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  1. Hans_the_Hawk

    Karma and enemy spite reporting

    Hi, If this has been covered before I apologize, but I did take a quick look and couldn't find anything on this precise topic. Am I the only one who used to have a Karma value that was always gradually improving (more up than down), I used to look every now and then and take heart from the fact my team-mates thought I was an asset and not a hindrance to the team. Now my Karma is pretty always 0, I still see the compliments coming in occasionally after I have a good (or lucky) game, but after a couple more games it's zero again. I'm pretty quiet in chat, if I ask a carrier to spot I say please and I don't rant and swear at other players (decided it was pointless 1000's of games ago) . I guess that I like many here suffer from "Enemy player spite". WG please remove the ability for the enemy team to report players that affects their Karma. I don't deserve negative Karma for sinking the enemy and helping my team. That's NOT KARMA I try to play fair, play well and play without insulting others. My Karma should reflect this, not how much I'm p***ing off the enemy team by doing my job. It's not really very important I agree, but does it annoy you too? Thanks for reading Hans
  2. Hans_the_Hawk

    Save the USS Texas

    Excellent from WG. Please help if you can. 100% of money spent goes to save USS Texas She must be saved , Texas is the ONLY dreadnought left in the world, as Mikasa is the only pre-dreadnought.
  3. Hi Tuccy,

    I would like to play the Perth in the Nelson competition as it's my favourite ship. When will the smoke problem be solved please.



    1. Tuccy




      The devs are still working on fixing the issue - we will keep you informed, but it is unlikely to happen during the Nelson contest already.



  4. Hans_the_Hawk

    New ship preview: Monarch

    My final say on this matter, mostly using Janes as reference Scharnhorst class King George V class Year of Design 1934 1936 Tonnage standard 32100 36727 Speed 31 knts 29 knts Armament 9 x 28cm (11") 10 x 356 (14") 12 x 15cm 16 x 13.34 Armour up to in inches belt 13.8 15 bulkheads 7.9 15 deck 2.0 6 turrets 14.2 16 barbettes 13.8 16 Broadside weight AP 2970 7200 In one of the very few 1 v 1 classic duels between BBs, Duke of York hit Scharnhorst over 40 times out of 446 rounds. we can presume Scharnhorst fired in excess of 600 rounds and managed 2 hits neither of which exploded. "The armour-piercing capability of the gun and its ammunition is exhibited by the conning tower on the wreck of the Bismark, provided with 14-inch thick armour, which is said to resemble a "Swiss cheese"" "the armour protection of these vessels was to be subsequently exceeded only by the Japanese battleships of the Yamato class" Yet Wargaming think these belong in the same tier.
  5. Hans_the_Hawk


    Thanks Tuccy, It's my favourite ship, so I'm glad you are fixing it. Hans
  6. Hans_the_Hawk


    Hi, After the new update, something is wrong with the Perth smoke, you get spotted every 9 seconds now no matter what speed you do now. please fix
  7. Hans_the_Hawk

    New ship preview: Monarch

    Unfortunatly Trainspite was wrong, "And hopefully the final nail in the coffin for the idea of KGV at tier 7, is that the historical advisors that WG confer with are in favour of the KGV being tier 8" it looks like WG doesn't listen to anyone or thing except the MIGHTY DOLLAR
  8. Hans_the_Hawk

    New ship preview: Monarch

    @Tuccy , You're lack of replies to any of the last 5 pages of this forum post speaks volumes. As you can see the vast majority of people who play this game and can be bothered to write on the forums about the proposed UK BB line are pretty disgusted by the WG approach. LISTEN TO YOUR PLAYER BASE. what is the point of having a forum if you just ignore what the players say here WG is very wrong on this issue, and yes, i am angry, and I feel I have the right to be so
  9. Hans_the_Hawk

    New ship preview: Monarch

    Well rather than saying how about saying WG are money grabbing dastards. This UK BB line we are now being offered has NOTHING to do with BALANCE but everything to do with taking the players money. KGV is purely being placed at tier 7 so that we have to pay for both Nelson and Rodney as premiums. WG know it doesn't belong there, the Gneis and Scharn were totally outclasssed by the KGVs in all respects, hell KGV had better armour than everything bar Yamato and considering British steel was considerably better than Jap steel at the time, there is even an argument it had superior armour to the mighty Yamato. We as players are going to have to pay about 40-50$ for each one of : Nelson Duke of York Prince of Wales Rodney Vanguard whilst they "spoil us" with this Monarch garbage AND insult us by putting KGV AT Tier 7 personally i don't have 200-250$ spare and if I did I would rather spend it on 6-7 other games. If you don't like my post WG that's fine because I don't like your disgusting money grabbing policy against fans of the RN P.S. Oh I forgot to mention the HOOD which they would only sell to us at 100$ to start with , before some lame apology, now tell me it's not about milking the UK player base.
  10. Hans_the_Hawk

