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  1. I just realised...why is this under "General Guides"? lul Probably belongs in the video/streams section more. Meh I guess this is where the original post ended up
  2. Completely forgot I still had this thread lying around... Might as well put it to some use then!
  3. I am not urging you to let this be your decision


  4. If you want to play without pressure, let me know Ts: whyou.pl

    1. strangers123


      If I join a clan it will be for a week to do the stalingrad flags, even then its unlikely I will be joining anything, knowing my personality when it comes to commitments

    2. Oubie


      we do not hook up with this ship, we just want to have fun


  5. No post game commentary this time (maybe I'll redo that tomorrow, who knows) but enjoy the 2nd map vs WGP2W from OMNI!
  6. Grats to WGP2W, you finally did it ;) While I rarely even visit the forums nowadays (not like I bothered much even back when I was a Supertest Coordinator LUL), figured I'd post this here Thread where I upload recordings and post game cast/commentaries from OMNI
  7. Supertest is Opening the Gates

    I'd throw pretty much all of that hope straight out the window as the ST usually recruit in waves, which are publicly announced (like this one) and you did dig up an old recruitment thread that has long since closed
  8. Eeeyy finally something I promised from ages ago! 105 planes shot down in a Zao... #AA lives matters
  9. Specialists Global Warships Academy

    yeah, unfortunately, the organisation just let it...die out... MTM lost interest and I moved on to full time OMNI competitive play/organisation Terribly sorry for that Probably should get WG to lock this thread tho