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  1. Todeskult

    The Return of Black and a New Web Campaign

    Maybe the do or maybe they won't sell it for coal... No-one knows, it's a highly confidential secret, typical for Wargambling: lack of transparency, "miscommunication", Pay2Win, Pay2Progress, PayWall for a new content, gamble to be able to gamble more (see latest Flamu YT vid). But I didn't expect anything different from this company, not anymore, since a few years it's more bs being thrown at players...
  2. Todeskult

    The Return of Black and a New Web Campaign

    Muahaha, so yet another "PayWall" campaign: you have to collect 23.000 tokens in order to even have a possibility to PAY another 19.000 gold for the ship. No way casual players like me are going to gather that much tokens by simply playing the game (especially it's not clear enough what missions will grant you these tokens). But of course there is a "whale" option: one can buy all the tokens: 23.000 of these will cost you "only" 17.625 gold, almost the price of a ship itself... So for a ship which is really useful for ranked a total price would be 36.925 gold!!! What a scam, yet another in Wargambling style. Another Puerto Rico-style miscommunication??? I guess they will never learn...
  3. Todeskult

    WG is leaving Russia & Belarus

    Why should we bother? This can result in benefits for us players, feedback may be finally considered in games development.
  4. Todeskult

    PSA: Server Tick-Rate issue

    So you knew about it from the very beginning and despite an old forum thread existing for years you did nothing, am I right? Until a former CC (who has a wider audience than all of your current CCs combined) made a video about it, right? Typical Wargaming behaviour: ignore the problem and pretend like it didn't even exist. Or you were too busy selling new overpriced tier IX & X ships, forcing on players something nobody asked for (subs & CVs). Well done, as usual!!! So maybe... I don't know... upgrade those bloody servers? You have enough money I guess given to you by the player base over the years for loot boxes and tier X ships, don't you? @YabbaCoe, will you refund ALL the players with the costs of captain skills reset, equipment demount costs, etc? Do you really think that 5 days of premium is fine? I have an impression that this question will remain rhetorical.
  5. Todeskult

    Thank you WG

    Usual soviet scam: 24 torpedoes hits, 0 floods.
  6. Todeskult

    Could not load system resources

    Great... It repeats despite doing "repair". Yesterday (and every day before) it worked fine. WG: Very stable genius...
  7. Todeskult

    So they changed rocket planes...

    I tried to hit Flint with rockets today with my Ryujo and even thou I was keep on catching him off-guard almost stationary, hidden behind island, doing his daka-daka things I barely touched him every time (not mentioning he was shredding my squadrons with his best-in-a-tier AA). So eventually I sunk him with AP bombers... That's how useful the rockets are after the change. Edit: OK, also found this: Attack Aircraft got a new attack animation — nimble ships will have an easier time avoiding damage. After a rocket attack is ordered, the squadron will begin a machine gun firing animation on the target area which lasts between 1.5 to 5 seconds, depending on nation and tier, followed by the rocket launch. But it still brings up the initial question: why this info is not given in in-game stats & markers? You do know how to aim torps and bombs because of an interface indicators and markers, you do know the speed and arming distance of a torpedoes. Also aiming with main guns with regular ship you can try to do this the best way possible by knowing the distance, target speed, the aiming reticle shows the shell travel time, etc. Why does it has to be a secret in case of a rockets?
  8. Todeskult

    So they changed rocket planes...

    Apart from the rocket-launching mechanics, we've also changed the aiming settings, the time it takes to prepare for an attack run, and other attack aircraft characteristics. The attack aircraft of VIII Saipan, VIII Sanzang, VIII Lexington (F4U-1D Corsair Tiny Tim), X Midway (F8F Bearcat Tiny Tim), VIII Graf Zeppelin, and VIII Graf Zeppelin B will now climb high at the start of an attack run. OK, but I don't see there anything specific, like 3 sec, 5, less, more? They first introduced a class which hurts other classes without taking risk of counter-play, they don't know what to do with that so they are introducing another sick mechanic to "fix" it. Typical soviet approach: create a problem and then struggle to fix it 😂
  9. So they changed the way rocket planes attack... And in true Wargaming style they have created another problem as well. I'm not a dedicated CV player (playing them less than other "regular" classes) but now it's almost impossible to hit a DD (sometimes even a CA) with rockets because of this stupid "machine gun salvo" delay. So what it has caused now? CVs won't be bothered to haras DDs and spot them for allies but instead will even more focus on damage on BBs and heavy cruisers using their torpedoes and bombers. DDs will have an easier time but because of that BBs (and other ships) won't: because being harassed by CVs and DDs (because the latter won't be counter-played by CVs). Plus I'd really like to know what is the EXACT delay between "machine gun salvo" and actual rocket attack. Is it defined per class, per nation or per particular ship? PS: I have an idea for you WG: do the same for bombers and torpedo planes if you wan't to "belenz" your game, OK?
  10. Todeskult

    Really WG, that's your start-up screen tip?

    This shows how much stupid and incompetent they are...
  11. Really WG, that's your start-up screen tip? I mean the 2nd phrase...
  12. Todeskult

    Brak flag za osiągnięcia

    Czego się można spodziewać po sowieckiej firemce deweloperskiej? Najpierw zabili WoTa, teraz nieźle im idzie ze statkami.
  13. Todeskult

    Next free XP ship / Next Tier 8+ Coal ship

    No more freeXP ships. All we will get would be overpriced: premium ships, dockyard (with "pay to progress" meta) ships and gambling boxes - everything in true soviet style.
  14. Todeskult

    Flandre in the Armory and Premium Shop

    Plus I love how blatantly you have ignored all my questions in this post... Typical WG employee approach. Well, I that case I will file for CC chargeback at my bank. Bye!!!
  15. Todeskult

    Flandre in the Armory and Premium Shop

    That is only your opinion. It is game-breaking bug, I am using a lot free-camera view and this bug is very annoying. I am expecting this to work just like on other ships I own. So refund is justified.