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  1. topopski

    CV Rework Discussion

    No more balancing?tis done.............ahh well played since just about the beginning,have hung about hopefully to see Wargaming sort it which it seems they havent or wont.Time to free up hard drive space for something else and leave the Rolf Harrises to their CVs.
  2. topopski

    CV Rework Discussion

    Came back enjoyed ranked,got optimistic played randoms 3 losses ina row top of defeated teams list by experience each time,had pants pulled down by CVs each game whilst in my supposedly fully AA spec Kidd,same as it ever was since rework,great fun for CVs rubbish for DDs,not alot you can do if focused.Off again now then cheers
  3. topopski

    CV Rework Discussion

    Soo they are here for good then with little or no more change,for me kindof a relief as it means I dont have to bother following even the forum anylonger.Wargaming no need to continue sending me emails encouraging me to return with offers of freestuff or premium time as far as im concerned (I realise this only my opinion ) youve broken your once great game.Its a piddly amount but the 4 to 5 hundred quid ive spent on wargaming a year since 2012 has ended ”wishing everyone a nice weekend and joy in Wows” Lol over and out xx