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  1. A sneak-peek of the IJN Tech/Tree and how my work is proceeding on that front. Keep in mind that (as you can see): custom Header Bar is missing, custom Flags are missing, real photos of the Premium Ships are missing, new custom Icons too, etc... If you have any concern, question or suggestion please let me know with a comment. I'd like to have as much feedback as possible in order to visually optimize to the best condition this Mod.
  2. I apologize to those players, in this community, that were really interested in this Mod. I've been absent for so long. Naturally, as you've already guessed, this piece of work has been stalled since 2018. Probably 'cause I mainly lost interest in WoWs at the beginning. Yet... there are good news if you haven't lost hope on the road. Project is back, alive and kicking. I'm currently in the phase of re-making what was covered but this time in FULLY digitally colorised and authentic photos from WW2. Here some examples of what you can expect: Hosho Isokaze Hatsuharu At the current pace of my work, I expect a early version of the Mod (That includes IJN and USA Tech/Tree) to be available during next week. That's pretty much everything to say, at the moment. I hope you will re-gain interest in this project and look forward for the first release as for the final version too. I'm commited to finish what I've started with this Mod. See you soon!
  3. "Much Better Than Any Anime Mod Out There, Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Internets Back" By WhiskeyWolf WHAT'S THIS MOD ABOUT? Basically, this modification for World of Warships aims to convert as much as possible the UI and text descriptions of the game, in order to make WoWs photorealistic (I've used real photos in high resolution of the WW2 conflict) and historically correct. Without forget to mention the documentary like flavour I've given to the art style of WoWs. FOR WHAT KIND OF PLAYER IS THIS MOD FOR? This mod aims to compel whoever loves the naval history behind World of Warships. Poeple that would love to see realistic pictures of their favorite warships implemented in the game client. People with much knowledge regarding the naval battles exploded inside the atlantic, mediterranean and pacific theatres. "If this was any more realistic you would have Japanese Kamikaze flying out of your monitor." By WhiskeyWolf WHO IS WORKING ON THIS PROJECT? Sys7ema (Ex. Founder of Team 20.3cm and Rising Sun), one of the very first modders during the Alpha of the game, also known in the global WoWs community for his great Kantai Collection modifications. Examples of his past works: WHO IS ADVISING THIS PROJECT? Chamorro, probably one of the most knowledgeable persons and contributors that Tsukotaku ever met, especially in this community. Wihtout his help and information, this project wouldn't be able to take off. WHAT'S THE STATUS OF THIS MOD? I've covered only 5% of the total GUI and 3% of the text descriptions as per 27/11/17, with much more to come during the following weeks! The results are incredible already: WHERE IS THE DOWNLOAD? Since the mod is in very early stage of delevopement the download is NOT AVAILABLE yet. I need first to rebalance the contrast of certain in-battles elements to make it actually playable by everyone in grayscale tones. Once this is done, I'll submit everything to WG in order to publish a working version with the lastest build of the game. This topic is just a showcase of the work that me and Chamorro are doing, to let know the community that such project is happening. HOW CAN YOU HELP US? Simple! By providing us with feedbacks and comments! What's better than having you, the users (The final target of this mod), express your thoughts about this "Photorealistic WW2 Total UI Conversion"? "MAN UP!" By WhiskeyWolf
  4. Tsukotaku

    Sezione ufficiale delle Mod di World of Warships

    Volevo degli aggiornamenti, quanto chiarimenti, riguardo all'utilizzo di Patreon da parte dei Mod Makers. È ancora consentito avere una pagina di supporto Patreon per quei giocatori che mettono molta dedizione nella creazione di Mod per WoWs?
  5. Tsukotaku

    Royal Navy ships

    Nice topic, but this should be put in the off-topic section.
  6. Tsukotaku

    Arpeggio of blue steel skin mods ?

    There are plenty on the NA forum.
  7. Tsukotaku

    Submarine Gameplay in "Steel Ocean" - chinese WoWS copy

    Maybe because they are rapidly improving the game visually with each CBT? The difference in graphic is due the improvements made for the shaders and light maps. Everything else is exactly the same as in the gameplay videos. I'd give them credit just because they used live in-engine footage for the trailer, instead of pre-rendered CG like with WoWs (Which is without a doubt cool. But from a CBT trailer I expect to see the actual graphic I'm going to face).
  8. Tsukotaku

    Submarine Gameplay in "Steel Ocean" - chinese WoWS copy

    Who cares about the trailers. I've already posted two gameplay footages from CBT1 and there is plenty more on Youtube. Next time check the previous messages before making such comments. People here are not simply writing conjectures based on a bunch of directed promotional videos.
  9. Tsukotaku

    Submarine Gameplay in "Steel Ocean" - chinese WoWS copy

    Magic at lying? Seriously? Do you even f**king know how serious the online gaming business is in China? Publishers there (Especially, Tencent) are more professional than many of the companies based in the U.S.A. and Europe. Revelation Online is a good example of the quality service they can offer even with "copycat" like games internally produced. The only issue reside in the cash grabbing of most of their F2P products. And FYI the CBT1 took place in the same fashion as Wolrd of Warships (Excluding the access with premium packages).
  10. Tsukotaku

    Submarine Gameplay in "Steel Ocean" - chinese WoWS copy

    ChangYou has many branches in Europe. A lot of softwares we know and utilize, like RaidCall for example, are owned by them. They definitely know more than Wargaming on how to support English users. Post by post you are starting to sound like somebody that totally despise China, and with not a single reasonable argument at the top of that.
  11. Tsukotaku

    Submarine Gameplay in "Steel Ocean" - chinese WoWS copy

    It runs on Unreal Engine 3. I doubt it. It's planned to get a Steam release and Chinese publishers don't usually [edited]with English at that degree. That's because there is a significant number of people that speaks mainly English in Asia. Without to mention that they always welcome foreign players to their games, unlike Japanese and Koreans. This game is getting published by ChangYou. A BIG of the game industry in China and in other fields as well. Just because they are Chinese don't look down on them. Today, Chinese companies often offer better products than their "equivalent" rivals from western countries (At a fraction of the cost).
  12. Tsukotaku

    Submarine Gameplay in "Steel Ocean" - chinese WoWS copy

    Night battles are being worked for the next CBTs for what I've read. Even AA!