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  1. BlueMoon51

    Are you going to grind the Puerto Rico?

    That would be no, although I love the idea and hope they will look at this again
  2. I have my crew throw rocks at incoming planes, it works pretty well.....
  3. My two bits of advice for a new player would be always keep in mind you are never as good as your last win, or as bad as your last loss and secondly if you die early in the game watch it for a bit, to the end pick up tips that way In terms of a premium ship its worth waiting a while see how you get on. When the time comes to buy something, I would strongly advise going for either a tier 5 or 6 below 5 is something of a zoo and you won't pick up a great deal playing there and tier 6 is a good balance you will get up tiered alot but nowhere near as much as tier 8 and facing top tier ships without much experience is extremely hard
  4. BlueMoon51

    Moving through islands and not only

    trap is also having that issue
  5. BlueMoon51

    sth is fu**ed up - invisible walls on Shards

    happened to me earlier on trap so I think its a server issue not connected to that specific map
  6. BlueMoon51

    Pizza Navy!!!

    long overdue and the first time I have been excited about a line this year!!!!!
  7. BlueMoon51

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

    I'm not going to jump on the CV rework bandwagon as it shifts from one extreme to the other or indeed perhaps it doesn't I would just respectfully suggest that sinking time and money into CV's right now is pretty ill-advised, my guess is that we are far from done that's not saying that I know what way it will go other than this rework won't be the last and I wouldn't put it past WG to totally change the play-style again. Its almost like Brexit.... the AA ships need aircraft in the game and IF (and perhaps AI aircraft is the answer) that's via the playerbase there has to be something in it for the people that play the carriers without making them impact the game way out of proportion, you nerf them into the ground and no one plays...... whole lines of ships lose their role in the game and the work done in putting the carriers in the game is wasted, honestly I don't know a way out
  8. BlueMoon51


    The assumption is always they would spend the whole game submerged if.... there time submerged is set as a consumable it would add an interesting layer of play(20knots on the surface is more than workable as a starting point).... when do you dive? when do you try to slip away? it would also give the DDs a burst of life which is badly needed