem too, i believe it has something to do with the reload skill bugging the guns somehow
  7. Sexy_Nightmare

    Bug Reports

    i was playing the halloween cruiser in the scenario to seal the gate so enemies couldnt chase transylvania anymore i had just sunk the gorgon and passed 1.2m damage but after that my guns went bananas and scattered shells everywhere while the reload/heal skill was active i could not do much for the duration of the skill except radar and hope nothing spawned near me
  8. Sexy_Nightmare

    increased processor tanking

    after the recent patch the game is taking over 50% of my processor when it previously took 20%, its not the best processor but this increase is ridiculous and makes the game unplayable, aswell as making anything else on my pc unuseable while the game is on picture is of me on loading screen while battle continues untill after 4-5 minutes i finally get to play
  9. Sexy_Nightmare

    Skin Request - Fog Warships

    can you get a new link? the file is gone