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  1. Eeeyy finally something I promised from ages ago! 105 planes shot down in a Zao... #AA lives matters
  2. yeah, unfortunately, the organisation just let it...die out... MTM lost interest and I moved on to full time OMNI competitive play/organisation Terribly sorry for that Probably should get WG to lock this thread tho
  3. Short stat highlight video series where I highlight the important parts of a ship's capabilities with some gameplay But first, I want to insert mandatory complaint about replay system functionality And my crappy editing skills.. Feel free to comment, criticise and complain about my work.
  4. I did a ragetest after a Alabama ST session on stream I found that the Fusou spamming HE performs better And is more comfortable....for me at least...
  5. Try doing anything productive after playing the Alabama ST >__>
  6. Which realistically is just a strangers123 highlight reel but dont tell anyone that ;) Hope you enjoy!
  7. Its basically a 1 shot crit change deal, its binary. Either a plane is alive, or its dead. The reason you sometimes see planes live for like 10 seconds and then suddenly 2 fall out of the sky is because of a system of increasing chance to kill the longer its in range and you havent done anything. The "Average DPS" deal is to give you a general indication of what you can overall expect out of your guns over large sample sizes. Don't forget that AA guns have their attack intervals. Autocannons shoot more than once a second, DP guns take a few seconds to reload and this is reflected in their attack intervals. This is why Hakuryuu DP (250 DPS base) is much better than the Midway DP 200 DPS. When you start upgrading these, the attack alpha of the Haku's AA reaches the point where you start getting insane 1-shot crits, and failing to 1shot something might mean you down 2 on the next attack. Its for this reason, not considering defensive, its arguable that the Hakuryuu has the best AA of any ship in the game up front.
  8. I actually forgot to spec my darned captain >__>
  9. Finally got around to actually making another one...Just in time for new year, so why not take a replay from way back in 2015? Been looking at trying to actually make something out of this replay for ages...and seeing if CV gameplay can be made bitesize more entertaining while I'm at it!
  10. And aircraft carriers. Like you, Shoukaku-chan <3 Lets think numbers again though: EU currently has 6 Supertest Coordinators 4 of them play Kantai Collection 1 of them identifies as an aircraft carrier Thats a good ratio, no?
  11. I can't keep things short and simple, Can I...
  12. As the person who did the actual recruitment (for the most part) We did NOT consider actual forum activity in number of posts. At all. What WAS considered was your forum warnings/rule breaches. If you have 0 forum posts and 0pms sent, you have 0 chance to have said something that would have netted you a forum sanction. To answer some questions I'll probably end up sounding quite disrespectful with what I'm about to say here, but thanks for your feedback anyways Just to further go into detail in how the selection process was done. One of the major "deciding points" for me when picking some of the recruits was the effort they put into their application. If one did not put the effort to find the secret password, or read the terms and conditions to find the bug reporting template, then I don't feel they warrant me putting effort into their application. At all. Its a basic respect for the requirements that in this case was not put in by some applicants. With 50 slots were looking to fill, about 250 unique applicants and about 100 ish that failed the password/bug report or both...There are enough people that did succeed in finding both of these to select the 50 members from. From here on, I noticed that there were quite a bunch that "only" found one of two of the words in the "Sekrit Password" (GLORIOUS SERVER HAMSTER, blessed be his name). I quickly sifted through those applications to find if there were some "redeeming ones" From here on, the process was: We have a system for referrals. Yes you can say that "if you have friends in ST, you have a higher chance to get into ST". Which is IN A WAY TRUE, but bear with me please: Those that have long standing friends in the ST, and the ST members in question have provided greatly to the supertest, if they say that their friend could be a very useful addition to the ST, then we would like to consider that referral as quite valid. If you can prove to the ST overall that you would be a valuable addition, such as providing quality forum posts, guides, bug reports and whatnot, then there is always the chance that the many forumites in the ST would refer you to join the Supertest. Or if you talk and play regularly with members of the ST and show that you can provide good quality constructive criticism. (which in this case you have, hjsteg) The number of applicants that were shortlisted that had referrals: 8 The number of these that would have most likely gotten into the shortlist due to quality application anyways: 6 or 7 of them I'm obviously not going to disclose their names or who referred them. We have previously had very good experiences with referrals from existing supertesters, and many of those that have been referred have provided greatly to the supertest as well. After this, I read through the remaining applications, specifically: "Why you want to get in the Supertest?", "A short review of a ship" and "Your own example of a bug report" Mostly, what mattered here was the good effort one put into the application itself. Those that wrote "I want to livetest ships" in their "Why do you want to get in the Supertest" had a much lower chance than for example someone who said that they have a great passion for the game, wanted to help find bugs and issues, give quality feedback (which I'm more likely to "believe" if the quality of the application is high) and otherwise shows interest in what the ST is about. If your short review of a ship was just "I like this ship" then for the same reasons as above, there isn't quality or effort in the application. One who said for example: Ship X: +Highly accurate guns with a high rate of fire +Strong Anti Air +Great maneuverability for a ship this size -Poorly armoured and is highly vulnerable to citadels -Shells that go to the moon before coming back -Lack of utility and upfront pushing power Has a higher chance of getting being shortlisted. Bonus points if anyone wants to guess which ships I could be referring to. PS: its a Hightier™ The bug report was really your place to shine, and considering the nature of the Supertest, I placed some good weight on the quality of this one. WoWs is computer software. Its a game. There are bound to be bugs and issues everywhere, some very noticeable, many not so much, and being able to accurately describe how one is able to break the game over and over is an important skill. While we said theres no prize for creativity, what we mean is that you are to follow the bug report template found in the Terms and Condition (the ST rules), §5.5.5 1. Description: Clear and substantial description containing all necessary details. Example: Supertest application form has a too small character limit 2. Reproduction steps: A sequence of the player's actions which triggered the bug. Example: Attempt to accurately and in detail report a bug in the ST application form and then attempt to send it. 3. Result: In-game experience resulting from the bug. Example: You get told there is a character limit 4. Expected result: In-game experience which should have occurred if no bug is present. Example: That I am able to report a bug accurately and in detail 5. Technical details Example: Strangers cannot write short bug reports at 13:37 hours, see ST feedback threads. It didn't mean that you couldn't have a good sense of humour in the bug report What we did NOT consider: Was the bug real or not. In fact, one of the "bug reports" that stood out positively was a humourous prod at WG's "mission design decisions" This one is really to see if the applicant: Understands that the developers prefer their bug reports according to this template, and therefore will use it for their bug reports Can find bugs in the game, or recognise what could potentially be a bug (either by reporting an existing, or previous bug, or by making one up) Can describe the events that lead up to being able to reproduce them. Now...there was a clan "quota". going both ways. We wanted to limit the number of members of selected clans, highly competitive ones to be specific. In fact, if you want me to be extremely specific, then my clan, OMNI, for example had about 8 applicants (1 was nuked [way of speech ] for other reasons). Only ONE of them got on the shortlist, despite many others having solid applications and I feel they would be of some value to the ST. The reasoning behind this is 1: Get members of top clans into the ST, but not too many. I.E competitive playerbase is represented, but not over-represented. 2: Not to get too many members of the SAME CLAN into the ST (which was the primary "clan quota selection process". Ensure clans have their competitive representatives for future development of the game, but ensure a healthy distribution of them so it doesnt become OMNI-ST or something. The remaining ST prospects were selected based on other needs of the ST, to fill the 50 shortlist and 20 reserves we have right now. What we did NOT consider negatively for ANY application is: Battle performance stats: Winrate, damage, average kills, planes...such things PC specifications: Lower end PCs are welcome in the ST, as they are more likely to cause issues, and therefore generate different bug reports, for example. Age: At this stage, were not considering your age as any conclusive indicator of ones value to the ST. Thats for a later stage. However, we value the honesty that some of the applicants have displayed. Total battles played as an independent metric: Someone with 200 games played can still provide better feedback than someone with 8000 games played, and they have different experiences of the game. There is no TL;DR. I'm too lazy. Hopefully this explains any remaining questions regarding the recruitment process for this wave of ST recruits.
  13. The most important thing is that you present yourself as someone useful to the ST, and that if you do have long periods of AFKness that we know about it (we have means for STs to announce that you're AFK)
  14. One can always rescind their application ;) Lets be honest here, people only stay in the ST if they feel the work the put in is valued, and they want to. The quite generous rewards as of yet (ST camo and flag) would really not compensate for the many hours I've put into the ST, but I still do it, The reason I'm still here is because I enjoy it, and I have fun doing it.