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  1. [ALL] SwedishFox Anime&Art skins

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/221633768521814/?ref=group_header I just opened a facebook group for anime skins. I hope that other modders from all the other servers will join as well. This way we could have ALL anime related skins at one place. Let´s see how this goes :)
  2. [ALL] SwedishFox Anime&Art skins

    So this my anime skin for the Henri IV and my second Akame ga kill skin. But certainly not the last ;) Please leave me a comment or a like in case u download this skin!! https://youtu.be/fpUJs-QQXVQ Download-link is as always in the description on youtube!
  3. [ALL] SwedishFox Anime&Art skins

    So this is the first and only Ibuki anime skin ever. What a shame that it took so many years. But rejoice, it is finally here!! Right now i have only a normal skin for to download, the SDKMod-skin will might be available next week. And as always, the link is in the description on Youtube. https://youtu.be/4lAWYHhDnKM
  4. [] Compass Rose Anime Skins (USA Ships)

    Exactly! I´m told him to keep his skins separated for years now, but he is to cheap to buy more space on his Mediafire account :P
  5. [ALL] SwedishFox Anime&Art skins

    My method with filling out the mg files with this orange color (can´t post dds files on the EU) is very easy, BUT it´s not working with skinz that are using glowing effects! The effect will be gone. Btw, are u from Belgium? I hope they will become champion! GO RED DEVILS
  6. [ALL] SwedishFox Anime&Art skins

    Hello my friends! Today i have amazing news I reworked all the mg files within my skins in a certain way. This way u can now use my skins WITHOUT USING THE CAMOUFLAGE REMOVER MOD!!! So just to be clear, u can install my skins without installing the camouflage remover, which means u can use the ingame skins on all the other ships! Fantastic isn´t it! Of cuz, if u use skins from other skinners, u will probably still need the camouflage remover :/ (unless u wanna rework the mg files by yourself ,which is not very complicated) Feel free to ask me any questions! See ya!
  7. [ALL] SwedishFox Anime&Art skins

    I hope my Kronshtadt-skin is good enough I´m grinding towards the Alsace, so i have plans for her and the Republique too. I won´t bother with the Lyon though. But my very next skin is the Henry IV :)
  8. [ALL] SwedishFox Anime&Art skins

    So this is my Kancolle based skin for the french tier 8 battleship Richelieu. Hope u like it and please leave a comment :) Download-link is in the description on Youtube https://youtu.be/I_XWOyidkI4
  9. [ALL] SwedishFox Anime&Art skins

    Hej hej!! Today i finished the Kronshtadt skin, even though i do not own that ship. But somebody requested the skin very nicely, so i had to do it;) It´s a Girls and Panzer (team pravda) theme, hope u like it:) Please leave a comment or like! Here is a link to my Youtube channel where u can find the download-link! https://youtu.be/nXToBf5Snzc
  10. I still see Azur Lane as a chinese Kancolle clone, BUT this looks actually pretty cool! I can´t imagine the amount of work u put into this.