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  1. JuneauEu

    Update 0.8.2 - CV changes

    BUG - Boosting with Rocket planes I noticed on British T8 CV Implaceable if you are not boosting, ie it has ran out or finished, apply your boost regeneration - you cannot boost during the timed "unlimited" period. This was happening ALOT even after a restart - I can probably clip some moments from my stream if it would be beneficial. edit: My bad I can see someone has already reported this. At first I thought it was a change but the description 100% says you can boost during it.
  2. JuneauEu

    Midway Economy - Needs a tweak ASAP

    Generally curious as to what Wargames approach to this will be - hopefully a Dev or Mod will see this thread and just gives us a brief update as to wether or not the economy will be looked at and if so, a rough time line. My premium ends in a couple of days, I wan't to main CV, I want it to not be so bad, but with it being weak in game and a credit looser, I will probably be forced to stop playing it.
  3. Playing the midway at the moment is "interesting" if not - difficult depending on the number of AA ships and "don't come near me zones". But putting that aside I want to cover something quite damaging. The economy of basic credits. Every game is a loss without premium. Win or lose, top of team or bottom. T= Torps, B= Bombs hit, R= Rockets hit, P= Planes destroyed, I= Incaps, D= Destroy, F= Fire, C= Flooding, Def= Defended, S= Spotted,= Game 1 - Victory - 2nd on team Battle performance 3 T, 24 B, 31 R, 4 I, 1 D, 4 F, 1 F, 5 Def, 14 S, 7 P Credits received 232K vs Credits spent 256k (with -25%) -24K Game 2 - Defeat - 1st on team Battle performance 5 t, 8 B, 14 R, 34 P (11 ship, 23 with fighters) 5 i, 1 D, 5 F, 2 C, 2 Def, 14 S Credits received 247k vs 277k Spent (with -25%) -33K Game 3 Defeat = -102K - 3rd on team Game 4 Victory = -63K - 8th on team Game 5 Victory = -17K - 5th on team Game 6 Victory = -33K - 2nd on team Why am I not breaking even? It's costing me credits to play, am I missing something obvious here? ps. yes I'm aware im not using a camo/flags for credits mainly because I thought it was odd that I had a great game yesterday despite forgetting to put flags/camo on and getting -24k.
  4. JuneauEu

    New CVs

    I met a Minotaur and a Worcester in clan practice.... Needless to say that made a massive circle of "come here and lose a squadron" oh, and you can't spot me when my AA kicks in either.... I spotted what I thought was DD smoke as it was quite far pushed up..... Then the AA started when I was to close to get away and... dead. Mino + Worcester took away all my spotting potential as stealth AA is the worst.
  5. JuneauEu

    How do I play the new Midway?

    Thanks to all of those taking the time to post tips & hints. I dropped down to play a few Tier 6 games and was pulling 50-60k in those games, simply not melting in an attack run makes a big difference for me, and its that one mechanic which seems to be doing me over in Tier10s but then the advice for picking targets and possibly ignoring ships early on in the game and awaiting the AA to die down. Someone PMd me the link to AA - Red clusters = Def AA and to always avoid, makes a difference, _ To those saying don't play - I get that frustration, a lot. I only leveled up to T10 when they announced the new CVs and a quarter of all my games pre patch and the christmas ranked period (where i switched to BB main) were all Ranger/Indy CV games - admitedly only a hundred or so, but for a 2.5k games person - that is alot for one ship! The current game feels terrible, but all I have done since public test is moan, moan, moan and seeing some people do 300+ k damage just makes you go.. "well, it must just be me". Hence. This post. AA sucks hard. But some people are getting the damage and win rate so they must be doing something. Thanks all. Keep the tips coming - ill watch twitch and what not later.
  6. JuneauEu

    How do I play the new Midway?

