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  1. Todeskult

    Flandre in the Armory and Premium Shop

    Plus I love how blatantly you have ignored all my questions in this post... Typical WG employee approach. Well, I that case I will file for CC chargeback at my bank. Bye!!!
  2. Todeskult

    Flandre in the Armory and Premium Shop

    That is only your opinion. It is game-breaking bug, I am using a lot free-camera view and this bug is very annoying. I am expecting this to work just like on other ships I own. So refund is justified.
  3. Todeskult

    Flandre in the Armory and Premium Shop

    @YabbaCoe, why WG is selling a faulty product in the first place then? Shouldn't it be withdrawn from the shop until it's fully tested and fixed? Please look at my ticket 130898760: I asked for a partial refund - consumer protection laws inside EU entitles me to do so if an offered product (even a "pixel goods") is faulty and/or not as described, but all I got from support were endless "apologies for the inconvenience" (see screenshot). Is WG above EU consumer protection laws? PS: Not that I'm interested in this... but shouldn't a support employee in this case propose a FULL refund and remove the ship from my port? PS2: and why the ticket is keep on being marked as SOLVED while from my perspective the issue simply isn't?
  4. Todeskult

    Baltimore captain skills & perks

    Hello. I need some advise and council what next skill(s) to choose for Baltimore captain. Currently I got pretty much standard selection for this line (see the picture). How should I spend the next 4 available points? I thought about Demolition Expert, but 15% fire chance is decent enough I guess, so maybe Adrenaline Rush and Expert Loader?
  5. Todeskult

    Santa's Containers: A Time of Gifts!

    You wan't fair MM? You are funny.
  6. And this is all they want us to do... By providing lazy, poor and incompetent "customer" (read as milk cows) support they are spitting in our faces. And surprisingly community in general is just happy about that. I have read comments here that "WG is fine, they offered a refund after all the mess they did". Now you have your decent, honest WG. I just hope some customer protection regulatory office(s) (country-local and EU) will get their arses, and will get them hard...
  7. Todeskult

    Karma is coming Wargaming

    Loot boxes (or whatever those are named) are gambling. No matter how WG will advertise them, whatever there is a shortlist of "reward" ships or not. The mechanics are the same as for the lottery. Lottery is gambling, that's why minors cannot buy lottery coupons or enter a casino to play a blackjack. And what WG page says? That it's "PEGI 7". Sure... WG claiming that you will get the value for your money (btw, what is a "value" of 10 "special" signal flags?) when buying a box is lying. They simply feasts on gambler's will to win the big prize (in this case a tier VIII or IX ship or 60 days of premium time, etc.). If there wasn't a promise of a "big prize" nobody would be bothered to buy those crates in the first place. So yeah, it's gambling. If you wan't to conduct an online gambling business inside EU I believe you need to have a license and you cannot advertise your gambling services to minors.
  8. Todeskult

    Karma is coming Wargaming

    You won't get any PM response from any WG employee, I can assure you. I'm banned on their Twitch chat for months (I didn't even bothered to "contact" them) now for posting how garbage their "offers" are, their "buy tier X Yamato" thing is, their "dockyard" policy is, and how game-breaking bullh!t their push to introduce of subs will be. Oh, and how low-skilled and lazy copy-paste bots they are "hiring" in their "customer support" department.
  9. I wouldn't expect anything different from WG... Typical soviet-style approach.
  10. Todeskult

    Certain ships harder to play now

    You don't say? I'm being harassed with my Grozovoy (playing it a lot to get the last special equipment available for me) constantly by CVs whenever there's a match with those scums. And it suppose to be an AA DD, with stronger AA consumable. What to do, smoke and get radar (3 or sometimes 4 per team recent days)? Doesn't matter if I shot down 6 to 8 planes, I'll get chunk off 1/4 of my HP with first strike, the scum will send another squadron in 30 seconds, gets another 1/4 or 1/3 of my health while AA con is on cool-down. Very entertaining, yeah? And that's not all: this hybrid of a torp / gunboat DD stands no chance with bullsh!t like Harugumo, Daring, Halland, Smaland or Marceau (despite the latter having no HP restoration consumable) or even some tier IXs: Kitakaze, Ostergottland or Jutland. Grozovoy has pathetic gun angles: when retreating and angled you can use ONE turret only, torpedoes takes ages to load, it's slow turning so you are taking randomly dropped torps very often (German CV can kill you with two torp drops btw). Have noticed very little of those in randoms (in ranked those are non-existent) - that's how bad it is. So for a bit of relief I decided I want to be a CV scum bag too: for every match when I was hunted by CV I played 3 with my CVs. Shredding into pieces a certain Yugumo with one run of Shokaku rocket planes was so refreshing.
  11. Todeskult

    Santa's Containers: A Time of Gifts!

    I have reported them officially to my local consumer protection office for "false advertising".
  12. Todeskult

    Jak to działa: Dobieranie przeciwników

    Stek bzdur i kłamstw. Sowiecki MM oczywiście przydzieli do jednej drużyny 4 radary i 2 Harugumo, a d drugiej 1 radar i ruskie DD. O wynik można być pewnym już na początku. Albo CV który zdejmie 3/4 HP od "anti-AA" DD, jak Hallanda czy Grozovoy'a jednym atakiem. Ale przecież wystarczy "just dodge" prawda sowieci z WG?
  13. Todeskult

    Stocznia w Kure: zbudujcie okręt

    I tylko o to im chodzi. Kisył kupuje przecież nowy mansion na Mauritiusie a Makarow nowego Bentleya.
  14. Todeskult

    Stocznia w Kure: zbudujcie okręt

    Kolejny sowiecki spartolony "iwent", ale po tylu latach już idzie się przyzwyczaić.
  15. Todeskult

    Santa's Containers: A Time of Gifts!

    Soviet scam, as always.