    New ship preview: Monarch

    The sad thing is WG is going to/has already lost loads of players as a result of the UK BB debacle. My whole clan pretty much stopped playing after Christmas because we were burnt out and decided to wait for the UK BBs, We used to have a channel in TS full of people (5-15) everyday for about 3-4 hours, now it get 3-4 people for about an hour on sat and sun if that. They are all playing Naval Action, Cold Waters or Atlantic fleet , or quite frankly anything but Warships. When the UK line was leaked everyone reappeared on TS for a bit , excited about the line, 1 guy even bought the HOOD for 100 euros, but the rest of us saw sense and were willing to wait for Nelson (free) if we want to play tier 7 UK BB. However, now WG has messed about so much and is clearly going to make us pay (the value of a whole game, 30-40$) for nearly every iconic UK BB, all my friends have lost interest in coming back, and quite frankly I don't blame them. I'm not going to rage quit , because I love the game ,and WG do a great job of ship modelling, sound effects and game play, but so do other companies. I'll play about 5-10 games a week or less from now on. Take note WG, this is how you kill a game slowly, by pissing off the community and by losing groups of 10-20 players at a time. Resolve the problem you have created simply, put KGV at tier 8 with the 4,2,4 14"s (give them 381mm pen if you must) and you'll make us happy. Hell I'll probably even buy a POW or DOY premium if it has the 3x3 15"s. But get rid of this Monarch abomination.
  11. Hans_the_Hawk

    New ship preview: Monarch

    Tuccy, why the hell does the WG team spend so much time and effort trying to get scenarios like "Dunkirk" historically right, and then wantonly get the UK BB line wrong. You know, I know and (nearly if not ) all rest on the people on this topic know where the KGV belongs. Of all the BB lines UK was the easiest. WG established QE class as tier 6, so Nelson was 7, KGV 8 and the laid down lion class at 9. Tier 10 was whatever WG wanted based on a host of plans from 1920-1944. It was so simple. Now we have tier 7 Nelson, tier 7 Rodney $s, tier 7 Hood $s, tier 7 KGV $s Tier 8 fantasy ship with guess what ! tier 8 Vanguard $s This isn't about balance and you know it, if it was Vanguard with its 2 reclaimed pairs of 15" MK1 would be below KGV in the tech tree, and I for one am pretty certain it'll pop up as an expensive tier 8 moneymaker for WG. I've stuck with this game since Beta, but finally the horse manure has got to me. WG don't give a rats arse about historical accuracy when they see $s , they look at the UK or EU players (who in their eyes have many $s) and know we want the UK BBs , therefore make up some garbage about "Balance" so you can pump out as many premiums as possible. I know a company has to make money, but please cease with the horse manure , I and many others here are not fooled Very sincerely Hans
  12. Hans_the_Hawk

    New ship preview: Monarch

    WG , How the hell can you possibly even consider putting the KGV class at tier 7. Quite frankly you are making a real mess of of the UK BB line. Why not be sensible and actually look at the full design and not just gun size. Surely if KGV is placed at tier 7 , Gneis and Scharn must be dropped to either 5 or 6. One of the few real life examples of BB vs BB/BC that actually happened in WW2 is Duke of York vs Scharnhorst , and the D of Y smashed the Scharn into a twisted wreck quite quickly, (Yes this was mostly due to the Brit Radar ) We have waited over 2 years a line of BBs that quite frankly should have been the first out for a game based from 1900-1950, and somehow you still don't know what ships belong where in the line. PUT THE KGV WHERE SHE BELONGS with ROMA, BISMARK, JEAN BART and NORTH CAL, TIER 8 with the right guns 4,2,4 14"s. I eagerly await all the cries of "You can't have 14" at tier 8", "overmatch" etc etc etc , but somehow tier 7 is ok with 11"
  13. Hans_the_Hawk

    From Reddit: British BBs at last!

    I believe I mentioned something similar to this on Christmas day in a long running topic about UK BB guns "If it is only that for the sake of 1.5mm ( 357.5 as opposed to 356 ) that many or any believe the KGV should not be tier 8, i'm pretty confident WG can find a suitable solution that would allow it to pen 25mm front on. I feel it would be a great shame to deny the last designed RN BBs that fought in WW2 a chance to come up against the mighty Yamato." It would seem WG went for the full 381mm as it was easier, whilst still calling them 356mm
  14. I really want to see this ship in game along with the USS Olympia, but I guess it would be difficult to place them. Too powerful for tier 2 cruisers and too weak as BBs, Fingers crossed anyway
  15. Hans_the_Hawk

    From Reddit: British BBs at last!

    Looks like KGV is tier 8 as summised, nelson at 7. sense from WG KGV also seems to get a 4,2,4, 15" upgrade https://sea-group.org/?p=2999〈=en