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    my one and biggest hobby is my little son so please beware of any rude words and comments, be aware that my profile photo is real and I really dont like idiots and AT skinny guys behind computers playing games as babys

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  1. hello I am a father of my little son David who is fond of WOT. As I dont really like PC games as I find these a s for stupid idiots far away from reality I was forced to start playing and hepling to my son because of a difficulty of this game. As my son is developing himself I must help him with higher tiers. I am proud that he is able to shoot out an adult and stupid adult people. But also i appreciate that this game is quite realistic. For idiots who write something about "gold noob"

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      please realize and try to understand that APCR ammunition is one of the options and not everyone is as sloopy as you.