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  1. Ah still the same then,Devs heads still in the sand thanks wargaming youve saved me a fortune xx
  2. topopski

    CV Rework Discussion

    No more balancing?tis done.............ahh well played since just about the beginning,have hung about hopefully to see Wargaming sort it which it seems they havent or wont.Time to free up hard drive space for something else and leave the Rolf Harrises to their CVs.
  3. topopski

    CV Rework Discussion

    Came back enjoyed ranked,got optimistic played randoms 3 losses ina row top of defeated teams list by experience each time,had pants pulled down by CVs each game whilst in my supposedly fully AA spec Kidd,same as it ever was since rework,great fun for CVs rubbish for DDs,not alot you can do if focused.Off again now then cheers
  4. topopski

    CV Rework Discussion

    Soo they are here for good then with little or no more change,for me kindof a relief as it means I dont have to bother following even the forum anylonger.Wargaming no need to continue sending me emails encouraging me to return with offers of freestuff or premium time as far as im concerned (I realise this only my opinion ) youve broken your once great game.Its a piddly amount but the 4 to 5 hundred quid ive spent on wargaming a year since 2012 has ended ”wishing everyone a nice weekend and joy in Wows” Lol over and out xx
  5. topopski

    CV Rework Discussion

    Sooo uninstalled game cause of CV game change aint the game I loved but hang around occasionally in forum just to see if anychange gonna occur and its looking doubtful.No worries thou just go play something else,its a shame WG dont listen to the likes of this El2aZeR, Nihilan and the like they seem to have their heads screwed on properly without some of the extremist fan boy or anti views held by various numptys on here.Dont really know how they are gonna sort it out but think most seem to think it needs sorting.Im hopefully but a little more cynical that they will.Anyhows good luck with your creation WG but like my exe you aint getting no more access to my credit card.Cheers
  6. topopski

    CV Rework Discussion

    Nothing worse than passive aggressive hippys
  7. Will get closed because of “reasons” but have voted and yesterday uninstalled for a break,length of which to be decided on wether wargaming do anything or not to current CV situation.
  8. topopski

    CV Rework Discussion

    Some sort of statement of intent from Wargaming would be nice,things are going to stay the same(working as intended) or we recognise there are problems and are addressing it.Would save my slowly slipping away enthusiasm for the game or replenish my enthusiasm to spend spend spend again! Sort it or dont but let us know what if anything is being looked at.
  9. Having suffered last night from a Midway skipper who was good whilst in my Salem which has reasonably good AA there was nothing I could do.He focused me,I did the DFAA thing took out a few of his planes (passively apart from switching sides thats my only input)then pretty much just did a few death wiggles whilst waiting for his return until he sank me.He dominated the whole match and pretty much carried the whole team to victory whilst our CV struggled to have any impact at all.If the idea of the rework was to close the skill gap with CV skippers I believe wargaming has failed and if anything exacerbated the problem whilst making low AA DDs redundant.I complimented the CV skipper on his skills obviously he was after all playing to his strengths with impressive skill.Any other unicum skipper in any other vessel you can at least have a impact (weakening him,keeping him spotted for team to focus on etc)but something is not right when a skipper can move about with impunity dismantling a whole team with no effective counter against him,unfortunately its just not by any stretch of the imagination balanced.
  10. CVs had to be allowed to play with the other kids it was only fair,unfortunately we all got to play their game now low AA DDs dont really have much of a place anymore,new game or play something else is the only choice it seems.Im mainly playing cruisers now still fun to be had just a bit disapointing after grinding the low AA DDs line only to have them sat redundant in port.
  11. topopski

    The New and Improved Interface

    Dont mind new interface a bit cleaner but cant find where it tells you how many people on server? I use this often to help make decision which ship im going play.Is it right in front of me or gone?
  12. topopski

    CV vs DD: further nerfs needed

    Though reluctant to admit it hehe Wargaming seem to be slowly getting balance ok.....ish now.Most of my DDs became redundant when new CVs were first introduced but it now seems the DD players and CV players are equally disgrunted so some sort of balance appears to being achieved
  13. topopski

    Carriers 0.8.0-3 Please WG stop punish us!

    Like in the real world CVs are centre of attention now all other vessels are focused/built to deal with them or protect them.No longer the game I loved time to do something else have fun cheers
  14. topopski

    It can happen

    Lol will just leave this here but I cant find any reference about what to do in the Kitakaze situation.............
  15. topopski

    Destroyers are no needed any more....

    No DDs are not useless just a bit rubbish at their job now they have become unemployed spotters and rocket pinatas,if like me you have spent a lot of time grinding through the RN line of DDs it now feels like wasted time same I believe for the Jap line of DDs.Yes they are still playable but now you have to play a different role one which doesnt actually bring me much pleasure.So rather than ‘adapt to the new meta’ which is being bandied about I dont actually play much except maybe to take my Kidd out a little.It makes me smile when I hear the compaints of the CV players complaining about the post 08 nerf to them when as has been said to DD players alot recently they need to ‘adapt to the new meta’ (only kidding......a bit :-) ) The solution to this needs to come from wargaming as they are the only ones who actually can sort this out.Wether or not they can remains to be seen but personally until they do this game has become truly a free to play game.