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  1. Todeskult

    AFK players in RANKED

    Those should have been deducted 2500 XP off their accounts for being AFK: randoms or ranked.
  2. Todeskult

    Weekly Combat Missions: Lunar New Year

    Well, Asian server can be treated differently than the other ones (EU, NA). After all it's "Chinese New Year" event, so they can just allow players to buy what they actually want. If I do understood correctly forum posts so far on EU the only way to get the ships is to gamble with real money and/or doubloons. At least there is not s single mention about the other way on WoWs portal news article here: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/sales-and-events/missions-090-weekly-1/
  3. Todeskult

    Claim Your Compensation Now! [EU Server Issue]

    They didn't even spoke about today's major server outage compensation yet. Or maybe they assumed that a container given few days ago counts towards a "compensation"...
  4. Todeskult

    Weekly Combat Missions: Lunar New Year

    After shayt and disrespectful PR dockyard event one could not expect anything more than lootboxes to milk even more $$$ from whales and slap in the face playerbase even harder. You are disgusting Wargaming and you all know that. You don't listen to the community which is paying your bills and you will regret that eventually, trust me on this. Meanwhile I will vote with my wallet so you won't see a freaking broken penny from me anymore, greedy soviets.
  5. Todeskult

    Claim Your Compensation Now! [EU Server Issue]

    Don't expect anything more than WG container with a day of premium as a "compensation". After all they are soviets, so it is a soviet way of doing business and "customer care".
  6. Todeskult

    [ALL] ModStation

    Please include in the pack the "Raising Sun" flag mod for IJN ships: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/69521-07111-japanese-naval-ensign-rising-sun-flag-for-ijn-ships-v2/
  7. Pretty much all I wrote here (or even more): EDIT: Thread closed due to being non-constructive Muahaha, what is non-constructive in my "rant", tell me Wargaming, c'mon. If you say the ship is fine point it's cons and tell us how superb it is to cost 33 EUR. EDIT2: So far I have watched 3 out of 4 CCs (of those I'm interested in) reviews of this ship and NONE of them have said anything good about it. Only iChase I believe didn't do a review yet, but I'm pretty sure that it won't be different in conclusions than those of Notser's, Flamuu's and Jedi's.