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    Thanks I will try PVP from now on. Thanks again for you help. Its not often you get such good help in a game. Keep up the good work. P.S. Just love the game. Michael.
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    Hi DtX. it is the ones that use to bye new ships that is all i can think of.
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    Bronz Stars

    Hi I don't know if this is a new thing or not. But I have to ask a question I was building up my Bronze stars to get the next ship up the line, I only needed around 1200 my stars where going up nicely. Then they started to go down faster than I could earn them. I do take some hits and a lot of damage some times. on one mission I killed 3 ships 2 Battle Ships and 1 Aircraft Carrier took a little damage, but still my stars did no go up much. Have you change all the system. The reason I ask is I had a big PC crash and had to reinstall the game and start all over again. The first time I played was very fast at building up my ships, now it seem,s to be a lot slower. Like tonight i started off with 20000 plus stars had around 15 battles and had less stars than I started with that was around 18000 stars. Please can some one help me with this as it is so frustrating, heaving to do all the work for less. Well that's it help me some one. I am sinking.