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  1. Ocrooch

    Hard not to say wows is predetermined!

    Long time ago, to prove myself (and, eventually, WG) that MM does something cheeky, I started recording results of all my games. This way I have a record not just on winrate, but als win/loss streaks. 2.5k battles later I can say that I also fell into lose streak victim bias. Nothing fishy about MM, data matches expected statistics very well. WG does not cheat here. Problem is, own performance really starts to be visible on large number of battles. Thousands. Being RF engineer, I see it as signals. As 1/12 of the team, strength of own signal almost disappers in noise generated by rest of the team. But, after thousands of battles, noise generated by team cancels out, what remains is own signal/performance. Still I see a problem / frustration, made on purpose by WG here. Many missions have "win" requirment. If one is in the middle of losing streak, this requirment is hard to satisfy. I can only play few battles per day, and on this scale, noise generated by team overshadows my performance. It feels like no matter what I do, progress is impossible. And this leads to frustration. But apparently this is exactly what weegee wants - frustrated players.
  2. Ocrooch

    Do we no longer get birthday stuff

    Not worried at all. WG had 5 years to fix CVs and they still are broken, 2 years to fix subs, and they still are broken (and even worse, boring). Suggestion: just leave it. Do not touch it and brake it even more. Maybe, while introducing new wave of bugs in one of new "patches", this issue will be resolved by a side effect?
  3. Ocrooch

    Dropping playernumbers

    Correlation does not imply causation. We just do not know. No way to check this. The fact is, people are still playing games COVID or not. But bit less WoWs.
  4. Ocrooch

    Dropping playernumbers

    To be fair you did kill the game. To me and many many others.
  5. Ocrooch

    Dropping playernumbers

    Speculation ;)
  6. Ocrooch

    Dropping playernumbers

    Comparing previous year (11.2020 to 11.2021: 13,2k players on average) to this year (11.2021 to 11.2022: 12,3k players on average) shows drop by almost 7%. But this figure does not show real exodus of players. It seems we had in recent weeks some influx of players from CIS server. I could not find any figures, but cyrylic in chat recently became much more frequent. So I guess real drop of EU players is (much?) higher than 7%, but some of these drops been replaced by CIS players. Yeah, it only a guess, no data for that.
  7. Ocrooch

    Operation Wolfpack

    So how am i supposed to level up subs if only feasible way of playing them is now unavailable? Game is more and more ruined with every patch...
  8. Looking at continuation of the thread, this statement just turned to more your lies, false promises and belittling other people. Are you WG employee? If not, do consider to apply. You would fit in just perfectly.
  9. OK dude. Prove me wrong. Provide proof that says 12k is same as 14k. Dont forget about econmical thory saying that long term (say decade) average KPI figure is more important than latest tendency of KPI.
  10. Another one not understanding concept of a "difference". Also CV main I presume?
  11. Wrong. Try to look at this from investor perspective. Within 2 years playerbase dropped by 15%. So your income dropped by more or less same amount. Investors you dont care if given year income is above or below average. They compare this year income to last year income. If this year is lower, they are not happy and heads start falling. For WG, playerbase means economy. Basic economy rule: lifespan average, however sweet it appears, is irrelevant. Only tendency of KPI matters (I guess playerbase is a KPI for WG). To illustrate an example: a country is in recession if its economy declines for two consecutive quarters. It does not matter what was its average of last 10 or 100 years. Tendency from last querters is decisive. In case of a game like WoWs, quorters are probably too short measurement period, due to seasonal changes in playerbase. One year is more adequate. WoWs playerbase is dropping for two consecutive years. Game is in decline. WG admitted this themselves (not enough new players).
  12. OK, ill try to make is as simple as possible for you, please focus: Sep'19-Sep'20: 14,3k avg playerbase Sep'20-Sep'21: 13,5k avg playerbase Sep'21-Sep'22: 12,2k avg playerbase I know concpet of difference is not easy for some people, but I hope now you can see the decline.
  13. Carefully selected two best fitting periods... Did not expect such dishonesty, even from someone like you. Actually even on these screen you can see how bad shape of the game really is. If, after 7 years, player number "did not change" something is not going right. But, to see the problem really you should take same period 1 year ago (13,5k avg) . Or even better, 2 years ago... (14,3k avg). Since 2 years players numbers are dropping, and WG is toubled by this. Game is far from dying, but it clearly rolls downhill. Accorindg to WG, solution to problem is more CVs/subs/superships. The latest Waterline and article truly is depressing.
  14. Ocrooch

    Toxicity in this game is ridiculous

    Major problem with frustration in this game is "win" condition. It multiplies credits and xp and is necessary to progress in many missions. Many argue that one common factor in battle is me. If I suck, I usually lose. If I contribute, I usually win. Problem is "usually". Over 1000 battle sure, my performance will have impact on my statistics. Over daily ~5 battles, impact of my performance is covered by mm noise. If mm decides to put me in bad teams again and again and face good teams, then, on this day, sometimes week I am screwed. I know, tomorrow or next week tide will turn. But quite often I do not have time for that, because daily missions only last a day. Other missions are also time restricted. It is most infuriating when I invest my time, money, and tryhard in battle, and all of it is lost because majority of team just want to make pewpew. I understand, every player has the right to enjoy the game in own way, but if his/her pewpew way crosses my win requirement (because of reward) then salt starts. It would help if "win" would be just honorary, and player's income and mission progress would depend only on this player's own battle performance. If I sucked and team still carried the battle for me, I should not get the multiplied reward. If I contributed hard and lost because of team, I should not be punished. That way, my progress depends on me and only me. No reason to get angry with bad team. Before you start crying about "team play", this does not exist in random / ranked. Only team play possible is in clan battles. Besides, WG can easily tweak reward system in a way that team play actually is rewarded. Now, WG will of course ignore all this, and, if anything, increase frustration level of the game. Apparently frustrated, angry and salty playerbase is good for their business model.
  15. Dude, I am with you on this. I personally think it is a bug, and i would not use it even if I could. Problem is you seem to be living on fairy tale planet called "moral justice". I live on Earth. WG is now doing evything they can to fix this, but they will not touch anybody exploiting it. It is tiny minority of players and stink would be huge. And they would make themselves vulnerable in any court, since they have no way to prove that somebody triggered it by accident. And, of couse, their "game desing concept" is nowhere to be found, so exploiting any bug in game is fully legal. So all you hoping for "justice", get back to reality.