    Hi everyone, 27 games in, so lots of room to grow, though I did play in the test servers also. This isn't a moan I genuinely want someone who is doing "well" to come and give the basics on what to do whilst playing the new CVs - Specifically the Midway. I can see some people still pulling over 100k average damage per game (someone did 300k+). Yet since yesterday I can't get more then 30-40k. Several games in a row all but 1 or 2 ships (out of 12) had an AA rating of 80+, and in 7 out of 10 attack runs I had lost an entire squadron, for Torpedos and HE bombers, normally before they even finished their attack run - against SOLO ships. So what role does a Midway play now? How do I not just instantly die to AA even when actively dodging the Flak bursts (Though sometimes that isn't possible due to the entire screen being covered in it) What load out should I have? What planes should I be doing most damage with? Yesterday, was an extremely unfun game day. Example game from yesterday; 4 bombs, 9240 damage 6 torps, 17569 damage 10 rockets, 6574 damage 97 planes lost. NINETY-SEVEN Using islands for approach, on 2 separate occasions I started the dive bomb run with a full squadron, they all died before the bombs were dropped. Entire walls of Black Flak covering the entirety of my screen, from lone Battleships that normally have poor AA and even then when you do dodge the flak using noted methods of approach and turning, you lose an entire squadron to flak/constant dps when your in the attack run. In most of my games within 10 minutes, I had no planes left :( I obviously suck, I'm obviously doing something idiotic, I just don't know what it is - I've watched the videos on how to approach a ship to avoid most of the leading flak, and I can use Islands to keep me from being spotted till late (lowering risk of focused AA) but then all my planes die when I start my attack run (Considering USN Torps are 4km range, you can tell how short that window is) and equally for HE bombers, they go up, and sometimes, none come down except in balls of fire. So, how am I suppose to play? My damage is extremely low, I averaged 30-40k for my games yesterday, making the current average of 63km I had only recently unlocked the Midway before patch but on the 10 games I had with it I did 101k average. I genuinely, don't understand what the Midways role in this game. I don't feel like I am a benefit to my team. I don't want to feel useless, tips, hints, anything to help me get up to being average will be helpful. Thanks
  7. JuneauEu

    New CVs

    Urghhh. What is the point in the Midway now? Someone please tell me how your suppose to play the game. 4 bombs, 9240 damage 6 torps, 17569 damage 10 rockets, 6574 damage 97 planes lost. NINETY-SEVEN Using islands for approach, on 2 separate occasions I started the dive bomb run with a full squadron, they all died before the bombs were dropped. Entire walls of Black Flak covering the entirety of my screen, from lone Battleships that normally have poor AA and even then when you do dodge the flak using noted methods of approach and turning, you lose an entire squadron to flak/constant dps when your in the attack run. How do you want me to play? The damage is extremely low, so I average 30-40k lower then the lowest damage dealing battleship. The spotting range is a lot lower then it was, but spotting flags don't win games on their own if no one shoots the ships your spotting. Your planes just die, so even when you do get into range, see point 1. Don't accidentally press F Genuinely, don't understand what a CVs role in this game is anymore. We use to be good for scouting and defending ships and equally alpha striking key targets. Now we barely do any of that. /must just be a bad player
  8. JuneauEu


    I can understand the change to fighters, I mean seriously, I can keep a DD spotted and always hit him, I mean I can't kill one unless he forgets his detonation flag... As it takes 4 or 5 full launches to kill a DD but hey ho... it needs a nerf if you can always hit something. Even if you don't really do any damage... But what I really, genuinely, do not understand - nerfing the Torps? I mean, they are already useless, 4km range - yes, you can almost always hit because you have to get into knife range, and you can only really go for solo targets as otherwise your entire squadron is dead. If you couldn't hit then they would be beyond pointless. But just looking at the stats : https://wows-numbers.com/ship/4179605488,Midway/ Average damage 76k, compared to pre-changes where it was 96 k. If you go and look at the Battleships, their average damage is 85-130k. So already 10k lower average damage then the lowest Battleship at T10, and you're nerfing the damage even more so? At least make them longer range, or something USEFULL. I mean seriously genuine quiestion WG/anyone - Why? What rationale is there behind lowering the damage? I really want to like CVs, but, playing as a USN CV seems a poor choice compared to IJN and your nerfing the weak one... just. /confused
  9. JuneauEu

    Looking for a new home for a old fart

    Forum PM sent to you TAW Website Honor | Friendship | Loyalty | Fairplay Apply now! World of Warship Division
  10. Having joined TAW several months ago now, I can say they are a great bunch. So many different people and personalities, all getting on and shooting ships is always fun. They get together 2 days a week minimum and as Lou mentioned above I tend to stream a lot of the stuff that goes down, though not as much or as often as I would like. For anyone interested you can find my Twitch Channel here It has a lot of videos most recently for the WoWSEU team and those twice weekly get togethers' so if you're unsure of what goes down feel free to take a look and get in touch. Equally there are videos of our "Bravo team" taking part in some actual clan battles : like this one here : https://www.twitch.tv/videos/356523742?t=09m58s
  11. JuneauEu

    Update 0.8.0? Major release, major fail?

