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  1. Hannibalurg

    Daring out of Meta?

    You rely on your teammates to spot during your smokes so you can dish out some gun DPM, and you can't hold a flank by yourself with 2 minute reload and only 62 knots. Besides, your maximum speed without flag is 35 knots and plenty of cruisers and even some battleships will catch up to you, so you are basicly screwed if no teammates can threaten or atleast slow down their push. Pan-Asian and British smokes are the best, since you get alot of charges and they don't let you linger to long in the same place for too long. American smoke lasts the longest and it will get alot of torpedoes. Daring uses smoke for different reasons, often just to escape without dying.
  2. Hannibalurg

    Daring out of Meta?

    Daring is the most well-rounded DD-line atm. She has heal, decent torps, good maneuverability and nice both gun DPM and Torp DPM. Darings weakness is that she excel in teamoriented gameplay. And you won't find that in random battles. You can consider the Daring as the Jack-of-all-trades, master of none. And for the average dumb [edited]playing this game, it stands out as a boring destroyer to play.
  3. I don't play these peasant gamemodes. People suck hard enough in randoms, give them ekstra objectives would not increase the enjoyment of the game any further.
  4. Hannibalurg

    Looks like they are selling tier x ships aswell

    Wargaming and Putin are both credible. WG has broken so much stuff they have said. If this was a MOBA you could buy your way to Masters.
  5. Hannibalurg

    Survey about recommending the game to someone else

    If you think this is bad, then i suggest you wait and play the Italian Destroyers, now that every ship and their mother have hydro the Italian Destroyers will be less played than the American "Super-Battleships"
  6. Hannibalurg

    Survey about recommending the game to someone else

    None of my friends play this game, and i will never recommend it to them either. I am just too heavly invested i can't back out now.
  7. Hannibalurg

    Matchmaking and CV... I quit!

    Matchmaking is entirely tier based. Player stats are not taking into account. And now you can buy your way into Tier X, something WG once in a past life promised to never happen. Wargaming have made it a habit to break promises and milking the whales for every penny they got, but it doesn't matter. Game is still fun.
  8. Hannibalurg

    This is so incredible frustrating.

    It's not a conspiracy, simple a game mechanic that makes your torps avoid the enemy ship. Maybe even a bug that maybe lets the minus dispersion camo or abilities affect torpedoes and not just shells. It's painfully obvious when there is a unnatural gap and a wild Shima appears inside it. We have seen enough bugs and hidden mechanics affecting torps and shells lately whats one more or less.
  9. Hannibalurg

    This is so incredible frustrating.

    Its painfully obvious its not lagg.
  10. I was standing still broadside. And first volley was perfectly spread, the 2nd volley made me question why the unnatural gap was there. Seconds later it is quite clear why that gap was there. This just makes the game more frustrating then it needs to be. WG Guiding your torps away from other ships. Infuriating. I guess the Shima buys more dobloons than me.
  11. Hannibalurg

    Karma - why it’s pointless

    Maybe i am wrong, maybe i am right. It is only my theory either way :D
  12. Hannibalurg

    instead of the usual 2 teams

    Then everyone would just play Halland. Torp BBs, and burn down CVs
  13. Hannibalurg

    instead of the usual 2 teams

    Please don't give WG more retarded ideas.
  14. Hannibalurg

    Petition: Petropavlovsk needs LONGFIRE_BIGFLOOD

    Outgoing, please game needs balance
  15. Hannibalurg

    Petition: Petropavlovsk needs LONGFIRE_BIGFLOOD

    Petro needs some IJN torps.