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  1. BrettMRC

    Aand the firing bug is well and alive....

    Exactly - if the problem was your connection the issues would be universal on your screen. Server lag/latency/hamster issues would create the unusual user experiences.
  2. BrettMRC

    Aand the firing bug is well and alive....

    As said above, it's likely a server side issue - your connection is immaterial in that case.
  3. BrettMRC

    Taking kill stealing to a new level

    You could just try not launching torps from a position where there is even the remote possibility of hitting a friendly?
  4. BrettMRC

    Chat banned in Twitch for asking a question

    Only the awkward question; only the foolish ask twice.
  5. BrettMRC

    Enough is enough and let it be known..

    Someones going to have to explain to me the money laundering aspect of this? The funds being spent are already in the banking system? Is WG just some big layering operation that we've all been sucked into?
  6. BrettMRC

    Racist/Transphobic/Anti-Semite Stays as CC?

    I really hope that in the future someone will show this thread, and your posts back to you. If this is honestly how you feel about the lives of others then I'm incredibly worried for you, and anyone from a minority that has to meet you or work with you. You need help, and a chance to understand people from a viewpoint that isn't one of hate or fear.
  7. BrettMRC

    Battleships Random Battles

    BB only mode, but only on the ocean map and only up to T8...
  8. BrettMRC

    Remove detonations!!!

    ...why shouldn't magazines explode on ships when introduced to a violent exothermic event? Remove some of the RNG, make it more likely if a well aim shot citadels the magazine.
  9. BrettMRC

    HMS Repulse coming

    Is there a release date yet? :)
  10. BrettMRC

    Tiger 59

    I think I've accidentally discovered what it's "for"... ...assuming you can live with maybe doing 50k damage, then you can pretty much tie up a few ships for an entire battle with careful use of smoke/radar/dodging. It's not a damage dealer, but does seem to work as a bit of a force multiplier. Useless on it's own though.
  11. BrettMRC

    "Pls report..."

    Well, I just caused 9 citadels on an Indy in my Akatsuki using HE.... so I don't care what anyone says now!
  12. BrettMRC

    "Pls report..."

    I had a new and fun experience in ranked yesterday... In game chat, to all players: "Pls report our Nelson, playing ranked with under 50% WR" Really?! Some players think they own this game. Taken me a long time to achieve my WR & Av dmg stats!
  13. I feel attacked. But wheres the lie?