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  1. Just call them Cyka Blyat, i don't know what it means. But russians seem to write it alot. I guess its nothing positive.
  2. Hannibalurg

    Cunningham Tokens progression so far?

    Completed my 4 directives, got the London, sold it. No were near getting the captain, just turned it all into credits.
  3. Why would you not convert 2kk Free Exp for the epic "Smaland"? :D
  4. Their CC's are playing on Chinese servers (which no longer gets updated) because the game is in such a very bad condition atm. 2 million Free Exp cost for a T10 mediocre DD pretty much confirms it.
  5. Hannibalurg

    I really dislike Japanese BBs?

    Both Nagato and Amagi are decent enough brawlers, tho i would say Amagi is better suited for the playstyle of the british heavy cruisers, get people to chase you and punish them. Nagato is not a sniper at all. Fuso is a great ship. But so is Nagato and Amagi. Seems to be you are under the impression that BBs are snipers, that is not the case. Here i think OP need to broaden his or hers horizon and get a better understand of the games.
  6. Hannibalurg


    And as you know, all shells are spread within the sigma. And the enemy ship will not fill the entire sigma unless they are right next to you. Try again.
  7. Hannibalurg


    You could argue for consistency, if it were not for the redicules amount of damage increase pr shell. @defens_666 argue that Yamato have higher total AP damage, if all shells hit citadels, but you will never get 9 citadels in a volley, so the arguement is flawed from birth. 510mm is 50mm larger than 460 so the frequency you will get citadel hits will anyway be increased pr shell fired than the Yamato.
  8. Hannibalurg


    3 other shells with their own accuracy, here the shell have 33% more damage pr shell. Failed logic.
  9. Hannibalurg


    A Yamato does not do 19k Citadel damage. Arguement irrelevant.
  10. Hannibalurg


    Then i suggest you watch the video i posted in original post
  11. Hannibalurg


    WG am i joke to you? edited What happened to WGs promise to never introduce anything above 460mm? The shells are so big you will get citadel hits by not even aiming for the citadel.
  12. Hannibalurg

    CV poll (take two)

    Issue is not CV, issue is how the AA works and is distributed.