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  1. topopski

    CV vs DD: further nerfs needed

    Though reluctant to admit it hehe Wargaming seem to be slowly getting balance ok.....ish now.Most of my DDs became redundant when new CVs were first introduced but it now seems the DD players and CV players are equally disgrunted so some sort of balance appears to being achieved
  2. topopski

    Carriers 0.8.0-3 Please WG stop punish us!

    Like in the real world CVs are centre of attention now all other vessels are focused/built to deal with them or protect them.No longer the game I loved time to do something else have fun cheers
  3. topopski

    It can happen

    Lol will just leave this here but I cant find any reference about what to do in the Kitakaze situation.............
  4. topopski

    Destroyers are no needed any more....

    No DDs are not useless just a bit rubbish at their job now they have become unemployed spotters and rocket pinatas,if like me you have spent a lot of time grinding through the RN line of DDs it now feels like wasted time same I believe for the Jap line of DDs.Yes they are still playable but now you have to play a different role one which doesnt actually bring me much pleasure.So rather than ‘adapt to the new meta’ which is being bandied about I dont actually play much except maybe to take my Kidd out a little.It makes me smile when I hear the compaints of the CV players complaining about the post 08 nerf to them when as has been said to DD players alot recently they need to ‘adapt to the new meta’ (only kidding......a bit :-) ) The solution to this needs to come from wargaming as they are the only ones who actually can sort this out.Wether or not they can remains to be seen but personally until they do this game has become truly a free to play game.
  5. Alternatively you could follow Wargamings advice for DDs and AA which is have you tried turning it off and then on again..........................I wonder if their IT dept came up with that idea
  6. Naa maybe play again ina few weeks or so,but I suspect its going same way as tanks encourage you to grind a line (RN DDs for me ) then either nerf it or in my case pretty much make line obsolete,shame really I regret now buying premium DDs but to be fair I have had a bit of fun but im sure as hell not parting with anymore cash to build a jenga tower for wargaming to knock it down.Have fun in your new game gents cheers
  7. topopski

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    Woo Hoo sounds brilliant instead of all that thinking,planning and strategy I can just turn my AA on and off for 2 to 20 mins at a time and put loads of money into Wargamings account ..................mmmmmmm naa cheers
  8. topopski

    0.8.0 CV question. What just happened?

    No planes are just disposable finish attack click send um back get new ones attack again.Its a different game than before patch maybe they are getting ready for cross platform usage or something,personally on a positive note im gonna save a fortune as ive finished with this game,unless they ‘fix it’ lol though I doubt it somehow.
  9. topopski

    This whole new concept of "CV" is a disaster.

    For me its a shame to have put so much time and indeed money into a game that has now fundamentally changed,but im not going to rage quit nor am I going to play it whilst it is like it is.Half the problem is that it is such a change when deciding wether or not to buy a game generally you play demos or read reviews etc before parting with your cash but unfortunately in this instance you pay and then suddenly you have a different game.Im going to watch and wait see how wargaming adjust or alter it(because it was my favourite game)but in the meantime play something else.
  10. topopski

    DD 0.8.0 The murder of an entire ship type

    Look out theyve got the firemen in from tanks hehe
  11. topopski

    General feedback

    Yep seems you have broke DDs the same as you broke light tanks in WOT taken away any semblance of strategy and made it a brawl fest with a larger amount of luck involved in winning or losing at least from a DD point of view I think.Shame really been playing your games for years but time to find something else to play because I dont think you will fix this.
  12. topopski

    Did WG just kill DD gameplay?

    Ah well back to playing drunken jenga for me,which it seems the development team and I have in common
  13. topopski

    Jack Dunkirk - where do you put him?

    Jack in Fuji Bert in Gallant
  14. topopski

    Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    I get the same,they probably forgot to plug something back in again they will realise soon :)
  15. topopski

    if you can't fix it, milk it.

    been playing tanks and ships for a while now gotta admit im mediocre :) but ive bought a number of premiums ships and tanks and watched as they are slowly diminished over time,to be fair they never nerf the actual premium but always change the game so they perform worse,I finally realised this is how wargaming work,best idea dont buy premium unless you are prepared to only have it good for a limited amount of time or like me just stop playing lol :)