    Honestly, up until the most recent clan wars where I play BB, 25% of my games were as a CV player. I know thats not a lot of games, but it was fun, and rewarding. Your damage was on par with other ships. You felt usefull. I played some of the "betas" and found the new mode to be arcade but had the potential to be fun. Now its actually live, if im not RNG losing all my planes before I even get off 1 attack, I'm landing a HE bomb that Penetrates and does 900 damage. Or hitting with 4 torpedos and doing 10k, in my shiny new Midway. I feel like if I look at my stats for today, I averaged 30k. It's terrible, AA is too high and damage is too low and so far the only kills I get is cos I kill steal so I at-least look like I contributed... Genuinely ruined a 1/4 of the game for me - I will be stopping my monthly premium purchase and commenting on threads like this to say "I like the game play, I hate the fact its fly for 2 minutes, die, fly for 2 minutes die, and then when you do hit - you tickle the enemy ships". 0.8 is a big no from me.
  12. I enjoyed CVs before. Today T4, landing 1 torp = impossible. Pick the wrong ship to attack and your planes don't make it into range the squadron gets wiped out. Today T6, 3 Bombs, 12 Torps, 32 Rockets, 68k damage, all planes dead. Today T10, all planes dead trying to turn to avoid black flak areas and doing about 8k damage the entire game - was so unfun and dull and boring. To me Beta went, OP, Broke, OP, Broke, live is broke. At Tier 10 you spend a few minutes flying to then lose all your planes. I don't see "the fun" genuinely, if you are going to massively reduce plane damage and have it so they can do multiple attack runs - then give them the HP or lower the AA so they can actually land hits. Pretty much every other ship in the game can land shots - planes... meh. I'm sure as I learn the quirks it will get better but honestly, beta wasn't fun, this isn't fun. #sulk -edit- After several Midway games, I genuinely give up - the highest damage I managed was 70k. Flak - fly around, still lose the entire squadron Land 12 rockets against a DD - do 1200 damage Land 1 he bomb get a "penetration" does 900 damage. How is 900 damage even possible? Genuinely? It's really annoying because you see the AP bombers taking 10-20k chunks of Battleships and my HE bombers do almost nothing. I feel "useless", and it's no longer fun, so I'm going back to playing Battleships and not buying premium going forward because CVs counted for just under a quarter of all my games. So effectively this patch remove 25% of the game for me. Oh well.
  13. Initial snap-judgement feedback. Whilst in control of planes - AA against me could do with some form of indicator that its light or heavy AA. We get the yellow mark to show we're in AA range but one example I had 4 planes, then I had no planes a few seconds later without any obvious indication there was a lot of AA - Heck I could only see one ship within 5k range - After all planes died I noticed a cruiser/dd in smoke not far from where I was. - Torpedos' don't get any form of assistance in terms of where to aim/drop. DDs/Previous Torpedo runs give you a drop line for straight lining. This would be beneficial if possible, even if not 100% accurate. I missed. ALOT. Because I had flown over the ship and lost my planes to AA I didn't realise I was missing by a lot. -Dive BOmbers - the Grey targeting reticule is "too far out" from where your likely to then be aiming to drop. This really needs to be where your bombers will then be aiming or at least a little bit out - not... an entire BB length out, especially with a small window. Throw in the 2-3 seconds lag delay (bug later in this post?) it is... horrible to control. Bug? I cant see friendly torpedoes in the water when flying my planes meaning - I wasted Torpedos against a BB which was as good as dead. Bug? There is a good 2-3 seconds lag between moving mouse OR pressing A/D to adjust the course of the plane - mean lots of last seconds "twitches" happening after you think you've got it lined up just nice, resulting in misses. What I don't like - like actually hate, is having to press "F" to be able to switch back to my ship to adjust course, speed etc.. and then having to relaunch the planes that have returned & rearmed. Another thing I don't like - Not being able to manually target my AA. I had some Torpedos coming in to my side and some bombers coming at me from the opposite side - I wanted to shoot the torpedoes - side on - more damage potential. In the end I popped my AA and i don't actually feel like it did anything - i ate a few torps and got hit by some bombers.. then died to an enemy BB :D HOWEVER - It is fun.
  14. JuneauEu

    [RNSF] – Royal Navy Surface Fleet recruitment

    Not quite at the number of games played level - at (looks to the left, 800odd) but... the rest of your post would suit me perfectly. Running a T8 N Carolina at the moment. Working upwards still. Looking to move from solo to a bit more team play.
  15. English Speaking, UK Gamer. Looking for a relaxed, respectful clan willing to help someone (who does "ok") step into competitive games. Can play most days (cept Thursdays) EDIT - Clan found, thanks for the replies everyone.