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  1. I am not urging you to let this be your decision


  2. If you want to play without pressure, let me know Ts: whyou.pl

    1. strangers123


      If I join a clan it will be for a week to do the stalingrad flags, even then its unlikely I will be joining anything, knowing my personality when it comes to commitments

    2. Oubie


      we do not hook up with this ship, we just want to have fun


  3. Hello Captains! I am here to talk to you about a training/learning community I would like to build for World of Warships, based off the concept of the World of Tanks community the Specialists Global Tank Academy. We even share the same teamspeak! Our goal is to be able to provide a learning community of players that are willing to teach and explain to players how the game works, be it from the basics of shooting, down to the intricate and constantly evolving meta of the game. Who am I? I am Strangers123. Before I started playing World of Warships I played World of tanks, and eventually found out about SGTA, the training community that inspired me to create one for World of Warships as well. Overall, as of the time I write this I have over 2000 games played post game release decently split over the different ship classes, and some more from the Closed Beta period, and coming as an Instructor from SGTA, I have some experience in...explaining...gameplay to others. What is SGWA? The core of the learning "process" (or curriculum) is split into what I like to call "Theme Trees". Each "theme" is usually a 10-20 minute long "course" to cover a specific topic, such as "Manual Dive Bomber drops". Multiple themes are then combined to make a "lesson", such as "Introduction to SkyClick...I mean Aircraft Carriers" and would typically be around an hour, perhaps a bit more of time's worth in learning. The three main theme trees are: Introductory: where we cover the basics in a intuitive way for a new player to ease oneself into the game as smoothly as possible, and for experienced players to go back to basics with a class one might never have properly tried out. Themes in this tree are designed in a progressive way, each step taking your gameplay another step farther. Open the spoiler for the introductory theme tree visualised Gameplay: This is where we cover the more intricate details of the game, and where we explain more niche things such as AA tanking with planes, captain skills and the different builds available, what types of ammo to shoot at specific positions of a ship and so on. Techniques: is where we cover (obviously) techniques that can be used to your advantage in game, from the basics of how and why we angle our armour in a certain way (AKA DONT SAIL BROADSIDE) to more fancy ones such as how to cross-drop torpedoes against destroyers with an aircraft carrier, how to evade torpedoes and some meta play. Outside of the curriculum, I hope that people can enjoy playing with members of the community, learn the game (and hopefully enjoy it more) Interested? Requirements: Tell ya what, there really aren't any. All we require is that you have a Wargaming account for the European server, that you can speak and understand English and that you are a respectful person to be around, both in and outside of the community. Why specifically an EU account? Its quite simple. We are based in the EU server, with our instructors and staff having EU accounts for World of Warships. Since our port and ships are based in the EU region, without having access to this it would be difficult to explain stuff on a different region without having access to the tools necessary. Want to join? For now this is our home <- Click for link to forum page The recruitment process is quite simple Links: Looks kinda blank doesn't it? Thats because it is! Lets build a great and helpful learning community together!