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  1. BrettMRC

    M.I.A. HMS Goliath

    I quite liked it in Ranked, but for it to be effective you need to remain hidden and go after light cruisers etc. Late on in battles it's pretty effective. I am not a good player though, so my thoughts may not tally with reality!
  2. Some people need to remember this is a game, not a profession - outside of the player pool no one cares about your win rate. If it bothers you, you probably need a break.
  3. BrettMRC

    Your fav T7 for upcoming ranked?

    Nelson & Hood for BB Possibly Atlanta for CA as you don't see them much these days.
  4. BrettMRC

    Tanking isn't worth it

    Getting in there and tanking means your taking fire that the rest of the team isn't - assuming you are not in Team Potatoe then that should enable swift progress for the team as a whole.
  5. BrettMRC

    Shell Visual Issue

    Thats a hell of a feature! :O Which card are you running/version?
  6. BrettMRC


    Exactly this. I have no reason not to do work now :(
  7. BrettMRC

    How about going more towards WW1?

    Make it a premium feature, not available on FTP.
  8. BrettMRC

    How about going more towards WW1?

    The devs need to have a read of Castles of Steel and then get back to it! :) I'd happy if they added something like a "Historical" game mode...standard hulls etc. Ok, I know it's not a simulation - but would be cool IMO.
  9. BrettMRC

    STOP Henri IV nerf !

    Surely there is a better aconym than HIV for thread title...
  10. BrettMRC

    Losing spree and shell spread

    If you are having a poor showing, go play some T3-5... much less frustration and usually more fun and less intense. I have been on a loosing streak for 4 years....starting to think I might be rubbish at this! :D
  11. BrettMRC

    Ranked Sprint Season 7

    Lol! I have no idea... one of them spent the game doing random manouvers, crashing and firing single shots at ANYTHING it had a LOS to...
  12. BrettMRC

    Ranked Sprint Season 7

    Just had a couple of games with some of the dodgiest bots I've seen on my team. (Not WG bots, player bots)
  13. BrettMRC

    Ranked Sprint Season 7

    Bots appearing in ranked, hooray :(
  14. Roon, maybe Alaska. If all else fails, Lion.
  15. BrettMRC

    Is a bit of Mikasa love possible?

    Mikasa has the best horn. Fact. What other buffs do you need? :D