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  1. bergfall

    Update 0.10.2 - Big Hunt

    I say Bravo! for the idea - I sure have curesed, laughed and nearly cried quite a few hours the last days playing The Big Hunt! The real fun is the psychological, get into divisions with random people, hope they want what you want etc. etc..... I had a couple of matches where I divisioned up with two random people from the start, and we ruled the map together - that was great fun.... not a mode you keep playing, but great fun for a while - perhaps you could give players more stuff in the "real" world of warships to play?! Bravo! Now fix CV.
  2. bergfall

    General CV related discussions.

    If people could move their genitalia measuring to private chat, this thread used to be informative and interesting; now 75% is just *blah*.... I started playing the game for the one reason of CV's. Always had a fascination. That was RTS, which I miss so much.... Nostalgia is dangerous, Wargaming has put millions into the development of CV's (they don't make them in a vacuum), so they are not going anywhere. So, finally, my brilliant idea...drumroll..... : Hook up World of Warplanes into the skies of WOWS, then there would be a lot to fight through before you can annoy people in non-CV's. In the meantime, give people an option to accept staying longer in queue for playing in exchange for fewer games with CV. Problem solved (you have my bank info, Wargaming, just fill her up!) ;-)
  3. bergfall

    German Carriers: Early Access

    The rebirth of CV has been arduous; what used to be an interesting forum has been rendered completely meaningless by people repeating the same tired anti-CV slogan, anti-WarGaming, whining ad nauseum. They are here, deal with it as best you can (like being constructive, the thing this thread could have been, but nah, just ..... ) I'm shocked that I break usual decorum and post this comment, as it's pretty meta. CV's are becomig more and more diverse, this will continue (how many developer hours have WG put into it?), so please, just be constructive, or go away. Why are you wasting precious time moaning over a freeware boat pixel sim having some AP-carrying birds? The crates (1250 doubloons or whatnot), preys on the people with low impulse control, and you can spend quite a lot not getting all the German CV's. Wargaming needs to state odds, or something concrete, or it's just clickaholic cynicism.
  4. I gravitated towards this game in the first place mainly because of my fascination with warships from this era, and especially carriers (I was about 10 years of age when War&Remembrance was on ;)). So I´ve racked up quite q number of games in CV, the only branch I´ve reached tier 10 in, though I´ve also been playing plenty of the other classes, and I´ve felt that they all belong together, they create a WWII´ish mosaique of sorts....of course, the unicum CV players were a factor, but not that big of a factor. And then we arrive at update 0.8.0 (p - O - t - Eight - O....hmmmm) and the arrival of this new action packed, point and click thing, that reminds me of a mobile game, and that´s just the CV. With the new flooding mechanism, getting hit by a couple of torps (the ship-based) is suddenly not the major event it once was, quite a hassle, but as a DD, you´ve got to land a flotilla of torps if you´re gonna make someone transition from peaceful sailing to panicked captaining to exploding in seconds, the way we´re used to.... And finally, not quite sure how much this one will impact the game, but setting a flat 10% reduction in detection radius at the very least makes the game a bit more arcade-like, time will tell. So, my fear is that the population of skilled DDs, Cruisers with usable torps and CV´s will go into a pretty rapid decline, and the era of push W, click mouse, rinse and repeat, point and click, will consume the game.... I hope I´m wrong. But even if I´m not, some other game publisher will fill the gap left and give the people who want something a tad more complex than Frogger what they want.
  5. bergfall

    New Campaign: "The Battle of the North Cape"

    They said, "somewhere", that the Campaigns on PT would be significantly easier to perform than they'll be on live server.
  6. bergfall

