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  1. BrettMRC

    Port screen problem

    I think 1 or 2.... if it was 3 then there would be activity even when the client is minimised.... :p It does work it hard though..... I'm running a 1080ti and it gets up to 70' C just running the port....
  2. BrettMRC

    WG - can you please give us bots instead of players with 20k avd dam on T10

    This seems to be a common theme.... players who can dedicated a lot of time to the game seem to feel that those who don't meet their standards should not be allowed to play. If you don't like it, make a training room and invite only those you deem worthy. In the meantime, keep on harvesting those of us who are sub-par to pad your own win rate and average damage stats.... ;-)
  3. BrettMRC

    Next Ranked Sprint at Tier 6, it seems.

    Hmmm last T6 ranked was ruined by perma border hugging Fuso's IIRC? I'll be bringing out the ol' Warspite i think, maybe Graf Spee for a laugh. :)
  4. Snowflake. The game was not made for just you. *edited*
  5. BrettMRC

    Explore the harbor

    That's very cool :)
  6. BrettMRC

    What is the stupidest thing you did today?

    Which is what I try to do..... I see CVs as spotter/gap plugger to stop us getting out flanked.... however, would you roast a CV for withdrawing fighters to save themselves from an alpha strike?
  7. Some monitors for fun at TII and TIII :D Who doesn't want to go into battle with a ship called Clive?
  8. BrettMRC

    What is the stupidest thing you did today?

    Used a CV in a game above T5. Came 2nd in the team, and we won. Got nothing but abuse throughout the game. "I'm dead because you didn't provide me with a personal spotting service" being the general theme. CV's at lower tiers are fun...not so much in the higher tiers where most players seem to treat you like a child murderer in chat.
  9. BrettMRC

    Win Rates

    Flaming people for having a win-rate deemed "sub standard" is counter-productive anyway.... we are the people you are farming to get your own WR above 50%.... :D
  10. BrettMRC

    The credit grind is ridiculous.

    Whatever happened to playing the game because you enjoy ships fighting ships....do that for awhile and you get a big pile of credits to spend on other ships? ;)
  11. BrettMRC

    New monitor....why can't I hit anything?

    Dynamic Reticle is deffo better! (i'm still rubbish though!)
  12. BrettMRC

    New monitor....why can't I hit anything?

    Too much technology! :D
  13. BrettMRC

    New monitor....why can't I hit anything?

    Complete new build, 43" screen at 4k... Anyway... turns out it was some shocking RNG - just run a training room and had a play...it's deffo RNG/Me in the randoms....oh well, more practice required!
  14. I did a big PC upgrade a few weeks ago, since then I'm finding it really hard to hit targets - especially with BBs. It can't just be RNG, I'm not the best player of WOWS - but I'm not this crap either... Surely the timing marks on the interface, along with learnt adjustments per ship should be the same regardless of resolution?