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  1. Ocrooch

    Rework, czyli jak zepsuć rozgrywkę.

    Lacznie z autoreklama kanalu na utube
  2. And you still advertise that one does have a chance to win any ship out of 107. Which is obviously a lie, as described on reddit and proven by several CCs. Reported to authority for false advertising (and gambling promotion)
  3. Ok, widze ze niestety nie mozesz pojac problemu zawartosci pustostanu. OK, zdarza sie. Co do tzw. tlumaczenia. Zawsze uwazalem ze kazdy czlowiek, nawet pracownik WG ma choc odrobine poczucia wlasnej wartosci i honoru. I moje pytanie bylo wlasnie odnosnie tego. Czy mu nie wstyd publikowac klamstwa WG. Nie zrozumiales, trudno. Nie mam zamiaru dalej sie znizac do twojego poziomu.
  4. Sorry, nie zrozumialem tego pytania. Pytasz czy cos mam w pustym pojemniku? To pytanie retoryczne czy jak? A ty cos tam masz?
  5. Ledwo zaczales i juz oklamujesz spolecznosc. Nie wstyd ci? Zostalo wykazane ze jesli nie masz okretow z short listy w porcie masz szanse jedynie wylosowac okrety z tejze short listy. Nie tam zadne mniejsze czy wieksze szanse. Lopatologicznie: jesli nie mam zadnego okretu premium w porcie i kupie jeden kontener to mam 0 szans na belfasta, fujina i inne takie. Moge dostac tylko jakies badziewie wybrane przez WG.
  6. Same here. I was stupid enough to take part several times in these gambling scams (aka containers) by WG. Never ever got a single ship. Not even a makarov ;). Solution is easy: I stopped buying containers. If I would like to gamble, I would play an online casino, at least I would know my chances. In fact, I used to be a whale, but for the last two years I did not spent a penny on WG.
  7. To what end? Obviously they will be sorry (that public found the scam), they will promise future improvement (better ways to hide dodgy schemes), and that they love us (our money). Anything they say cannot be trusted. WG is no longer interested in making good games. They only care about making money.
  8. Ocrooch

    Harbors !!

    Albeit I like the idea of anchors, but I must admit, knowing WG it is guaranteed they will "improve" the harbour so it will stop working. WG has great talent for that. Look the game is 5 years old and we still do not have properly funcioning harbour. Now I even had to delete whole list of my contacts, becaue "it is too long" and crashed my game. So, yeah, I am pretty sure anchors made by WG will brake the harbour.
  9. Ocrooch

    Display Order of Ships in Port

    Yes, I have same problem. Yet another "performance improvement" by WG. The port is getting worse and worse with each update.
  10. Ocrooch

    0.9.9 - Anyone else with Port outrageously sluggish?

    Classic WG. Instead of focusing on making exisitng features working, they just add new utterly pointelss things. They so pround of 5 years exisiting of the game, but it really pathetic they after those 5 years the port still is not working. After last "perfomance improvements" game is crushing in port. Like every battle.
  11. Well, the way game progress is made, newbies are catapulted to high tiers after first few coop battles, so no problem here.
  12. Ocrooch

    PT 0.9.8 - General Feedback

    Update takes forever. I do not have issues with updating main game, this update speed is OK. For test server, it is so ridiculous that (at least on my internet speed) it is faster to download whole new instance than make just update. If you want ppl test the updates, do make updates available!
  13. Ocrooch

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    Yet another update without any relevance. Who needs another damn CV line? Who need any new line? Why dont you make changes that would actually matter? Make the game playable/enjoyable first! DDs are almost gone from the game, only most hardcore masochists and total potatoes who just want to make pew pew play them. Games end up in roll stomp more often than not these days. Camping, stationary gameplay, hiding in bushes behind "islands". I can stomach max 2 battles per day these days.
  14. Ocrooch

    Champagne in the Armory

    I am really itchy to get new ship, but considering the poor state of the game, and how WG is working hard to remove all the little fun that still remains... I'll invest my time on money in a different game.
  15. Ocrooch

    Anti bot policy?

    45%WR is like an average player, not a bot. 46% and more is already very good player. 50% is unicum these days, not many of them left in the game. I agree, this game does not make fun anymore. Bots and morons are inevitable. However WG failed to design battle reward system so actual contribution is rewarded, not just win. Therefore ppl just dont care to contribute.