    General Feedback

    From the french forum........... :
  7. Lots of emotion here :-) Play CV myself, but can't quite understand the willingness to spend hours of one's life arguing yet again and again and again over the same s**t; that's what marriage is for ;-) Just wanted to bring a titbit of fact I just stumbled upon. It shows when mouse-over, so no screen-shot. Avg. Plane Kills : Class - All time - Last 120 days - Yesterday DD - 0.1 - 0.2 - 0.3 CL/CA - 0.2 - 0.6 - 0.8 BB - 0.7 - 0.9 - 1.4 "Disclaimer" : The thought of playing a CV was the reason I started playing in 2015 or so, just a few games, then I returned when I heard from someone that manual drops where removed for T4&T5, a skill that eluded me completely first time around. Got back into the fray this spring and haven't stopped since. My knowledge of how high tier games, or anything else, is therefor flawed historically; but the numbers are correct (I hope). A lot of factors play into these stats, but it really puts the spotlight on how WG has gone the super-AA way, instead of something both sides are happy with.....after seeing CV dropped from Clan Wars, I've started looking for other games, as it seems it's only a matter of time before CV disappear....at least it doesn't seem worth the time and effort (and name calling) to strive for semi-unicum, or grind through the lines, when the possibility that my skills will be without a port in the future.
  8. bergfall

    Clan Battles - Pilot Season - Rating system

    Meaningless without giving some background information, or references as they're called.
  9. It isn't exactly crowded there, but it would be more fun if every container was a super-container. Would guarantee three for me each day :-) But maybe it makes it to jaded......no,no....Super-Containers only! (and more premiums!) (btw. I would have posted this in the Test Server forum, if I had access.....)
  10. bergfall

    Suggestions thread

    As I'm sure it's been discussed; I'll be brief and apologize in advance for not reading through the forums first. I feel to strongly for the subject to keep my post down ;-) MTB'S SHOULD BE A CLASS IN THE GAME! Maybe because it's I'm a CV captain ;-) :-) :-/ WG, do it, and I'll buy every one, scouts honor! Regards, Morten Bergfall, Norway
  11. bergfall

    Sick of this meta

    Isn't that the total opposite of what the OP started this thread with, BB heavy? We in CV's don't really mind lot's of fat, slow, stupid BB's......
  12. Wow, you know there's a lot of feeling involved when you get such passionate and well-founded answers (though only one adressed my moaning, but that's very OK :-) ). Finally getting to the point where I have games where I'm "in the zone", knowing what the other CV player (if somewhat decent) is going to do, managing to control my 3-6 planes while still being able to react to players on my team in need of help, or nudging in the right direction (nicely), and still have time to chat a bit, so I pre-empt the name-calling by saying it like it is sometimes : "the other CV is on another level, did my best, sorry!" If there were only other CV players playing ranked at night.....
  13. Fara's Carrier Guide; or THE carrier guide, as it is known, gives me some solace at 22:10.
  14. In honor of my randomly selected teams sanctity of skill; I should of course dedicate me enough that I play 200 games against bots, then 200 more against PvE, to become a good enough CV player. I'm a grown man, I can see what is in front of me, yeah I suck at getting my torps where they should be; and strafing while being strafed while handling 6 (7 with the CV ;-) ) units who gets ripped to part in seconds in way more than half my games (I'm at lvl7 Japan, lvl6 USA)..... So many hours spent thinking how my spotting could help my team most, feeling nothing more than kindness towards CV players even greener than me.....even started doing quite the average damage and kills, but every so often; maybe 1:10 games, I get matched against someone who is just so good that he'll shut me out of the game, or I'll meet a 3-0-1 Saipan. (I soooo file like caps now...but hey, being civilized....).....commenting way to harshly than warranted, nothing when it is deserved.....maybe people speak one sentence each during a game of 15 minutes; save your vitriol for someone else; you've forgotten the learning player in 2 seconds, your "public" comments, if spelled and put together with some skill, and you make me pissed for 5-10 minutes. The math doesn't work out, so now I play without the chat, feeling crappy about not being able to warn people (you see things more clearly in those things :-) ). I've got enough problems with WarGaming's random iterations of game code, be nice.....or at least try to be constructive??! Feels like it's a game rigged against the haters.....I'd be mortified if I went out with a anger induced heart-attack because of some nefarious little brat ;-) Have a nice day! Regards, Bergfall
  15. bergfall

    How to play Myogi?

    They're really cool to play when you have either another Myogi with same range, or an Aircraft Carrier to hang around with....trying to be all edgy doesn't work, you're the stupid sheep that the wolves eat first ;-) Many different constellations work, co-op with a DD or fast cruiser, and do the old bait & hook....cracy ship, not really what you'd expect from the Japanese, haven't read about the real ones, should do before I post, but ...so many tabs