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  1. SwedishFox

    [] Kantai Collection UI Mod

    This is the greatest UI-Mod in the world, period!!! * * i´m totally unbiased, nor related to the creator in any way!
  2. SwedishFox

    [ALL] SwedishFox Anime&Art skins

    Hejsan! This is my "lazy" skin for the Helena. I used the ingame premium camo as backround. There are 2 skins in the zip file. One in case u do own the Remembrance camo and the other one in case u don´t. https://youtu.be/uKqHRiK3pxQ
  3. SwedishFox

    [ALL] SwedishFox Anime&Art skins

    Hello fellow modders! Since update 0.7.9. dds. files saved in Gimp does not longer work in the game (instand crash). I could still save them in pain.net or photoshop before putting them into the game, but that it not practical. Does anyone have a solution for this problem?? ps: i do NOT wanna use paint or photoshop instead! I tried to open a new topic about this problem on both EU and NA forum, but our helpful moderators erased the topic..... Also contacting WG directly resulted in silence. So once again, THANK U FOR SUPPORTING US MODDERS, WARGAMING!!!
  4. I STLL CAN´T FIND THIS BLOODY SERVER!!!!!!!!!! THERE IS SIMPLY NO BUTTON IN MY GAME CENTER!!! EDIT: OMG WG, what da [edited]?! I finally found out hoe to do it, and it´s not like u explained it. I had to click on install a copy, and THEN chose TST server.............
  5. SwedishFox

    [ALL] SwedishFox Anime&Art skins

    Thanks mate! As soon as i got my head around paint.net :)
  6. SwedishFox

    [ALL] SwedishFox Anime&Art skins

    Hej hej! I added following SDK-skins for the Alsace, Henri IV and Ibuki. Links are on youtube as usually! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAFiTZWKPO6U1kZnokPi0u2G_1mYBqGDA
  7. SwedishFox

    [ALL] SwedishFox Anime&Art skins

    !!Important Update!! Good news!! Thanks to Compass Rose and VikingRDD, i was able to make all my own skins work again. U just need to download and install them again.
  8. SwedishFox

    [] Anime related skins collection modpack

    This XnView opened all files of all my skins with one press on a button and now the program is saving them all at once.....54min left. I´ll go make myself a tea and watch some Netflix
  9. SwedishFox

    [Tool] Content SDK

    That´s fantastic and very surprising news!! Finally we get some sort of appreciation from u devs. I´m looking forward to better relationship with u guys and girls The fix is working nicely with the sdk, HOWEVER our skins are still broken. We have to pull the files from the sdk-zip again, then fix them with the tool, then re-apply our skins. BUT before we can do that we have to open all 2048x2048 or bigger files in paint.net (it´s not working with gimp) and then save them again. It´s easy, but considering the amount of files, it´s like building the pyramids from scratch.... Unless some genius finds a better way
  10. SwedishFox

    [] Unique Camouflage

    WG is his infinite wisdom changed all the dds files. There are now also ddo, dd1 and dd2 files. So no skins are working any longer. There is a workaround (ask Compass Rose) but u have to change manually every single file for every single ship!! On the other hand, i just installed Crooks full Nation pack, and this is for some reason working. I have to find out what he did...
  11. SwedishFox

    [ALL] SwedishFox Anime&Art skins

    Hello fellas! So as u might have noticed WG took a big crap on all modders again. Braking with the newest update ALL of our skins. THANK U WG!! Without saying a word they destroyed all our hard work overnight. There is a way to make them work again, and Compass is working like a maniac on that, but i´m not willing to put in this amount of work just to fix my skins. I mean, other than a couple of likes and nice words from a handful of u guys, i never got anything for my work anyway.... So unless those devs realize what big community they are [edited]with, (and maybe losing) getting their crap together and find a solution for this [edited]-up, i will not work with skins anymore.
  12. SwedishFox

    [] Anime related skins collection modpack

    U speak from my heart my friend!! If i had not so many friends playing it, i would leave it too, just like i did with WOT. The least i can do is not giving them a single dollar from now on. Btw, Stellaris is from a swedish developer, HEJA SVERIGE
  13. SwedishFox

    [] Anime related skins collection modpack

    Compass is re-saving as he calls it all of his skins right now. But it sounds like way to much work. I´m so pissed at WG right now!! Did u hear something from the devs?
  14. SwedishFox

    [] Anime related skins collection modpack

    Can u give me the SDK? I wanna give it a try too.
  15. SwedishFox

    [] Anime related skins collection modpack

    That´s strange. All my old sdk-skins are still working. And they published a new broken SDK version?!?